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have I ever imagined
I would enter a bank
asking for money
The time, they are a-changing  ... ;-)
It's that moment,
at 2:00 AM that I fear.
It's that precise moment,
when I haven't eaten for what feels like years.
I feel myself growing weary,
but I don't sleep.
I drown.

I drown myself in the tears of my own sorrow.
I drown myself thinking,
"Was there anything else I could have done?"

After hours of this one person pity party,
I think,
"They were right all along."

I fear this moment the most,
not for myself,
but others.
I fear that one day,
this precise moment,
will eventually make my pain go away.
On every post lately I've been putting, maybe this, and, maybe that. Enough with the maybes. Instead, hopefully, I'll break out of this cage I've been living in.
I haven't written in a while
Not sure why
I've always felt the need to write everything down,
until now.
I'm unsure if I've gotten better,
or if I'm slowly getting worse.
All I know is that I feel weathered,
and lacking the words.
I think I'll try to write more,
maybe that'll help.
Maybe one day,
I'll be able to just be myself.

I've been lost in this ocean of people.
I've made friends,
but they don't know who I truly am.
I've put on a face to impress,
hoping that some day I'll be able to rest.
Still, I still wake up each morning,
hating this thing I've made myself to be,
hating this thing that people know me to be.

How do I change?
How do I say, "enough is enough"?
How do I challenge the world to see me for me,
and still be enough?
I'm not sure how,
but for the time being,
I'll just write everything down.
I've been feeling pretty lost lately. I don't really know how to get back on my feet. Writing music hasn't really been helping and I can't seem to find something in life that means much of anything.
Some pieces of me make this puzzle distorted.
These pieces need to be replaced to set the puzzle right.

Yet, the puzzle will remain puzzling as ever,
The image showing masked reality with colours of cowardice unevenly spread.
teju Aug 2019
was looking
through the smog
wandering at
isolated places
in the forest,
listening to all
the horrifying
trying to
identify the
masked faces,
with the feeling
of some
A sudden jolt
woke me up,
to make me
it was just a
Midnight Dream!
Sejal ahir Aug 2019
You said that
We will always be together
We will never separate
I thought this we included
Me and you
But then when you left
I realized that this we included
You and your mask
The sad mask
- Jul 2019
everyone is masked,
asked to unmask
anyone‘ll be harassed
too nervous, too shy
to meet eye-to-eye
with you
Midge Jan 2019
Deep down the theater is a mystery
Of the phantom who lives in misery
A loathsome creature, masked in shame
He lives in the shadows amidst glory and fame

He runs the opera, they must follow his order
Or else, a catastrophe will occur
Opera Ghost, forever shall haunt
Abide in you, I shall never flaunt

The world created an Angel of Hell
Taught him to **** and become cruel
But deep inside is a frightened child
Who yearns for beauty and all things mild

A troubled entity beneath all fright
The Phantom of the Opera, the Music of the Night.
Nic Mac Nov 2018
This mask, so engrained in my mind,
that I forget it resides on the surface of my skin, rather than sunken in.
It slowly, and is, slipping.
Every touch,
Every time,
Loves loving eyes locked on mine.

My curse loosens it’s bind,
As it’s dissolved between us,
surrendering to your affections,
It can’t take loves weight.

Unveiling my colours,
It’s you that pulled the tapestry.
I forgot, of what, I was capable.
Of what, so long, had been hid.

This mask,
Dismantled at my feet.
Lowering my gaze to a shattered past,
Until my chin is met by kind fingertips...

Upwards, my scarred skin, tips,
to face you,
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