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  1d solEmn oaSis
The years had brought me here.
It has been a far walk.
But it’s time I took a breather.
Just to muster a look back.

Many were shed along the way.
Perhaps met with many a forked path.
Or simply that the ticks of the hands
had decided different for them.

I’d dug deep,
and I’d seen you…
Amongst several others.

Making your mark
at every checkpoint.

I haven’t been alone.
And I’ll never be…

As long as you’re here,
making these marks with me.
Thank you all for following and reading me all these years. Your readership means a lot to me then, and all the more now.

Much appreciation and love,
Marunong ,
Hindi lang ikaw
kasi nga....
Ikaw lamang
ang dehado,
sa madumi
kakapit ka
muli at tiyak
nga babalik ka.
ayy puta tang-ina
Ang bawat pahina
Kahit pa maibenta
Ikaw Ang Kwento na
Wala ka mang Kwenta
Para ka na lang sa akin
kahit pa sa loob ko ay
labag pahalagahan
walang iba na
nag-iisang lawa
sa Sagwan at Bangka
Yaring Ako ay Panimpla
Ganyan ka ba talaga
Waring mala-mapa
rumehistro na
sa wankata
na di mo pa
Batid ang maha-
hatid pa Lalo
kapag ito
ay hina-
na bi🌟uin
OO !
Hindi nga Siya.

Pero mali naman na sabihing

Tama ka !

Bagay na bagay na talaga kami sa isa't isa.

Gaya baga ng mga kaibigan ko sa kanilang salita...

" kahit Wala Naman Siya

Mabubuhay pa din Ako Nang Wala na Ngang Patumangga ! "

Sabi sa mapag-imbot na tibok ng puso kong hugis-mangga !

Siya na nga daw
Ang naturang

Pag-ibig Ng aking Buhay
at Giliw na hinirang

Subalit sa aking magiting na Diwa

na tanging saad ay hayag na hidwa

Hula sa Amin ay Laho

kahit na humadlang pa ang Tadhana...

Halo sa aking nangingilid at napupuwing kong

pananaw sa pigil na pigil Kong

Luha na may umaapaw na paniniwalang

Siya pa mismo ang nagpahayag ,

na di kami patuloy na MagLalayag !

Alam ko naman

Kahit di na kami tatagal sa 'ming pagsasama ,,,

Sinasabi ko lagi sa aking loob

Ang pabulong na ...

mahaL kitA !

" o o t o t o o "

Wala na ngang PatLang
na diringgin mo ,,,
lamang na ika'y hibang
Sa Binabasa mo ...

" atiK lahaM "

Mga sambit Kataga Bali-baliktarin man,

sa larangan ng Agos Ng Kabalintunaan,

Itong aking pinaglalaban

tunay at mananatili

alaala na Lamang ,,,

sa radar ang pawang

sukat sabihin ko hanggang

sa aking Pagsigaw.... !!!!
Siya ay Ikaw !

Pagtatapat kong muli

Mahal Ko Siya !

Minsan pa...

ay huwag mo na lang muna

Tangkain pa ang Pagbabasa

Buhat pa dun sa pinakababa na kinakatok sa Tinanikala
Patungo sa nakakalula na pagtutok Don sa tinitingala

Try to start reading verses from the bottom of a Loving heart ,
All the way into up above until you reaches in top of a hurty part !

magmula pa sa salin-wika

Binabaybay at binibigKas
Tila Binalatang sinKamas

Pagkat nawala sa itaas,
ang hinahanap ko po na Titulo...
Panustos ko pinapatas,
taimtim ang inaalyas sa Liriko...

Wala na ngang PatLang
na diringgin mo ,,,

habang Ikaw ay Libang
Sa Binabasa mo ...

" o o t o t o o "
Di bale na di
maging top
Ang bottom...
nasa bayabasan
way back in
02 02 2020
ay uusbong muli
gaya Ng...
kung saan at
Paano ko
Ang puno
sa di ko
naman bakuran !
At Ang Ngayon
na tinengga
Ng kahapon
sa mahabang
Hayaan ****
Bantayan ko
ang iyong Palayan
kahit na gaano pa
matuyot ang sanga
o maging mga
hulog na bunga,
bibig ko at panga
laging handa nga
sa pag-nganga !

motto: bot ***
bottom to top
Reven Denim
is what i have
for my next
poem not
so reverse I
Exclamation Point
I mean...

to you Madam
Arianna Bagley
I constantly continue
To find myself
Searching for a sign
Like a book on a shelf
I’ll toss and I’ll turn
When the moon is in the sky
Wondering the position
Of where your thoughts lie
Is my time being wasted?
Am I blinded by your smile?
I know better
But it’s taken over my lifestyle
When does the search end?
I’ll look as long as you need
But I’m at the edge of a cliff
Praying my hopes don’t bleed
All that I have to ask
Is that you carry me gently
I’m not the easiest puzzle
But you’ll have ease if you listen intently
The fall hasn’t been smooth
My mind has ran in every direction
Let’s end this rollercoaster
And not ignore the connection
I found a book today
My mood was colored grey
It said, “You’re worth the wait”
Will you meet me halfway?
december 8, 2020 (10:39 PM)
solEmn oaSis Oct 15
G 💥 💥 D Monday mourn hey 👋
U knw who U R... 🤗💫😘
Even at night, tomorrow's poetry shines upon me.

however we aren't that far apart.....
I always missing you a lot !
As a matter of light , as I flashback , Aura of yours were so intact,

u were just a poem with a blind 🦯 rhyme
bringing out the mimic mime out of the inner me
a six to one 🕐 counts obviously is a countdown synergy
ages of sixty one taunts edges from downtown👇 energy

last year I am your forty-five years old sweet lover
until this very moment of our lifetime together
still you and you and only you treated me like a star ⭐✨
not in the night 🌉 and in day time neither

for you might really get of what you wish for !
when my eyes feels your gorgeous looks
as I close it during the longings of my 💘 loving heart ! 💖
**** I'm a little big Aladin scrubbing 🪄🪄 magical lamp 🛋️🪔

It may took a couple town drive away distances everytime I hook for a book just to reached the precious lap between us,

no matter where I make a sight focus of those sparkling scatter bouncing back from my visor...
I'm not bother by a destructible hearsay about that little detour.

Because there's no new into a head-turning sound of a hard-fall hitting bang made by the shattered glass...

Faster than the four o'clock
I'd rather be came like that...
Colder than unloaded glock
I never be able to put a dot !

maybe or Someday Soon
you'll fly me to the moon
Afterwards, we will Cherish our Silhouette
Ain't before paint barnish hour with a seal of wet

not 🚫 that bad
spot and 🛑 stop
I'mma 🦜 talk ****
s o  W h a t

(" solEmn
                                            termlessly ")
I don't believe I could get up during my sleep...
but for sure you'll always there for me everytime I slip !
solEmn oaSis Oct 13
I try and tried to read every Rhyme of that kind
for my tired spare tire was trolling in my mind
because I just got hooked by a puzzling word not just that Easy to find
beyond that little title is like a chime, that for me seems an Essay to bind

7 days ago or even more than not a long way to go
24 hours hit and run and ruin my ego doing the lego
I'll be loving reading your right and wity poetic words of wisdom
I'd rather either be your stalker or a Wanna Be r y n with seldom

somewhere in any Comment
Somehow eerie way i meant
through constructions of your concrete days work of art
though I had been deeply fallen unto a crate Shallow Chart

~ ~
! ! !
( /_. )
. . .

I might be coming back always good in here
a night or two consecutive days I can dare
triangle with exclamation that joints without a Dot of Doubt
terrible width of auction catch points to washout lot of bout

going once
going twice
going trice

rolling dice ...

🎲 🎲 🎲 🎲 🎲🎲🎲


yesterday is friday the 13th
yesteryears maybe seventh
decade of the eight wonders of the world 🌎
cascade daily five capital of deary word 🅿️

Oct . 14 Saturday 2023
hello idol ryn ...
once again ...ur thoughts
in a way of spoken words feels my self digging your feelings behind infinity and beyond of what's really in it with your two stanzas of extravaganza...
and so.. I am so inspired to inscribed my syllables from my weirdest reaction in this very moment and I want it to be ...
the way it used to be ❤️🎵©️
  Oct 13 solEmn oaSis
we fly
with lofty feathers
albeit shorn wingtips

we speak
but with pregnant minds
albeit engorged nibs
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