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Jade Apr 29
There was never a “before” sadness.

Perhaps my sorrow is like god:
it is impossible to precede
something that has always been.
Jade Apr 29
He said I abandoned the ship
(but he was the one
who forced me off the plank).
Jade Apr 3
You can take the girl
out of the traumatic environment.

But you can’t take
the trauma out of the girl.
Jade Jan 21
“I’ve spent nights crying for you.”

“I’ve spent nights crying BECAUSE of you.”
Jade Jan 8
If Medusa took a Xanny,
would the Xanny only sedate Medusa
or would it also sedate the serpents
writhing in her hair?
Jade Jan 8
They can only say they love me
with their fingers crossed behind
their back.
Jade Dec 2023
Not sure what I need to feel better:
a benzo held under my tongue like a secret
or an exorcism to take the edge off.
Jade Dec 2023
Was she actually clingy?

Or was she reasonable in her response
when you neglected her?

Was she really needy?

Or were you just incapable
of meeting her needs?
Jade Dec 2023
If I’m the villain, then you’re
the origin story.
Jade Nov 2023
My nightmares are filled
with all the words I should have said.
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