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Midge Jan 20
Deep down the theater is a mystery
Of the phantom who lives in misery
A loathsome creature, masked in shame
He lives in the shadows amidst glory and fame

He runs the opera, they must follow his order
Or else, a catastrophe will occur
Opera Ghost, forever shall haunt
Abide in you, I shall never flaunt

The world created an Angel of ****
Taught him to **** and become cruel
But deep inside is a frightened child
Who yearns for beauty and all things mild

A troubled entity beneath all fright
The Phantom of the Opera, the Music of the Night.
Nic Mac Nov 2018
This mask, so engrained in my mind,
that I forget it resides on the surface of my skin, rather than sunken in.
It slowly, and is, slipping.
Every touch,
Every time,
Loves loving eyes locked on mine.

My curse loosens it’s bind,
As it’s dissolved between us,
surrendering to your affections,
It can’t take loves weight.

Unveiling my colours,
It’s you that pulled the tapestry.
I forgot, of what, I was capable.
Of what, so long, had been hid.

This mask,
Dismantled at my feet.
Lowering my gaze to a shattered past,
Until my chin is met by kind fingertips...

Upwards, my scarred skin, tips,
to face you,
Yuna Nov 2018
I giggle,
I smile,
I laugh,
but inside I am broken.

I move,
I walk,
I run,
but inside I am frozen

I dream,
I hope
I believe,
but inside I am losing

I frisk,
I jump,
I bounce,
but inside I am falling

I go,
I find,
I open up,
but inside I am lost

I am,
I will,
I do,
but inside I am hiding
I actually feel this almost every day
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
You please reach pinnacle heights.
Error is the way to being bright.
Hide away all your cruel intentions.
Careful to barter and beg your way out of the tension.

Why not, why not!
That is what we need to drop.
Soaring at new heights to grow.
Flying away as we go!

So I want you to not die.
Find your self deep beneath the comfort of the arms of the mountain, where you lie.
The calming hands of time.
All we need is different emotional minds.

Why not, why not!
That is what we need to drop.
Soaring at new heights to grow.
Flying away as we grow!

Please, please hear me.
Please hear my cry.
Please save your self from this apocalypse of life.
If you scream that is no good.
You are your own masked crusader if you could.
Josh G Sep 2018
Clay home
You absorb the blows
And you keep me safe
From what I'm too weak to show

Clay home
Your walls may *****
But I'll repair them again
For you have my back

Clay home
You constantly evolve
You must fit this disguise
That protects my resolve

Clay home
It is dark inside
But you hold me tight
Like a beach to a tide

Clay home
A voice has spoke out
"Are you okay?"
"I am fine!" I shout

Clay home
These walls are my life
But that voice still lingers
Causing waves of strife

Clay home
Can you really protect me?
I'm beginning to doubt myself
It wants to be free

Clay home
I claw at this prison
The foundations are shaking
Why has this feeling risen?

Clay home
I have mastered my craft
Of molding you into what I need
But I must walk a different path

Clay home
I'm afraid though
How long will I last without you?
Carrying this weight that I tow

Clay home
I will use my skills
To mend the cracks that I have
Though I'm overcome with chills

Clay home
This is goodbye and farewell
May I never need you again
But only time will tell
I know if they found out I'd feel guilty,
Until then I feel safe

And if they found out during the process,
Soul crushingly instead,
But that's just my mistake.
Hannah Draycott Jun 2018
Nowadays, I am a particularly content person.
I write, I study, I watch, I socialise (but only on Wednesdays)
and I am alone.
I have officially finished with the nasty business of a relationship, in fact, I don't think I'm relationship material at all.
All in all, I'm okay with where I am in life.

But at night,
I have to close my bedroom door.
I have to close it as soon as I turn out the lights, so the ghosts of my past regrets don't come sneaking in and come creeping into my head while I sleep.
I must keep them out of me, it's not my fault you see.
I tried so hard to help them all but I'm not as strong as I seem.

I accept my life of sin and solitude.
I'm happy this way, honestly, it's the truth.
You have to believe me, you must.
Recently, I've been questioning why I'm happy and I think it's because I'm not used to being happy that I'm refusing to allow myself to really endorse the feeling. Either that or I'm only pretending to be happy
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