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  Jan 2017 Mr Ribeiro
Heliza Rose
Create enough space in your heart to forgive those that hurt you
This doesn't mean create space for them to return
Know the difference
  Jan 2017 Mr Ribeiro
True Passion
Two eyes on the surface of the glass like pond
Do they see me, are they watching?
Quiet and alone I feel tranquillity
Imagining the four legs wide with long spread toes
Floating as on a cloud
Totally suspended without effort
The sun is bright and warm
The pond being small must be the same
I feel like we are the only 2 living beings left on earth
Not a fly, bird in the sky or animal
Suspended in time neither of us move
What could change this moment?
I hear it now, bussing around me
Swooping over the pond, like lightening lunch delivered
The ripples mesmerising
No longer any eyes to look at
I am alone
Not always great at titles.
  Jan 2017 Mr Ribeiro
Do you know
Can you see
Would you hear,
would you take the time
I feel so weak,but I must hide
because if I open the vault
you would turn and run
you couldn't handle it,could you?
Yearning to be me
longing to be embraced for my feelings,my words
Remove the mask for good and be loved for my spirit
I have something beautiful to give
be patient and I will reveal it to you
just give me a chance
Give me a chance,I am more than smoke in a mirror
dew in the grass
wind through the sunflower
I can be more than the sunflower
Have faith and hope in me.
  Jan 2017 Mr Ribeiro
Heliza Rose
Go the extra mile for yourself my dear
For you are worth every step
  Jan 2017 Mr Ribeiro
Ola Radka
I kissed your lips
And I didn’t know
A kiss can move my soul.

I kissed your lips
And I didn’t know
A kiss can be the beginning of my fall.

I kissed your lips
And I didn’t know
How I used to feel
Before that kiss sealed my lips
With bliss.
  Jan 2017 Mr Ribeiro
Jathan Hall
One day ash, one day I'll get you back and never let go. One day I'll have you in my arms holding you tight and loving you right. One day I'll carry on cute dates and pay. One day I'll serenade you with my ****** voice that'll make a lot of noise. One day I'll get down on one knee and pop the big question. One day we'll be the happiest couple ever. One day we will make the cutest kids ever. One day I will love you forever. For now I'm in the corner though
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