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Vanessa Escopin Jan 2023
I did cry yesterday cause I missed you but then you were just happy with your friends.

You don't really need me.

You're okay on your own.
You're happy on your own.

And sadly I'm not like you.

I am okay with you.
I'm happy with you.

But I guess I have to change that now.
Breakup, last
Vanessa Escopin Jul 2022
Who should I blame for my misery?
I blame her for everything
I blame her for my misery
I blame her that I didn't get the chance to be who I want
I blame her for giving me the responsibilities that I shouldn't have
I blame her that I don't have my freedom
I blame her that my life is ****** up
I blame her for what she did
I blame her for the family's problems
I blame her all because of what she did
I blame her that all she did is a mistake
But the results is lifetime
The effect cost me, the family, her children
I still blame her everyday,
Everytime I remember how my life is so ****** up
How can I not get out of my comfort zone
How can I not leave
Who should I blame for everything?
I think I should blame myself too.
Vanessa Escopin Aug 2021
Do you know if you ask someone "Are you okay?" And their answer is,

Doing well - means they are trying to think positively.
Fine - means they don't want to talk about it, so stop asking.
Not Bad - means something is going on but they don't want to explain to you.

So, Are you okay?
Vanessa Escopin Jul 2020
ᜀᜌᜓᜐ᜔ ᜃ ᜉ ᜊ᜶
ᜑᜒᜈ᜔ᜇᜒ ᜃᜓ ᜀᜎᜋ᜔ ᜉᜀᜈᜓ ᜃ ᜃᜂᜐᜉᜒᜈ᜔

ᜐᜈ ᜋᜐᜌ ᜃ
ᜐᜈ ᜋᜄᜒᜅ᜔ ᜋᜀᜌᜓᜐ᜔ ᜃ

Don't know if my writing is correct. Hope someone will read this and correct if I did wrong. This is Baybayin
Vanessa Escopin Dec 2019
I hope you're okay
Not your health, but you
You as a person who lies
You who lies about things
Things that a weak girl would trust

I hope you're okay
Living your life as if you haven't hurt someone
I hope you're okay
With the one you love
I hope you're okay

I just hope you're okay
While she is broken and hurt
While she stopping herself to cry
While she have companion but all she think is the lies you made her believe

I hope you're okay
Just feelings
Vanessa Escopin May 2019
She keeps talking
Then she stop
She was silent
Deeply thinking
Then she said,
"Can you call your father? Maybe he hasn't eaten yet."
With tears in her eyes.

I don't know what she's thinking
I know she's strong,
But sometimes she has her breaking point.
We all do.
Vanessa Escopin Sep 2018
Did you saw me?
I was there.
Did you took a glance for me?
Because I did.
I saw you there.
Sitting comfortably.
Waiting for someone?
That's doesn't me.
Ironic isn't it?
How I always wait for you.
And how you wait for her.
You never waited for me.
Waiting is good. If you wait for the one you love.
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