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--- Sep 2014
I am busy
Without any rest
I am happy
Happier than I have been in a long time
I'm finding where I belong and where I am called
Every day I find more truth, more life
But you, old friend, seem lost
You don't seem to want to talk
And I've rarely seen you in the last six months
I don't know what's wrong
But people still constantly ask me
"Where is he?"
Looking at this site again makes me angry, and I don't like it.  Maybe you'll see this, I need to get back to work.
--- Jun 2014
I didn't want to do it today
Didn't want to ruin today
But I couldn't lie to you
I'm sorry
But this is what is right
To me, at least
I know you are sad
That you don't want to hear from me
But I do care
So I kept my promise
I expect you to keep yours
I don't know if I'll post again.
--- Jun 2014
It was just getting good
I was enjoying myself
My escape
But now I'm back to reality

I don't want to be home
--- Jun 2014
I've thought
I understand
I hope
I'm right

It's not to be taken lightly
--- Jun 2014
It's easy to take the easy way
Easy to pretend that what is, isn't
Living without a care because you don't believe in caring
Dying without a care because your life didn't matter
You made it to the roof, but you kicked away the ladder
It carried you up, but you say it isn't there
How does that work?  Don't ask me
Because I'm wrong, right?  Listen
You know it's right but you choose left
Walking away because it's easy, that road leads to pain
To death and burns, cuts
Rainbows fade, unicorns aren't real, but it sure is fun to pretend
It's fun to write nasty things, fun to offend and upend
Fun to push and pull, throw rocks, fire shots
Chainsaws don't give a peaceful sound
Guns hurt your ears, harsh sounds
It's merely a sound, but harsh sounds can break your ears
Harsh thoughts can break your mind
Thoughts of death can bring it, hasten it
No need to be chasing it.
Not sure where I was going with this.
--- Jun 2014
Hiding never helped
Hiding only hurts
Because you forget you're hiding
You just think nobody cares
Instead, stand up
Throw down
You own this place
You own this earth
You deserve just as much as others
Don't hide, because you won't be sought
Seek, for you may just find what you want
--- Jun 2014
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