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Alaia 2d
Creep up with the creek up, stones screaming smooth
Storm letting loose with switch flipping moods
A couple dudes smoking roaches, domino porches
Pour this, in your cup, double up and drop down
Eyesight brown sepia, let me up, ****** lip bite
Skin stretched tight across glaring grins
Last cycle spins out the pins and needles
Devoured by this lonely evil, search turned into retrieval
Alaia Jan 5
I keep chipping off pieces of myself
I wonder how long until it's all gone
Lies drawn across our foreheads
Black sharpie marker stink
Spray paint symphonies reformed in a blink
New colors, new ink, mind on the brink
A drink in the morning, cool water
Sun presides over the daily slaughter
Alaia Dec 2020
In spite of it all, we stand here smoking
The dark is speaking a common tongue
The rain is beating a common drum
In spite of it all, the fire churns
Young heart yearns for age
Brainwashed rage taught page by page
Enslaved by minimum wage
Final stage predetermined
Doesn't matter how much you're earning
Look at that cigarette you're burning -
Bring that Camel through a needles eye
Same chance as seeing pigs fly
Alaia Nov 2020
Your eyes are on backwards, you're speaking in tongues
Expelling rancid breath from corrupted, rotting lungs
Breaking all the rungs on your plummet down the mineshaft
Rehearse, react, try to quote fact to the faceless
Spaceless outside brain, watching rain stain window
Bend low and embrace me, or mace me, debase me
Give it time and time will erase me, and thee
Alaia Nov 2020
Up in those dry hills
Eating oranges, squeezing lemons
Fog like fingers in the morning,
billowing up the rattling crevasses
On the cusp of the cornice
Cutting cables in our recklessness,
our burning plastic dreams
Broken glass seams sewed together
with a blowtorch
Become one with the roach, the rat,
prepare to live and die like that
Alaia Nov 2020
What you want is not always what you need
You get off your pills and forget how to see
Cower and plea, trenches and artillery
We live at home peacefully while we bomb children overseas
Graveyards among trees, flies landing as they please
What types of days are these, falling away it seems
Trying to achieve my dreams, self sabotage by any means
Holding four queens and a two, stinky bag in my shoe
Walking just to get through, get somewhere just to leave again
Spit and spin, coffee and gin, misunderstood original sin
Bent like cheap tin, kicked in, Tsavo lions den dark
Stark remarks, bearing your cleft heart beating red
Alaia Nov 2020
A mood where you want tea.
A white dove ascends,
solitary and unafraid.
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