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Yes, for you
Carlo C Gomez

Thoughts find words
But unsettled the home ground
The words lost in a void
Voice of many hearts quietened by the fall
Thanks for collecting many mid air
In your basket of love
And safely finding a place for all
My gratitude to you
Thank you for all that you do
Be blessed with the best 🙏
aniket nikhade Jul 2015
Little do we know of what we know is very little,
too little to put the next step forward,
so little that we even hesitate in putting any extra effort.

With regards to drawing any conclusion at the present moment in time,
little do we know,
if anything about everything in the present,
very little.

Like happiness, even success cannot be achieved instantaneously
Only knowing that both success and happiness have got a definite place in everyone's life will not make things work,
more importantly we need to agree and accept upon the same.

Most importantly, consistent efforts need to be made in the right direction.
Initially it's need of the hour,
then later on,
of course the same becomes a kind of a habit.

Along with time, experience and expertise, patience and perseverance also play a major role in an individual's life.

Over a period of time after actualizing the right moment in time things start to take the right shape when success comes along the way.
Everything now depends upon the future, so ascertaining the future as of now is something that cannot be stopped.

Consistenly, over a period of time something goes on in the mind
There is a sort of restlessness that seeks into the mind
Same restlessness later on becomes a concern and over a period of time the same concern gets deeper,
concern is with regards to the future,
same concern also with regards to doing everything as quickly as possible in the present.

Anxious is the state of mind now, a little bit anxious and somewhat excited to know more.

More than what has already been registered by the mind an anxious mind tries to know everything in detail.
Thoughts in the mind race from present moment of time towards future,
of course, a future has always remained uncertain.

An uncertain future remains on hold and since been on hold,
of concern remains the future,
great concern.

An uncertainty about the future at first disturbs the mind, later on over a period of time there is a restlessness that sets into the mind.

What else is there as of now?
What else is the possibility with regards to the future?
Is there any other way out?
Is there a better way of doing things?
Quite possibly some kind of innovation can be done.

Little do we know of what we know is very little
Little do we know that there is no alternative to hard work and also there is no short cut to success.

Always it's better to play safe rather than to feel sorry later.
Always it's better to know everything at first instead of straightaway jumping on any sort of conculsion,
rightaway making any kind of decision,
since both of which can spoil the game.

Each and everyone plays a game in his life,
a game of his own choice,
a game which will decide the fate of his life.

Better to discuss each and everything first
Once done, then comes the final decision
Right or wrong, of course that fate will decide later.

Little do we know of what we know is very little,
too little to put the next step forward,
so little we know of what all we know that we hesitate in putting in any extra effort.
Even as for drawing any conclusion in the present,
little do we know,
if anyhing about everything in the present,
very little.
It has been always said that haste is waste, but still there are times when we do not learn from our own mistakes and make the same mistakes in a haste
aniket nikhade Mar 2016
In search of search is a search, which once when started was with regards to what else is still there in an uncertain future.

A lot of things changed since then, many new things happened along the way.
The past is left far behind, as of now it’s the present moment in time.

In the present the same search,
if it reaches to a desired conclusion,
then it will enhance the scope of future.

There are moments in life when it’s easy to start with something,
care must be taken that you end up with the same thing, which you had initially started.

There are moments in life when it’s easy to give up,
but then the same thing,
if continued further would have definitely fetched good results is realized and learnt later.

Life is strange
Strange are the ways of life
Life is uncertain
Uncertainties and worries continue to remain as an essential and integral part of life and still it's life.
Life continues with all the complexities involved and included in it.

Make the most of the present moment in time,
opportunities and possibilities are different from each other,
both have the ability to find, define and enhance the scope of future with regards to the present moment in time.

Intentions play a major role in deciding the right line of action,
clean, clear and good intentions yield the desired results rather than having something going on at the back of mind.

Definitely the right thing when it's done at the right point in time gives the desired results.
solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
Hello fellow poets and artist Finding this site made me smile. I look forward to reading everyone's poems and art.

"Let tomorrow sleep and peacefulness will turn to you. Free yourself and go with your razor sharp emotions. Even the twisted flow is the proof that you're alive. I invite the tearfully-indulging sorrow."

Dreamer..made the best of being a misfit...I have a close bond with Emily Dickinson.. she speaks the most to me.. I'm an Aquarian.. I help people much as i can..

Sea salt and tentacle love letters scatter into my aromatic wind like snowfall in the Arctic. Prevalent. Soft, sweet layers of flowery smoke linger in my midnight lungs. Dark secrets revealed here. Passions unleashed.

To me the world is made of poetry spoken and unspoken

I apologize here and now for butchering your lovely language. Not my first

Doesn't Make Any Sense. Trying Hard To Be A Poet.

Under construction.
Don't stay too long, it's dark in here.
I'm not a good conversationalist, but feel free to message me still.
my mystery rhyme has still seeking for its own rhythm and blues!
,'til my sweet serenity haul me unto a strange melodies and clues.
(to be continued...)

— The End —