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He held me.
Down to the arch of my back
He grabbed me.
His soul depended on it
It's crucial that we love, crucial I say
Naeem Apr 2021
Rehearsed confessions they'll never hear
Single-file tears they'll never see
Panicked thoughts run wild
Anxious emotions that will never be free
Because after all there's nothing wrong with me
Wearing my flawless masks
Riddled with smiles that don't belong to me
And so all my answers remained the same
My entire life brought together in
automated responses
It's been a while but I've needed to write recently to let out some frustrations and this is what I came up with.
Lukai Oct 2020
I thought I knew you….

I thought I knew you
But I didn’t
I thought I saw you
But I couldn’t
I couldn’t see through
The mask you wore
Your smile
Your laugh
Hiding the pain you bore

I thought I knew you
But I didn’t
I thought I saw you
But I couldn’t
I should have seen the signs
Realized the mask you held
And the cries behind

The jokes you made
The things you’d say
Holding in thoughts day by day

I finally knew you
But it was too late
I finally saw you
But you couldn’t wait
The pain
The cries
All off the white lies
You were fighting something dark inside

I told you I loved you
But I wasn’t there
I told you I cared
But I was unaware
And now you’re gone
I could prove you wrong
Thinking I didn’t care
I took too long
And now my heart as a tear
A person who smiles isn't always happy! "I'm fine" doesn't always mean they are fine. Remember, it is easy to fake a smile when you've been doing it for a while. Hiding the pain behind a mask is more common than expressing the pain outwardly. Be there for your friends no matter what, because you never know if they are actually okay or not.
John McCafferty Sep 2020
Paddle amongst the dark
Masked shadows clasped in sharp arches
Explore your flaws to experience more
Question conceit as preachers reach deep
Shots drawn before dawn
Chasing bright sunlight gilded aside
Brought up to rise again
Our lives repeatedly warned of descent
Air still warm as we sit forlorned
Sleight of hand connections tight
Observe the signs confined in mind
Silent whispers guided from behind
Focused awe channels through us all
Do we care to share energy
Too few view the transference of form
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
You'll know its time to leave
If all the truths you are told
Are just twisted lies
Spoken by a masked figure
You once knew
this can apply to any relationship
Vranda Punjabi Jul 2020
Yes! I know this sounds weird coming from a sunshine human like me!

Who always smiles and loves to be like a sea!

I finally found out that reason in the core! I know you might laugh but I sore!

I cry for soul connectivity, I lack friendships that can complete me!

I know the fact that I'm amazing and this isn't a bluff, But this void within me always says that...YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH!!

That hollow has left me so empty ,
That I always cry alone so that no one sees this  

I feel like shouting at the top of my voice ,
But, I also lack hugs that could bring back my vibes !

I'm tried of lying to me and wearing a mask everyday,
I'm tired of hoping that I'll find some positive bunch some day!
This poem is for all the awesome people out there❤️who hide a lot of stuffs behind their smiles!

A mask for all, to live
A means of livelihood for some

Smiling eyes behind the mask
Unrecognised face, keeping distance

Parks in the neighbourhood closed
Odd hours for a walk in the neighbourhood, unmasked

Work from home, not for all
Economy at risk, lives eclipsed

The sacred fire stands witness to the 7 vows taken, a marriage solemnised
Designer masks unveiled

Paranoia may ****
Purity still protects, wins
Here’s to mask an unprecedented year

Unmasking realism
Nature’s green, truthful and clean
Heals every being
aspen wilde Jun 2020
pretty tears guard my eyes
little jets of rainbows shoot when they fall
everything glistens, my face glows
crying is elegant they say.

fire burns my eyeballs
the hot lava turning my cheeks red
the world becomes icy, repelled by the heat
no, crying is raw.
have I ever imagined
I would enter a bank
asking for money
The time, they are a-changing  ... ;-)
The Unsung Song Apr 2020
It's that moment,
at 2:00 AM that I fear.
It's that precise moment,
when I haven't eaten for what feels like years.
I feel myself growing weary,
but I don't sleep.
I drown.

I drown myself in the tears of my own sorrow.
I drown myself thinking,
"Was there anything else I could have done?"

After hours of this one person pity party,
I think,
"They were right all along."

I fear this moment the most,
not for myself,
but others.
I fear that one day,
this precise moment,
will eventually make my pain go away.
On every post lately I've been putting, maybe this, and, maybe that. Enough with the maybes. Instead, hopefully, I'll break out of this cage I've been living in.
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