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Tony Tweedy Feb 25
Have you ever felt that need,
for someone to hold and kiss?
Have you wandered through the day
and felt something is quite amiss?

Have you felt it on empty days,
that cry of a heart's endless lonely pain?
Have you fought the thoughts aside,
to find loneliness still fills your brain?

Have you longed for that someone,
who can make the days worthwhile?
Have you wondered if some day,
once again you will recall how to smile?

Have you had those thoughts,
of someone to hold and touch?
Have you cursed you heart and mind,
just for wanting it so much?

Have you had loves good things,
seen them leave or pass you by?
Have you felt love's pain,
until all you have left is to cry?

Have you ever told yourself,
after all those times you cried,
that you don't need or believe in love.
Where in heart and mind you know you lied?
I Hate when loneliness reminds me I have no purpose or value.
Tony Tweedy Jan 31
I thought to write a poem about the town where I do live,
a brief poetic description is what I had hoped to give.

I thought it would take but a minute, so very little time,
but I ran into a problem because Whyalla has no rhyme.

I thought to tell its history of ships and iron and steel,
but Whyalla hasn't got a rhyme at least not a word that's real.

There is an old story told of how Whyalla got its name,
it tells of two Afghan's asking their god why they even came.

I could have told of the bush that surrounds the whole of town,
But Whyalla not having any rhymes just really let me down.

There is nature in abundance and some very scenic coast,
but you cant rhyme Whyalla so I didn't stand a ghost.

It isn't everyone's idea of a cultural oasis or a hidden jewel,
I could have told you good things if poems had no rhyming rule.

I would encourage you to visit Whyalla, if you have the time,
it is really quite an amazing place, even if it doesn't rhyme.

It's just a small country town just part of South Australia,
but to sell its attraction via a poem can only end in... failure.
Another escapee from the asylum that my head holds.
Tony Tweedy Jan 29
Have you ever sat until some part has gotten really numb?
It happened to me yesterday to the left cheek of my ***.

At first I didn't notice until I tried to up and stand.
What should have been so simple didn't go exactly as I planned.

Initially I rose ***** without any feelings of being sore.
But that changed quite abruptly as my nose impacted the floor.

I don't think I was down too long as the hurt still felt quite new.
Initial pain was somewhat lesser from the grogginess as I came to.

The doctor says it isn't broken and the redness will fade away.
I hope it is so tomorrow as it isn't feeling any better so far today.

For those there to witness much laughter was enjoyed by some,
as I crawled into the ambulance to avoid walking with half a ***.
Another one of those moments.... better out than in.... sorry
Tony Tweedy Jan 16
Why seek to dream as dreamers do,
when only nightmares are the ones to come true?

Why seek a lover who soon may part,
leaving exposed bare soul and a broken heart?

Why seek to hang on to joy and hope,
when a mind is so tired in can hardly cope?

Why does my soul seek and crave such things,
I don't really know... lets see what tomorrow brings.
Hope just refuses to lay down and die....
So many tomorrows have come and gone...
Perhaps tomorrow...
Tony Tweedy Jan 15
Over countless months by design,
a great firework he did make,
Constructed from lies and deceits,
and by turning all truths to fake.

Honest men of morals that believe,
that truth by righteousness will always win out,
By established rules and ethic as tools,
seek to quell the falsehoods shout.

They believe the pyrotechnician,
a fool of doubtful mind.
For they cannot see the plan he holds,
hidden by deceit of such evils kind.

Divided is the great citadel,
where once truth had walked without fear or care,
To become the protected sanctuary,
to the lies that now thrive in there.

He buys the time for his plan,
that has not altered not one bit.
While good men go on as before,
thinking they have hold of it.

All of this by his design,
since from too many days ago.
He has cast you all as characters,
in this his fatal show.

When martial law is imposed,
by the power you afford him still.
Remember that you had the chance to choose,
for truth's flag to fly steady upon the hill.
I hope for the worlds sake that I am wrong.
Written on the 14th of January after claims he doesn't support violence.... another lie.
Tony Tweedy Dec 2020
How can I feel the extreme pain of loss and deepest dark despair,
from something that reality affirms was never mutually there?

I loved you and my heart stands witness to every lie you told,
yet it is I who loved for real that is left to feel the frigid cold.

You made me feel both my very best and my very worst,
leaving my mind torn by memory that is both loved and cursed?
Only those you give you heart to can make you feel like this.... how does a mind reconcile both the happiness and sadness of such emotions? The lies still hurt.
Tony Tweedy Dec 2020
I remember how it felt and every dark and angry pain,
the feeling of tender soreness from every ache and throbbing sprain.

I remember ruptured internals and the fire of an appendix burst,
and the excruciating agony at every touch that was loudly cursed.

I remember the touch of many physical pains that left me feeling sore,
But nothing hurts so much as that last time you left my door.
Some wounds just refuse to heal and some pain never abates.
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