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And the birds will sing
there beautiful songs for
my sweetheart she Is  resting In peace till summer comes rolling around
All though my sweetheart
has passed on to place
where she lays asleep awaiting for me In a place so peaceful free of troubles In
And then the birds will sing there beautiful songs for us both they will sing of our love everlasting and devotion
for each
Together again we will be side by side just as In life we were never apart and the birds will sing there lovely songs as flowers are laid at our feet
I have a  place next to my wife Helen when time come around I won't to sorry to leave because we'll again for all enternity
Johnny walker Oct 11
The birds will sing again
for my sweetheart when summer comes around
the place where Helen
now dose
Its to where I'll lay my
flowers and sit and talk to her whilst listening to the birds as they sing there
loverly songs
Now winter on It's way so damp cold and miserable
not the place to be but come again the summer I will sit with her
And listen to the songbirds sing there songs for Helen cause In summer It's a pleasant place to be but for me another winter to get through
Helen always struggled In winter but come the summer she would come to life
Memories of Helen that I hold so dear to me kept In
my heart forever for there's no substitute for
Hold on to your memory for long as you can for when you love someone so very much that you can let
Through loneliness day and nights spent now alone memory Is probably the only remaining thing to keep one
I cherish every moment that I spent  with Helen
Oh dreams to where I want to be It to there I'm most happy just let the world pass me by whilst lost In dreams of
I'm Sat drinking coffee In a cafe and writing poems about by wife and watching through the window at the world just passing  
In what seems like blink of the eye one blink and It's all gone people rushing everywhere but getting nowhere
Since darling Helen has been gone I've learned to live my dreams It to dreams I escape with her the only place we both now can
To dreams I go with my sweetheart now the place we can be
In time Should I be forgotten that's ok with me but what does matter to me Is my wife  Is remembered through my poetry
Mother to us all In everything that she did watching over us all like all good mother do brave throughout her life time
Sadly cut short of time for me now the missing year's for now I have to live the remaining years  
My sweetheart who stayed brave to the very end despite the pain and all the suffering
a lady of true
So let my sweetheart rest In peace she deserves her long awaited sleep may heaven keep her safe and the
Angels watch over
Hope Heaven takes care of her she gave so much to life with very little In return
A history of sadness that had shown on my face worn like a mask that had disguised the real me and hid me for so many years from the
But the day I met Helen was the day that my mask of sadness was put away for good never to be worn again and I began to live life to the
No longer felt the need of the mask of sadness to hide behind  for Helen gave me the love that had allowed
me to open up and  become the real
Even though Helens been gone near on three years now
she left me with the strength to carry on and not to feel the need to hide behind a mask of sadness for I have my memories of
For long I hid behind a mask hiding the real ne a mask of sadness mainly through child abuse Helen freed me
So much time on my hands
don't know what do anymore

all I have Is my poetry that takes up some my
I used to be so active looking after my sweetheart 24/7 there wasn't anything I wouldn't do
It now feels as I'm not apart of anything now desperately trying to find a reason to my still being
I guess It's basic survival born Into us all but I think the love that we for each
each other
never dies but only get stronger with the psssing of time the love for Helen
even though she Is gone Is
than anything In the future could possibly be and I'm happy with this to keep Helen with
Helen Was my everything my night and day I just
loved her In every way totally devoted I actually become obsessed with
Even though she gone I've now become obsessed with writing poems dedicated to
her none stop writing poetry stories of her life our life together
Johnny walker Aug 31
I survive this life purely
In hope one day I'll see
my sweetheart once again
trying to live without her now
has been harder than I'd evet thought It possibley would
To love and then then loss even
harder so I spend all my days trying to Imagine how our live would be If she was still here with me still brings tears to
Tears that have never fully dried countless times I've cried but having loved and now having to return a life
before knew my
So much harder now to do for when you've loved and lost Is
harder than to have never loved at all trying to live a life without my beautiful wife Is really no life at
Johnny walker Aug 27
My love she lies sleeping she waits for me and one day very soon I take my rightfull place along side
Back together as we were In life the twenty years
we were never apart two heart beating ss
So please be patient my darling It won't be long till we're together again just as we were In life for true love It never
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