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When I very first fell In love with Helen I went from a jack to a king for
for when I wrapped my arms around her I felt on top of the
She made feel like a king I'm closing my eyes I'm seeing her hear with me feeling her soft and beautiful
body pressed against mine her perfume filling the air all around I'm kissing her she grabs
me so tight I feel her nails scratching my back wild and so passionate she
So beautiful to me Oh God I'm wiping tears that are streaming down my face as I write hard to accept I'll never love that way
She was the only women I ever had the only one I ever wanted can't yet accept but gone she
When first met Helen went from a Jack to a King for that's how she made me feel
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Every time I close my eyes  It of heaven I go
with sweet Helen laid In my arms
I smell her wonderful perfume Estee Lauder Youth Dew she'd spray It on her lovely
It to there I could happily stay for the rest of my life
what a lucky man I was to have had such a beautiful
Still smell her perfume Estee Lauder Youth Dew beautiful
Sat at side of my wife Hospital bed sat holding her hand for last
Desperately trying to hide my tears hidden behind shaded glasses trying my best to comfort
through the final hours of life twenty she had been my wife gifted me a wonderful
Then slowly feeling the grip of her hand slipping away my darling was falling to endless sleep never to see her no
but hope she made It to where she heading the last time I saw my darling
Last moments of Helens Life
hope she made It to where she was heading the last time I saw
I think of my darling and miss so the last time  I kissed her sweet lips to the last I made love with her the last time I Laid In the arms of my
I try to look back and to feel her again her beautiful eyes and softness of her lovely skin to know I'll  never feel any of that ever again
To know that eats me away Inside to know I'll never kiss her again never hold hands no cuddles In the park never to caress her beautiful body with my hands ever again so hard to
Trying bring back feeling longing hurts Inside never to see Helen again
Tripping down memory  lane with you holding hands like we used to
Stopping to kiss In the
park as we did then walked you back home
and propossed to
Throwing your arms around you said yes I do making me the happiest
man In the
It's now a year since you passed away so whenever
I feel myself slipping
I go tripping down memory lane again with you to revisit the places where we once did
A  kiss again In the park
as there we once did relive my beautiful momeries of
In my heart there you always be will be my pretty wife
A trip down memory lane a year passed since she died but that were I go when feeling to live again beautiful memories of Helen
I saw so much from the look In Helen's eyes  everything she thought about me

all the love I could see that she held In her heart for me by the look In her beautiful eyes those blue eyes

I shall never get over those eyes that said so much more than any words ever could say just by a look from her beautiful blue eyes

It was the twenty years ago the first time I looked In her eyes blue eyes that told me I'd won she would become my
Remember the first time I saw
Helen beautiful blue eyes and
I fell In love with her
I close my eye's too sweet thoughts of Helen when feeling down It's to there
you'll find me where else could I
She's all I have to turn to
now the only one who knows me and understands even though  she gone her presents Is still felt
I suppose In truth can't let her go afraid I won't make If I do still feel I belong to something keeping her memory very much
Hope I'll survive each coming day I just love her too much won't let go without her I'm nothing less than half a man that part went with her the day she died
Just an honest write of how I feel I no some people will say
pull yourself together but I write what I feel freedom of word
Johnny walker Jan 10
Followed In my dreams as far as they can take me no further can I go living In my dreams for finally coming back to reality
try to start my life all over
again my late wife Helen to whom I've apologised unreservedly taken flowers to her grave to tell her
It time for me to move on but told her as laid the flowers  I said I will never forget you, Helen, and always tend your grave and lay flowers as often I as I can
but I've just  got to move can't still go living the past for what Is gone I can't bring her back
so time for me to move on
R.I.P Helen my darling you're forever In my
Trying to accept moving on can't bring her back so I move or die I'm not ready to die yet
Once upon a time In my life I did love someone so special once In a lifetime
that was realised a love so rare
someone I always wanted  women of true courage she showed that every way each and every
radiating her love like a flower that flourished with the warmth of the
but grew so pale with the winter cold she who I once held so dear she who kissed with a passion so strong
In me her memory will long live on a woman of true courage my wife
Memories I promised to keep of my wife Helen who showed so much courage right to the end
Poetry writing for me Is my love but Is fast becoming an obsession
I've to write to
It's a little scary what happens should suffer writers block or just can't write no more, what will I do
It's my life since my wife Helen died I survive my days through poetry writing all my spare time and more
What will I do If the day should come when for me poetry
Poetry writing Is my life has taken over an obsession, have to write to survive my days alone without Helen
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