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We are minding our own eyes
We are minutes from
Disappearing into the night
I am a poem
Presumptuous at best
I freelance and edit
But it's still not my best
I am captivated by your capricious humor
And your deprecating laughter
Has me in stitches
It's riotous when your raucous cheer
Brings me to my knees
In silent waves of fear

I fear falling in love with you
Like a comet hitting the earth
Creating quite a commotion
And combusting all our promises
Yet you keep coming back to me
And I keep humming my symphony
These fires yield fruit
And Saturn’s rings bloom
Into a million diamonds
How come you never show me
The places where you hide
Your secrets anymore
There was a time when we once traveled
To the spaces in our minds
Now I mostly wonder
Who the hell is speaking
Such beautiful nonsense
From your mouth
Poetry In Motion: Strawberry Lemonade [Final Version/Re-Edit]

Pre Chrous:
Strawberry lemonade mix of us,
You can be yourself
I can be myself
Strawberry lemonade
I want to chill with you,
Acknowledge your self worth
Strawberry lemonade of your self love maintain your self care
Strawberry lemonade befriend your self-esteem
Strawberry lemonade be you, do you
Ignore what society says
Strawberry lemonade

Strawberry lemonade I want to chill with you,
I can be myself with you,
Strawberry lemonade you can chill with me,
You can be yourself with me
Come chill with me, you can be yourself I can be myself
Strawberry lemonade come chill come thru
I can be myself with and you can be yourself with me
Strawberry lemonade get chilled with you

Strawberry lemonade
Chill with you
Strawberry lemonade
Chill with me
Strawberry lemonade
You can be yourself I can be myself
Come chill come Thru
you can be yourself I can be myself with you,
Strawberry lemonade mix of us
Be ourselves

You free to be yourself with me
I free to be myself with you
Free to be yourself free to be myself
Mix of strawberry lemonade
We free to be ourselves

Strawberry lemonade,
You can be yourself I can be myself
Strawberry lemonade,
You can be yourself I can be myself
Strawberry lemonade,
You can be yourself I can be myself
Strawberry lemonade,
Be yourself with me I be myself with you

Strawberry lemonade forget what society says,
You can be yourself I can be myself
Strawberry lemonade,
Strawberry lemonade,
I want to get chilled with you,
You can be yourself I can be myself
We can love ourselves
Strawberry lemonade
fiachra breac Jun 2019
if I could
peel back the skin
from the top of my head
and crack open my skull
and reach inside,

I would pull out shards of
a woman made of Glass.

if I could
break open the covering
to my deepest fears and
truest hopes,

I fear the fingerprints
I would find lingering
on every part and piece
would erase themselves -
edit and change - cease.

if I could draw
the nameless stars
onto the inside of my eyes

and take your hand
and let your fingertips
trace the outline of my

if I could stab a straw
into the grey matter,
I would ask you drink it,
just so you could taste...

if I could open my veins,
and tie the bloodied strings
to your chest;

if I could hold your hand,
and feel our fingers
tangle and entwine;

if I could crack open my ribcage,
I would let you climb in;

if, if, if...
work in progress
J J Aug 2019
I don't leave my house much
and I keep to myself, dysthymia at my peak
    These days.
Blood in the sink after brushing my teeth for the first time in weeks
  and feeling all the more disgusted for it,although
I know it a mini victory in itself,enough of a sign for hope--
better than any ******* self-help book could suggest--
The laughing jittering chitchat all-being lovely paranoia stage has passed
And now i feel the hangover.
Luckily,the eureka's glued on too
And the reflection is easier to inspect now--
you know that Hemmingway quote:
Write drunk,edit sober? Like that,but over the coarse of a lifetime.
And how boring sober life is after the highest peak,but on the same note,
I've flushed the drugs to deter temptation,to better myself--
When i was bad they made me okay,
When i was great they made me even better,the world even closer...
But they're a ruining process. I've learnt to love the blossoming passion flower of my mind,
Although i want so to hate it currently.
I know i am,i know the universe is,and if you're reading this then you too are;
And that's all that needs to matter sometimes.

Through silence,through recluse,through art,through pen,through therapy,through time,through honesty,through dream,through woe,through laughter,through scream, through power,through weakness embraced,through fire,through love,
Through a madness unhinged but always aware
Of self and all surrounding;
You do what you can to get by,but most importantly,you do what you can to better yourself.

You don't have to be perfect everyday,
you dont have to be perfect most days,
But if you're trying for anything at all,you're braver than you could be,and not yet as strong as you should be
And that is a  very   very    good inspiration
I'm not doing the best at the moment but writing is one of the things keeping me going strong. I thought I'd rant and rave about the process of finding inspiration when you least want it. First line borrowed...well,full on nicked, from Soko.
Maddy Nov 2019
We love them
Befriend them
Polish and edit them
Hug them when the world does not get it
Sometimes that is not the point
Somehow they always do
They protect us and understand what others fail to comprehend
More than words
Little gems and lovely facets

[email protected]
HYA Nov 2018
Dyan ka lang,
walang patutunguhan
siraulo, dyan ka lang
Buong magdamag,
Laro inaatupag
Dota, csgo, crossfire at... pag-ibig?

‘Huwag kang tumalon,
Huwag kang tumakbo,
Huwag kang lumipad,’
Yan ang sabi nila
Sa tulad naming adik sa dota
Yan ang sabi nila
Maji-gg ba sa buhay, sinta?

Pero ibigin mo ang tala
Ibigin mo ang buwan
Ibigin mo ang araw
At ibigin mo ako

Tumalon at lumipad
Bahala na kung saan mapadpad
Kung iibigin mo ang araw
Kinabukasan, matatanaw

Walang reset ang buhay,
Walang revive ang buhay
Wala ring pause ang buhay
Kaya lahat ay dapat ibigay
Lahat ay iibigay

Dito ka lang,
Dito ka nararapat
Huwag magbilang e hindi naman kaya
Dito ka lang,
Wala kang kinabukasan
Kung maglalaro, dito lang

‘Huwag kang lumakad
Huwag kang lumangoy
Huwag kang gumapang’

Susunod ba sa sabi nila?
Ang bukas ba'y hindi mapipinta?
Totoo ba ang sabi nila?
Makikinig ka ba, sinta?

Bumangon at ibigin mo ang tala
Ibigin mo ang mga buwan
Ibigin mo ang mga araw
At ibigin mo ako

Tumalon at lumipad
Ipagmamalaki ka ng lahat
Ibalanse mo ang oras
Talento moy ilalabas

Walang quit button buhay
Walang edit ang buhay
Walang cancel ang buhay
Kaya magpatuloy, magpatuloy, magpatuloy

Iibigin ko ang tala
Iibigin ko ang buwan
Iibigin ko ang araw
At iibigin din kita

this is a piece I created when I was in the bathroom HAHAHHAA this is a song actually for today's contest and here it is.
This piece is for my classmates na mga 'gamers' na nadidiscriminate ng iba at ng mga **** namin kasi nga mga tamad HAHAHHAHAHA but I still love those pipol and they have a loooot of potentials
Ken Pepiton Oct 2018
Information Required Order 38582 Moonshine Makin's

I intend to use this order to test
the viability of an herbal extracting service for local gardeners.
If there is interest
and our trials prove commercial, the methods
will be posted publicly, methodic.

The intended customer base is the home canning and preserving enthusiast, ****** societies, 'n'such.

Now, the pod cast, statement of use. Right, of course.
Right use is to be made of all the time we wish, and we wish to share the method we use.
With youse.
Here's my idea, at the moment


then I hear this guy who got famous in the seventies,
in such a way that I would have known.
Had I been on the same planet
during the Seventies
and half the eighties.

Terrence McKenna, right. If I had survived 1970,
and things had been well positioned for that to have happened,
had I not...

What did we do, my strange friends, or was I the only one who does remember my last sane thought? Actually,

I don't. And then, I do. Quasar-ic-ish-ly.

An edit or two could change every thing,
imagine this Terrence
McKenna taught "Authentic Being" a sort, or class, of being,
very high and good.

We teach being authentic.

Being a being's been being a while,

upon multiple instants of
a time, best'n'worse, full'n'empty, war'n'peace


yet never is hope absensed. Any time I tell a story,
hope springs eternal, soon

soon the old fool will see No one is listening, and wink.

No one and the fool have friended
upon such times as these,
No two, as well, (seedawink)
to a far lesser degree, ye may see.
Secret secret secret knowledge, gnosis, donchaknow,

is same as sacred, yes, yes, it is, sacred made, made sacred, samesame that's the game... secret

I am in me,me ni ma I
Magic Ab-io-alchemical Hermitical Heretic, am I. Spirit. Muse?

Are we lost? No. We are wiser than we were.
By any measure.

A statement of use for that we wish to take, once it is granted. What's the use? We stuck not knowin, right?

Wait, I have a chit
"All things pertaining to life and godliness have been given thee." Got that at VBS, by God.

Really, we are treading on Bunyan's tale? We escape the Giant Despond on a promise of a promise?

seems so. So little is different. The road, seen rocky three decades ago, or so, now, it's

bricks, silicon bricks, I recon they been doped, ye ken?
Some ol loswoids crosswise need gold ducts to flow
past the reflective edge, where we saw that Mckenna

outright lie.
He did. Damright. Said Paradise was opened by the door that shut Eden, but he said that

Like it was a bad thing.
Jesus Christ, if he missed the whole reason there is a Bible and a Jesus in it, who is gone gowon his testified
psyc-hellic oppositio cunjunct-ifitis trip?

So, I missed the seventies,
as if I were flying from LA at forty k and I go on by, to land in 1985, after fifteen years enculturated to believe a not-so-complex,
on the surface, lie.

Truth has a strange mercurial 'spect,
all the light that can be reflected is reflected in mercury, see,
the edge twixt yinanyang, dang,

as far as we can see, tho'

we can't really even see HD, but
it seems better.

Reflecting on an idea is blissfull, but that's not the reason.
Reflecting on old age and catching people telling lies regarding what can be learned in a deep examined life. Then, it's harvest time, and afriend called, thinks the podcast is a good tool, how we gone use it?
Star BG Jan 2019
I birth new day
aligned with divine self.
With gratitude and zeal.

I birth every morning
with oaths of self love
to jump-start day.

I birth dawns light
with passions
and connection to self
inside zeal for life
to vibrate love

I birth on awakening
with edit for success
in fortitude breath
to sing.
to me.
Its not my birth birthday but I learned if one aligns self to the thought that everyday is a birthday a gift a way to celebrate self it feels goooooooooooood
and opens doorway for miracles.
SJG Sep 2019
Black is the river I'm digging.
Black as the moonlight. Black as the hall.
Black is my neighbour's number ringing
While they're out singing and I'm inside singing alone.

Black as the garden. Black as the newsroom.
Black as the new black. Black as the well
Filled to the brim with stones.

Black is calling you its warden.
Black wants you to stay awake all night,
Then to work twelve hours with your eyes wide
And your nerves fidgeting to be heard
Yet the words from your tongue, strange and not your own.

Have you heard the song I'm writing?
It's a little antisocial. A little atonal.
These are stylistic decisions, I believe.

How did you grow up to be so formal?
Someone was always trying to edit you,
To make you feel your real voice indecipherable,
Your face wrong, your way of walking
An invitation to instant rejection,
And to receive love would be to exist
Not really known.

Have you heard the song I'm singing?
It's a deep cut by some sad virtuoso from the 70s,
Who had brief major label backing but never really made it
But who's getting a few critical props now
Some tastemaker found her three LPs in a warehouse in Oregon.

Do you see the black the light's bringing?
For each thing discovered, a thousand stay buried,
Or so it goes.
Madelynn Nieves Sep 2018
This flashing prompt
Is mocking me
The villain
In my dreams
Waking me from
A restless sleep
Making me wonder
What beauty lies ahead
Or if this day
Is just a nightmare to be had

Teasing me
Tempting me
Out of my writers block
So much so
That I have to
Write about it

The little black line
Is toying with me
Making me
Like a cycle
Spinning my mind
Washing my pages
Until the words
Are nothing but memory

Or committed to memory
Depending on how many times
I’ve typed them
Trying to get past this idea
And turn it into
Something of substance
This flashing prompt
Has chained me to the screen

I scratch the idea
And start again

This vertical line
Is taunting me
Asking me what
I have Left to say
Reminding me that
I’ve said it all before
Just in a different way
Assuring me
That the world will tire
Of hearing my story
And I can only
Type so much
In a day

This Caret
Has crushed me
Like a soldier waging war
Before I can even get a word in
Winning the battle
Unable to reach my weapon
Attempting to defend my thought process
Staring deeply I remember
That I am hopeless

This flashing prompt owns me
Keeping me up until
All hours of the night
Beating me to the punch
Whenever something feels right
Placing seeds of doubt in my mind
Making me aware
that the well
Has run dry
Anya Oct 2018
Being frank here,
I think a lot

And I think about
my thinking

And I have a unique way of thinking
as do most people

But I combine my thoughts
with analogies
I conceive through
my creativity
And weave them
into words

Which I have learned to love
through my obsessive reading
in my elementary
That's it
I haven't read
enough official

I don't really
edit my

I don't overthink
too much

Just my thoughts,
on a lonely page
I've wondered time
and time again,
is this even

My thoughts
carved with

Rough on the edges
with spots of

As well as
as smooth and cold
as marble
The honesty hidden
other distractions
when the truth
is too much

But it's still me on the page
But what I can't figure out
do I do it
for social approval?
To be heard?
To spill out my emotions?
To make something beautiful?
Just cause?

A wintry night
the wind swirls around
blowing my questions
away with a chill...
This was inspired by the poem on this site "Poetry Reeled me In".
andru Jan 2019
A circle speaks volumes.
Revolutionize and tidy up.
Instruction manuals are read automatically.
Privacy parts the talon and now,
how the sky blinks a feather ever so unusually.

Ever wake up in your sleep to your head fully stuck in the sixth sense
stomach of a pillow, and thought to yourself in bed about how much of
a dream it must be to be stuffed turkey?

I haven't.

Or thought to your self made bed how making the bed as an edible
symbol of thanksgiving
is like taking a stand
on a landmine,
for eternity?

I haven't.
I also lie and lay awake to myself.

Although a traveler tends to do all of the above,
below the radar.
A farmer tends too.
Eats an earthquake,
aftershock, rattled rim, pacific clarity, clear the oceans, tremors, tremors,
Noah's ark is a humpback funeral home.
Noah riding a hearse by the hubcap, clean teeth grip.
Noah in my mouth, reciting odd numbers on my taste buds.

Noah licking a polished nail, course matte for me,
three by three, the poor
poor bones of a humpback whale singing sad on a mountain.

You have to wonder about coffins when it's death out.
And water among amidst when your lungs are thirsty.
And since it seems the tried and tested walk has all but run away,
some metal wood rubber leather latex silk wool boxes spit out tickets.

A materialistic downer on uppers levels off at acceptance.
And yeah, smoking will **** you, but this is about me and I need to inhale.
This is not about me, but about you, or was that nature?
The nature of nurturing seems as good a point to start this conversation.
But it's dead end talk to talk in line segments, and well, ****,
it's time for an advertisement:

This cylinder tin is full of everything your life is empty of!
Forget the cost; be content with the contents,
rehearse the ingredients, unload the all and do it again.
Infatuation is hot-air gas inflated in the belly of outer space.
I love the way those stars look and those stars love looking at me.

The cut and paste of our human race is unfairly lopsided.
The northern blade has a tumor the size of misdirection,
the scales are tipped, the whips are tipped, and the weapons are gripped.
Sudan doesn't own scissors; Angola is the axis of axe-less
but their ******* skyline is incestuously bright,
their constellations all make sense,
and their astronauts haven't lifted off, to jump and jive in the very
same sky we share with them.
No, not yet, there are animals to be slaughtered sedimentary still.
Ones with tribal names that come off the tongue like mouth sound effects,
they are almost people, without horns hammered in their heads.

Eating on all fours from a license plate.
Dig in, Donesia.
How is life in amnesia, brain pulp square?
Psychologically disturbed map and memory loss, southwest Asia?
Your address is a long walk, but the **** citizen on the roadside exhibit
is a refreshing remix to our boring, bragging billboards.
And your suffering is art to the skull and cross-bone pale cube galleries
that we call home sweet, home sweet merchandise.
And rest assured, your lack of rest will insure western survival,
North America will steal your toddler corpses
and sell them at the front gates of your orphanage ghettos.
It's the least we can do after gouging out your eyeballs.

I didn't even write this, it was drawn by a blind boy in India.

The black market pencil case people are going to a blow-out sale.
The sales on them and the jokes a bomb.
The jokes on them and the sales a bomb.
The bombs on them and the jokes a sale.
The female holds her breath and suffocates a male.
And the genders collapse in heaps and heaves, recycled and broke
like natural leaves caught in a mythological fighter
jet's propeller.
Like aeroplanes, several even, oddly amount conclusive crash-like.
Like, like, like, if the globe of green and blue were to still be alive
I would colour co-ordinate accordingly, and wear whatever hue
the big bang theory wasn't.
Dust particles getting it on and such.
Finger painting *** with a rag and pan pencil case.

The black market Darwin drawin' is on fire in the pockets of our youth,
elderly lint in same corduroy bent knuckle nameless, places
an introduction to i.v. and a never un-shook from his hinges
living room magazine holder.
So the flinching milli-metricks betwixt our beloved booklets brings
gratification, satisfaction, and eternal life.
And gravity with a runny nose.
Oh, oh!  My first ever and last edit: Make that ******.

So I'm infinite pass-time, tedious rusty grime
and dead llama on the zoo-way.
"Look Ma, a dead llama!"
"No dear, she is just sleeping with her blood out
and cage on".

No more rides for the unknown, let it be known.
Call your superiors, mega-impose their posteriors, an emphasis on
brittle lives.
And chew the fat, chew the fat, **** the marrow, narrow
weight-scale bound in chain-mail, accidental prediction protection,
magnify, mortify, modern sill overdosing on wake pills, horticultural hi.

I am coherent when the setting is all tens, when
the plot is all tens, when the characters are all reaping tens.
The catch is in the ******, looking scared cloth-less elevens.

Judges, what verdict gives you
the right to wig wear an oak arm chair
with an all too obvious worn-mallet-beating-desktop syndrome
bashing your would be innocent until proven rich-boy lashes, err, guilty?

Was that even a question,
or merely a stir-fried rant?

The master chefs are coming after us all in our under garments,
over bridges and mountains and tiger stance wisdom and
we need a Messiah like we need horseshoes on our foreheads.

Mule yoke split on the frying pan of till death do us cook.
Separation nation; a river plain, a barren abstract.
And the artists are painting droplets on their toes,
kissing themselves after a game of Chinese checkers,
determined to squirm sweet nothings while riding
question mark shaped seats from Sweden.

And under a hail of Mary's, Jason's, William's, Susan's, and missiles,
they touch their ankles where they know
nails should be,

A circle sounds off,
a sky sounds awful,
a bomb sounds right,
a body sounds circles,
and a circle speaks volumes.
Dr Baljit Singh Nov 2019
The beauty of the Englishman is that
He again looked at the two sides of the coin
And said
Marriage is not a leave

That’s why he said
You send us the book
We will edit it


I too added
The runner has begun to run
Cheer him up to his goal
All eyes on him

Livelihood; not oblige
Grant freedom; not slavery
If I’m at the top; my people will look very small
You also know; I ‘m scared of heights

Dr Baljit Singh
Thursday 28 November 2019
Shivani Lalan Apr 2019
to my dear ghostwriter,
or whosoever has to carry
the burden of my unfinished thought,

if you're nothing like me -
and i hope you aren't -
you'll make a list.
a list of the things you think
i would want to say
even when my voice is still not silent
and still echoes in sceptres
of my favourite words,
even when they come out of your mouth.
don't worry when the numbers
in your list start to crumble -
you see, even the ghost of my presence
does not like structure.

dear ghostwriter,
if you're nothing like me -
and i pray that you aren't -
your first step after writing
would be to edit what you just wrote.
thin peals of laughter will echo
in your ears when you do,
ignore them,
that's just me laughing at the idea
that raw thought
can be made more powerful
by taking pickaxes and hammers to it.

alas, if you do turn out to be
anything, anything like me,
dear ghostwriter,
know that you are allowed to wander,
your words are allowed to escape
and run amok,
you have the freedom
to do literally whatever the hell you want,
as long as your defiance is written down.
then, i suspect,
you'll begin to sound a lot like me.

in death and in shadows,
in spirit and in words,
shivani lalan.
jeffrey conyers Sep 2018
There they were in their own land.
Then came the visitors and captured them.

Enslaved them to take to another land.
Without choice, they were kidnapped.

Treated harshly, whipped and abused.

Totally confused by things that occurred.
In truth, they didn't have a choice in coming to this new world.
They lost their family, friends, and tribe heritage.
Thanks to the visitors.

In this new world, they eventually came.
Just to be unpaid slaves to the visitors.

Treated like property on the auction block.
To be hired out to various selected function.
By the visitors.

Some ran away to freedom and some made the attempt.
Just to hindered by the slave house servant.
Who had it slightly better?
Then those in the field.

Laws enacted to state slaves had no rights.
Still thanks to a few free slaves and some that weren't they continued to fight against the visitors.

Soon, many lost completely their given names.
Often taking on the visitors last name.
Women slaves, ***** and men hung, whipped more and shot by the gun.

Mmmm make you aware they the visitor's nothing without a gun.
So we see why they favor the second amendment?

Now, here we are in modern times.
Still surrounded by the visitors perspective racist views.
Who only aware of partial history?
Cause many white schools avoid the truth.

Like scriptures, we get an edit down view.
Especially if it places the visitors in a bad light.
Ryan O'Leary Dec 2019
The light it dimmed
the sky came down
venetian blinds, it's
through them I frown.

The crows going east
from morning west
they change in winter
from where they nest.

Across the park
I see fairy lights
some that sparkle
on tree top heights.

I can smell the smoke
some coal some wood
their wind drift blows
in our neighbour hood.

Sounds seem different
in the dark,
they have no echoes
but seem more stark.

Time to seal our window
northeasterly's blowing
down the leafless lanes.

In the fireplace a ***
it simmers
on the mantelpiece a
candle shimmers.

Always a sign that
there is a draft
a door ajar
or the chimney coughed.


I am posting this, but it is
neither titled, not finished.
I will edit and continue at
a later time, I was just called
away from my desk.

Thank you HP readers.
Traveler Sep 2019
I keep no medals
Nor pictures of back then
I'm no longer a warrior
I have no wish to defend...
In fact, I'm forced to run
Unable to hide
Cameras and drones
Fill my minds eye’s

(Truth is)
I once saved my ship
From sinking
I found a hole
And stopped it from leaking
Somebody up on deck
Got the credit
Even the ships new paper
Refuse to edit

I never needed
A notch in my gun
When the cops yell stop
I'm the first to run
I've done more time
Then I care to claim
I've always been innocent
I just keep getting framed

And still
My love is as big
As the setting sun
If you cry out
Here I come
Yet I no longer feed
On excitement
And speed
A warrior
I no longer wish to be!
Traveler Tim
Amanda Oct 2018
Night whispers your name in the dark
My soul bleeds sin, leaking grey pools,
The sharp blade of guilt pressed against me too tight
Carve me atom by atom, chipping away my molecules.

The missing pieces hurt most
You should know, you've taken them all
My hands tried to heal these gashes
The moment before I do I fall.

Not strong enough to stand without stumbling
Through skin I can see outlines of each bone
Breathing polluted air, lungs poisoned by your absence
Exhaling any positive thoughts I still own.

When I smile it is for the people I love
They hate seeing me dismayed
Day after day continue this routine
Attempt to keep up this charade.

Those around me don't seem to notice
I must have a great poker face
Hurt can only be read in my eyes
No trace of suffering observable in any other place.

Want a dramatic reaction?
Stop waiting for me to cave and show
Not sure what expression you were expecting
Each passing moment I'm suppressing tears that yearn to flow.

It was you who played games with our feelings
I loved you, but you loved the dope
Tried not to let it get to me, bring me down
Quickly found out my inability to cope.

I cut ties with every dream I could
Couldn't break chains you placed on my back
Afraid I've become too intertwined with your darkness
I thought our bond could withstand any attack.

Here I fall, feathers fraying fast,
Hoping to pull through before they snap
Say you will be honest with me
So why are your stories filled with holes and gaps?

Allow yourself to show your heart completely
Freedom to be who you are
There is peace discovered in accepting your flaws
Many times I have seen you move moments far.

Left behind to shrink and fade
Storm is raging through our hearts
Hurricane of sadness ruining our souls
A survivor I stand missing quite a few parts.

Here we are yet again but why?
What should I do? Stay or go?
Think it out for a little while
Choose too fast because I am feeling low.

I am forced to watch my plans depart
Floating away with drifting days
I worked to repair areas from which they fled
I'm simply lacking a way.

Watching plotlines of our story
Distance opening my gullible eyes
I can't edit the screenplay
It's already scripted with lies.

Not sure exactly how our story will end
This may not be mendable and I'm scared
Been drowning in your pain so very long
Cannot find the surface to come up for air.
I dont know what to do these days. How do I be happy? Why cant everything be the way it was before?
Mateuš Conrad Dec 2019
.the better part of a Friday night

grim.. times... what better way to pass a drinking session than to translate some Horace... i see no other worthy time-consuming scoop of any events to follow, this:

humano capiti cervicem pictor equinam iungere si velit et varitas
inducere plumas undique conlatis membris, ut turpiter atrum
desinat in piscem mulier formosa superne,
spectatum admissi risum teneatis, amici?
credite, Pisones, isti tabulae fore librum persimilem,
cuius, velut aegri somnia, vanae fingentur species,
ut nec pes nec caput uni reddatur formae.
scimus, et hanc veniam
petimusque damusque vicissim;
sed non ut placidis coeant inmitia, non ut serpentes
avibus geminentur, tigribus agni.

some first reading... sounds like chasing a chimera...

with a human head on a horses' neck: should a painter
tie the two together on a whim, and other limbs
collected from everywhere: puff up duck feathers into
a pillow or a bed cover - from "nothing"... hey presto!
that a beautiful woman from the torso up with a
fish's black tail below to boot...
on exhibition: would you, friends,
not burst burst out with laughter? believe: Paisans!
similar to this image will be the book:
in which as in an ill man's dream, in delirium,
the head and the feet belong to different
i use this law and i recommend others to use it too,
but not to equate gentleness with a wildness:
with a bird a serpent, a lamb with a tiger...

angels and mermaids... what is no less or... no more:
improbable? perhaps neither...
but in the guise of monotheism... everything is still
somehow sensible...
where there was: half and half...
what angel of monotheism is a half and half
when contending for existence among unicorns...
mermaids or centaurs?
a chimera and a cyclops... **** with a minotaur...
but... such events of monotheistic grandeour are...
supposedly the better respected...
for all the respect i gave unto Knausgård -
because it comes from monotheism:
an angel is to be seen as more than a mermaid...
perhaps... if the angel is of my form...
has the wings... but for its mouth?
a pecker mask... a 50:50 share ratio of...
what a racial "mongrel" would otherwise burden his
shadows with...
a pecker mask akin to those masks
worn at the Venice carnival:
doctor doctor black plague masks...
with a muffed-up speech... as if shouting into
cotton puffed up...
esp. cotton candy...

and this is a sort of friday where i'd much prefer
translating latin... god... where did all these modern
prepositions and conjunctions from from:
into the fore?! there's only one song of worthy summary...
the specials - ghost town.

- Autorank Total 10 ( higher is reduced to 10 ), professional similarity 10 (of 10), concrete vs abstract 2 (of 2), noun/verb/etc order -0.7 (of 1) -

poetry and order... yes...
yes... very much akin to rhymes...
and very formal language...
but this is hardly a "micro-aggression",
on my part...

it's funny that i never paid any attention to this detail...

hoc erat in votis

i was never into brian jonestown massacre, more of a dandy warhols' fan, but then brian jonestown released the album aufheben and pawns of the palette started picking up not only seminal citric acids and kashmir's spices, but sharp grooves of some distant geography, which of course, all in all: to my liking.

there's nothing like listening to the opening
track of the aufheben album (panic
in babylon, instrumental) and reciting a
bit of horace; should i be accused of sounding
pompous, here's horace himself

    hoc erat in votis: modus agri non ita magnus,
    hortus ubi et tecto vicinus iugis aquae fons
    et paulum silvae super his foret. auctius atque
    di melius fecere. bene est. nil amplius oro,
    maia nate, nisi ut propria haec mihi munera faxis.

    it was the aim of my wishes: a snippet of arable land,
    a garden, in the vicinity of my house a source of
    fresh water and a grove upon a ***** of a hilly eminence.
    the gods beyond their intentions bestowed upon me
    the loot of my thus lived fate. i have enough!
    i do not implore for more either in this heart of mine
    or among incense or blood of sacrificed bulls at the altar
    where worship is prescribed unto them, but only give me,
    son of May, the chance to use these bestowals.

(translated from polish, and, as would be expected of me,
involved in translation, adding something of my own,
as you can see, the latin prepositions and conjunctions
are reflective of the number apparent in the english language,
but it's hardly a concern with other words,
awaiting a unanimous - not necessarily an N between
two vowels, or because of H, as is exampled by
a great alphabetical distancing of the vowels,
or simply because of the latin tongue-twisters of
the grapheme æ and œ - awaiting a unanimous
decision of the compound words stalled by the hyphen
form, e.g. light-bulb / lightbulb (underlined as a spelling
mistake) by the oxford dictionary committee...
but let's not get as crazy as german spelling
glue... it would make james joyce pale even by finnegans
wake standards of the 100 letter word... i know... english
is a language spelled like shotgun shrapnel, and german is spelled
like a wedding cake or scottish fudge, thick and bulging;
what was i going to say? i took a step into the heraclitean
river and the river took me elsewhere, the ice cubes
in my whiskey citric barley are melting, and i dream
of venice being the modern atlantis along with the maldives).

elsewhere in a grammar lesson:

people think the pinnacle of poetry is coupling
adjectives with nouns, but of course,
given adjective & verb coupling is commonplace:
and when they say poetic v. practical,
they then say the hidden practicality of poetry
via, e.g. 'nicely said;' but of course!
we need a sombre musicality of the tongue
with so much dead machinery around us!
the elders complain about headphone "zombies,"
marching like urban myth lemmings on zebras
toward death... but have you actually listened
to those mechanical sounds on concrete?
horrid! when was the last time you heard an owl's
call in the dead of night in a forest? me!
about a year ago: three by my count.

- Autorank Total 9.9, professional similarity 10 (of 10), concrete vs abstract 2 (of 2), noun/verb/etc order -0.1 (of 1), cliches -2 (of -3) -

the Cyber Pavlov Experiment

and my favorite "poem" in this ranking system,
which, i guess is an a.i. calculator...
i'm most interested in the professional similarity,
i can understand the concrete vs abstract ranking...
but the noun/verb/etc order?
in poetry? again... this is not a "micro-aggression"...

so, i'm on this page, and i meet my ****** pusher,
sure as hell he's pushing ******,
although it's digital, the site / street corner? i get to publish 2 poems,
but can't publish more, i have to comment,
and comment positively,
'allo comrade Stalin! then comment on
2 poems, and get this message:
Congratulations, you've achieved level 2,
and are now an "emerald cat"!
To reach the next level you need:
7 x comments, 1 x enter a contest, 1 x favorites,
1 x edit an item. • What are levels?
i am not playing candy-crush saga!
i'm not! i'm not even kidding you,
what is this ****?!
we've been ****** by paedophiles
                      please get me off
this ****** grid of the Cyber Pavlov Experiment...
likes and comments and saliva and cookies...
    or premeditated minority reports -
  akin to Orwell's thought crime gestapo -
    god it sounds **** when said: g'eh'sh'tap'oh.
                    or how to use the internet
akin to deciphering and censoring established
media outlets...
                              obviously social media
can't replicate socialism, it's a media outlet,
                  but it can for sure ******* with
all the little capitalistic mind games that lead
to nothing but the Pavlov experiment -
            and that was with dogs...
try that with a ******* Gorilla and i'll watch you
cradle prosthetic limbs while
he rips your original limbs off like he's playing
                a harp:
            then you can rhyme: twinkle twinkle little thumb,
    how i wished you were attached to my hand to my arm
to my torso...
                        that's the same story
we had recently concerning a Mr. Kumbuka...
  who escaped enclosure, and proved the a.d.h.d.
        complex correlation with exposure to
sugar... ****** drank 5 litres of concentrated blackcurrant
squash replying: i'm mad at the keepers for keeping
me on a diet! i do king kong and you do the frenzied
blonde maiden.
              it's still a concern for me that they herded the poets
into an area worthy of zoological inspection,
                meaning that they base their worth on
    deplorable points system: like they're immigrants
waiting for visas to Canada -
                          comment, like, blag and blabber your
way into that new country, known to all of us present
              as Si S / Silicon State... by my count that's
the 51st, or the secular version of the Vatican.

- Autorank Total 2.3, professional similarity 1 (of 10), concrete vs abstract 2 (of 2), noun/verb/etc order -0.7 (of 1) -

but now... i'll just post the most "pop" poem from
here-on-in there... for that hard-on autorank...

clues as precursor:
- Strong words: army, audience, beef, box, brick, canvas, cubes, eating, fan, fares, football, lines, match, minced, outside, people, poem, poets, river, scrabble, scroll, short, slab, song, steak, striking, stripes, tartar, tomatoes, wave, writing  
-Weak words: albeit, always, answer, any, bad, be, become, bothered, circa, coherency, could, critic, deliberate, effect, eh, elsewhere, enough, escape, event, form, gather, get, had, happen, hardly, impact, intent, international, invent, long, merely, mind, modest, national, never, nice, nothing, perhaps, personally, presume, question, rarely, reason, recluse, repeating, repetition, somehow, sometimes, started, subconscious, subsequently, succumb, tender, thinking, translation, treat, understand, version, very, want, was, well, what, will, worth, would
- Cliches: to be a, i want

****... too early for an autorank...
so here's a pre-scriptum i wrote for...
what i wanted to feed the autoranking system...

this poem has circa 11 thousand views, "elsewhere"...
and i just... would like... to see the score for it...
the very and repeating: twist on the rotten tomatoes' score
"leverage" between audience and "critic" scores...
i gather that the autorank on this canvas is not...
somehow "deliberate"... i presume i have this slab
of minced beef... and when i put it through...
i'll get... a nice cubism version of a ripe steak: medium rare...

then again: i was always a fan of rare...
mind you... it's never raw, it's not tartar cubes...
it's rare... like the person eating... a rarified recluse example:
like a recluse of a rarified worth of all examples given...
this noun/verb/etc. "coherency" score...
perhaps this a.i. scrutiny hasn't bothered to answer
to no asked question... people can still "un-scramble"
or... un-scrabble bad grammar and understand it...
nothing ever has to be: brick on brick like a long
winding river...
it sometimes can arrive at us...
"lost in translation"... some people speak some
languages with no ill-intent...
they just can't escape the pedagogy rubrics of
subconscious grammar layer upon layer upon layer...
is this... a reason to subsequently rhyme?
personally? i treat rhyme as a phenomenon...
a phenomenon that has to happen rarely...
and when it does: it has to be a striking "pose"...
but enough of the pre-scriptum...
i want to see how this poem fares in the autorank filter...
albeit, this given: this pre-scriptum will have had
an impact on the score...

line repetition, eh? the lines are too long or too short?
what was that poem... when you could somehow
invent: "thinking outside the box" of any form,
or when tender poets started to succumb to the cascade
effect of writing - to merely fill-up scroll speed and space?
it's hardly an event like the mexican wave at
a football match... or how...
the white stripes' song: seven nation army
has become the international... well... that's modest...
the national (english) football clubs' anthem...
when a goal is scored... or whatever you like, otherwise...

or cliches... really?!
how about... oh... i remember this one most fondly...
visual poetry...
fallen... by... jörg piringer...
and unlike any modern painting...
this one really does require a description,
as cited on

/jörg piringer works in many forms, including visual, digital, and sound poetry, as well as music. In "fallen," piringer combines a visual sensibility with computer programming skills to tumble text from the English translation of The Communist Manifesto into a pile at the bottom of the page. The result is a mass of letters stripped of their original meaning and representing the failure of an idea./ Geof Huth

and no, by no kind reprint...
perhaps modern painting is what it is...
because... there's an alternative, like fallen?
if you can "paint" with words in adverts...
and paint i imply: stress the psychological impact
of coca-cola written in circa: formal scripts -
(why no italics? you can't... just can't,
write a colon and in italics after...
the colon represents emphasis,
as does the italics... tautology or something -esque)
derived from 17th century handwriting...
or... say... volkswagen... written in blackletter &
lombardic scripts... esp. circa 1935...
while all the propaganda posters were on

given all of this? well... do i have to somehow:
bemoan how terrible modern art is?
cubism is not cricitißed - but dada is -
or let's call it... the most bloated
menu of culture citationand)
Barnett Newman painted this masterpiece,
‘Onement VI’, in 1953.
it sold for close to US$44 million...

i can't say such painting is "good" or "bad"...
after a while you just have to call a spoon a spoon...
a knife a knife, a table a table...
onement vi? blue canvas with a straight line
down the middle; form? rectangular...
and that's when thinking can take place...
i gather than modern art is trying to depict:
primodial man acquiring geometry...
after all... only recently i cound the difference
between the western man and slavs...
how the afro-european now lives in germany
and the west... including italy...
and how the indo-european lives east of germany
in some parts of scandinavia and greece...
a totally new discovery...

but... but... i can compensate for modern art...
with what is visual poetry...
if jorgen schmoorgen can do an abstract of a communist
manifesto... here's my take on...
John Constable... because... frankly...
i have yet to properly deal with this particular piece
of writing - as it's fresh... to subsequently aspire
for... a j. m. w. turner... not yet... not yet...
as ascribed to Juba...

the poem itself is... good grief...
always the same with me...
i go to kenya and i'd want to **** all the ivory
a mother is in hospital and all the nurses
are black and i'm like...
what a clean and sterile environment this
is... unlike my today which began
finding an acne dot on my little richard...
(i get the joke... spotty ****)...
having to defrost a fridge freezer in
the shed because:
'z przybytku głowa nie boli'
oh yes it does...
not when what someone deems to be
"enough" do you have to count the trivial...
unnecessary things...
which is not a shame regarding my ***
winning a pulitzer price for... never mind...
i claim lack of sun...
black privelege... impeccable skin...
and... ivory beauties...
n'est ce pas?
alternative i have found an outlet to...
it's become brutally boring...
i found it... in... japanese gravure...
i had to... esp. when 1970s italian *****
classic died... and everyone is doing
this act older than beer and the giza
pyramids... phellatio and you're like:
so when did the ice-cream dream go away...
the peeling the banana...
and all this ******* gagging begin like
there's everyone with their third tonsils
removed... where mouth is no different
from *** or **** to be RAMMED!
lucky for me i still have my third tonsil...
which means i can drink cold beer in winter
and not get a soar throat...
- lucky for me i still have my *******...
god... if i didn't... i don't think i'd have
the "moral compass" to "get away with it"...
unless i was a woman with a web-cam...
in which: it almost becomes akin to reading
a book... it's like: it's there for the sole use of
pleasuring yourself or... as i like to call it on
throne of thrones (the toilet)...
first you do the no. 1, then the no. 2...
then you start doing the no. 3 to see...
whether you've done no. 2 completely...
it sometimes happens that having an *******
dilates the **** to the point where:
there's a shady **** loitering in the "back"
somewhere... which would explain ****-erotica...
in reverse to the act of ****-erotica of being
penetrated... i.e. in this scenario...
finishing doing a no. 2...
after that? downhill a quick side-step for
a no. 4 in the shower - baptism...
but... yeah... the men that shame men with
regards to *******?
they must be circumcised men...
shaming other circumcised men...
i think to think how a circumcised man
could shame an uncircumcised man for this act...
that's like... circumcised women...
shaming uncircumised women...
for jerking off with a web-cam...
uncircumcised women and...
explosive libido... whatever the stereotypes
are... circumcised men...
uncircumcised men...
there has to be a: a priest a rabbi and an imam
walk into a bar joke around here somewhere...
i'm trying to find it...
but i have found that: circumcised men
shame other circumcised men over *******...
while the uncircumcised men are like...
if only i were a woman and had a webcam...
if society had a niche consumer base for that...
"sort of thing"...
i'd be making money from one
genocide of a fraction of myself ever so often...
i.e. it's killing when the ***** is owned
by a woman (sensible... sensible...
i don't mean the former chinese 1 child
state policy of: statistics at all costs...
even at 8 months old)...
but if that's the case...
then a session of hanky-panky...
sterile... washing under the ******* etc.,
i'm practically doing erotica-genocide
slim film no. 3890... ever since it started aged
8... when i discovered Onan...
way before the white nation army came out
from the hades of the *******...
how the ******* of ***** has nothing
to do with the ******...
the muscles and nerves are wired so to the brain...
that i'm pretty sure a castrato feels
the same...
**** chicken shaming...
it must be circumcised men against
circumcised men: ******* missing olympics...
no wonder... you peel a ******* potato...
you have to throw it in some water
to prevent it from darkening...
that's of course: prior to cooking...
so you have to find the ****** cushion
brigade from time to time...
a "sword" without a "sheath"...
rust or egomania or: motivational talk talks...
because Kant was never going to be my:
bachelor of the year for the 215th time in a row...
kierkegaard famously didn't marry...
erectile "dysfunction":
not a real problem in my own company
or in the company of prostitutes...
but a serious ******* problem among
the "free women" of western europe...
it's like one of those vague "superpowers"...
women speak of turn-ons and turn-offs...
yeah: i too have my limp switch too...
somehow... this "thing" is not automated...
it's not like spam-mail... it doesn't always:
"rise to the occassion"...
the mood swings of my *****...
i'm starting to think that perhaps neurology will
explain more about my brain
than my suma summarum will ever tell me
about this excess of the 21st digit (which
of course includes the 10 precursor toes)...

as i haven't read marquis de sade in a long while...
and i'm not touching any modern erotica,
and ******* bores me
and how japenese gravure is the next best
all-spice of brain fever...
and how: if this little harlot went to sudan
for her nitty-picking a tartan lover,
or if she decided for rwanda...
i have to guess the fiction and fantasy...
for me, at least... has to rely on...
a bull in a porcelain shop...
or as the kama sutra says:
a rabbit **** is hardly going to ****
an elephant ****... lengths and depths...
all round!
which makes you wonder...
genghis khan must have been...
or has to be... the ***** envy shitlord
of a whole lot of people with the surname
Khan in pakistan.
Kevin Lee Sep 2019
Sample the voice
Edit, loop, rewind
Find the words and
Example the choice

Tuned in for the drop
And how she moves
Scratch in the detail
Shop hours twenty for
One turned out
He proves

Synthetic reality
Empathetic to
Common frailty or
A sound eclectic

Move the system
Up the turn and collect
The difference, long term
Can't resist them but
It's the time to elect

Heard it on the radio
Television had it too
Where was it did they go
And what was that
And was it new

I knew
Inverted Soul Sep 2019
When nothing is left,
I won't tell
what I'm about to do.

Forever, that feeling of spent.

Indecisions clouded with tunnel vision,
funneled down to one last thought.
It boomerangs back to me,
while the rest scatter
from a catapult.

In a frozen state
locked in a blanket of fog
that surrounds me
and the blood red stain
This soul is begining to bleed.

Fear is spreading through me
and my mind can not rest!!
Paranoia follows me
like some kind of pest.

I have faded away
then fell out of place.
I can't remember myself
and I'm far from free...
it is just a little tense
and by a little i mean a lot
everything is A-OK
and by is i mean it is not
everything could be worse
and by could be i mean it definitely is
you're getting the message
just in pieces and bits
i can tell you the truth
but i edit it in real time
you only hear what you need
finishing the rest of the sentence in my mind
Tori Danielik Oct 2019
Sweet sipping sounds
And notes of vanilla bean
Wrapped up in the Monday migraine
With little left to do than lie in bed

But this is not the bother
The warm morning soup fills bellies
Until all senses direct to feet in slippers
Then work boots
Then frigid temperatures

No, not to give into the call of society
But to edit its intensity
To choose not to leave quite yet
To choose to indulge in a sunrise’s delight

We are not meant to leave this safe space
Of brown blankets and lavender
We are meant to cultivate it as a garden
So that we may blossom into a new tomorrow
Vivian Dec 2019
Pictures are usually so nice to edit,
while poems are also amusing too.
My works have been given credit,
so with my computer, days seem blue!

While I try to happily strive every day,
my eyes are then set on my works a lot.
As I do seem them on really good display,
I have my works set in correct thought(s)!

After many of my nice portrayals are up online,
my posts are liked by friends and family members.
Seeing as I have them praised to be "nice or fine",
that's how I am able to amusingly able to remember!
This poem is in ABAB form and, as my other works do, has 100 words.
Noel Billiter Jul 2018
I am not a book you wrote about yourself
You can not write me in or edit me out
You can not read through these lines
Or paraphrase me with quotation marks
I’m not a word you struggle to find
Or your editor’s phone call about your deadline
I’m not a chapter that you cut short
Or a embellished lie you write as a last resort
And that rewritten paragraph you can’t quite get right
Frustrates you and keeps you up at night
I’m not a unfinished thought you fail to mention
Or a idea for a story that you question
I am not a working title you keep changing
Or a failed storyline for the ending
I’m not word you can’t think of
Or adjectives that you make up
Not a exaggeration of a night you had
Or a scattered memory from your past
All these things you wish I was
I don’t exist to complete yourself
This is not a poem

This is an edit
To my last poem
This Is The Place

Although the park I
Write from is
This Is The Place
Heritage Park
In Salt Lake City, Utah

And even though the wifi
Is called TITP_Guest
Password: titp1847

Brigham Young actually
This is the right place
Part 1 of 3
I did not know much about ants until I found that the internet told me so,
and I still don't know what that has to do with life,
another text that I had to respond too, I didn't have to do it,
life would not have changed for me,
but I wanted to feel important and so I thanked a neighbour.

Who helped put me on a soccer team, nothing big,
but life changing.

Anyway even though we(you and I) could look back to remember what was said,
I don't,
the future of this life is unfolding within my eyes,
I am creating,
noticing the trends in the writing of a mind designed by the public,
or me,
but not I,
here in this
I would fill in the blank however when you grasp for a word to the point that synonyms become a common search point I worry I've driven this vessel recklessly.

How would we drive proper?

I see myself everyday stupidfied, surprised,
  unexpectedly perplex that i.

Wait did I edit this?

Not that we won't sink,
But an eternity with,
and I(we),
it has always been
I could not stop maybe it's the ,
I had to pause again,
can it be understood that some times the words can cause some unexplainable feeling that chokes you in the back of,
I wanna find out what you said.

What I could say.

What we said.

and now,
jeffrey conyers Jul 2019
Oh, it's funny.
Oh, not funny humorous.
Except, these go back folks act like they own America.

Without comprehending the many contributors of different heritage to America.

Go back to Africa.
Go back to Mexico.
Or whatever country they enrage them?

All the upset go back people that are rude has choices too.

Go back to England.
Go back to Sweden.
Go back to Australia or Austria.

Any white type country they trace their heritage too.
We aware they like to edit down that mix-blood member within their rank.

So, they speak Spanish and you don't.
What stopping you?
If you feel their conversation concerns you.

So they speak Nigerian or some other language.
Is this upsetting you?

And this isn't just white?'
We see these comments from other FOOLS!

Those you think is from Mexico.
Might be from Puerto Rico or Egypt too.
Yes, the skin tone of many can make a fool of you.

So all go back, people.
Go to sleep and pray for the hate within you.

— The End —