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Exhale magic potion, put in motion
by frail bones and different tones
of grey
The world swirls gutter-wise and streets stink of ozone,
Time spent in the desert like
moonscape, powder like
sugar on your boots
Deep in my roots I can
feel a thirst, growing and
How easily it
could all go
Spitting lemon seeds on cold tile,
unwind slowly
Spitting into breeze blowing hot,
beams beseeching me
Blowing down my innocence,
what's left
Blue button good luck charm,
skinny nylon
Scraping by, learning to fly for the
first time
Water, add lime, concentrate, charge
a dime
Another way, another time,
sucker punch silence
Ice for lunch, leaves for dinner,
recenter self
Pouring from top shelf kills just as
quick as bottom
I sought them, out in the night,
light from green or thermal sight
High moon bright and screaming,
insects singing, sweetly
The constant wrongs we do, means nothing to who?
Disregard and destroy your dialect of self worth
What really hurts is not loving yourself first
Gravel sound under ragged black Vans,  no sole
Dug out the snow packed around your perfect pink heart
Another dart blowing out a spark, triggers pulled
We try to take hold of our lives, but forget so many angles
Life dangles by a thread but all we see is red,

Sorting through the mandarin peels you left in my bed
Taking another smoke right to the head
Outlines of your hands on gentle notebooks
One look and you'd know I'm not stable
A happy life seems like a fable, unreachable Odyssey
It's odd to feel this self conscious
Not on **** but green chronic
Do a spawn trick and rush in
Strategic attrition and nightly news spin
At war all over the world and it'll probably never end
Our children we send, into the big organic meatgrinder
Surprised when they come back and their soul is on fire
Severed high wire sending shockwaves into cerebellum
A welcome sign at the assisted suicide center
Thank you for your business
Back to the wall breath, coffee cigarette plaque stink
Memories of the skate rink, connecting the crossword
Yelled but not heard, trying to cut a word in edgewise
Your chest falls, only to rise, rise again, loving you like a friend
Foolish fantasies of my own something, anything
Concrete corners turned soilward in a soft snow
Where did the time go, how did spirits get so low?
Brain lost in Indo, miss the windblown feeling in my hair
Carrying a rifle but not a care of the consequence
My two cents is to be happy and serve others
Our sisters and brothers deserve us loving eachother
When we die we return to mother, Earth, soil is what we're worth
Tilled since your birth, the furrows of your self run deep
Just took me to long to see it
Put all your ideas in a trash bag
burn it
Discern the meaning by the
plastic smoke
Broke, fundamentally broken
somewhere inside
Only garbage floats up to the surface
of my soul
I don't feel whole anymore, cookie cutter flesh wound
Trapped in the monsoons of psychoactive hysteria
Scary fun, the type where you wipe out brain cells
Your goodness rebels against the current you
Chopped and ******* feel bulletproof in cotton teeshirts
Ketchup squirts out on some fries
The current world relies on machines of loving grace
Finding my place, tattooed lost space case singing sad songs
My heart longs to simply be touched
it sends shockwaves
In the place of no water, birds falling, eyes streaming sand
Dead camel horizons define arid land
The span of one half heart length
The fan blowing half melted ice cubes
The things you can lose, losing your mind
Watch it all unwind, like loose cloth slipping sideways
Heat rays on your back on the blacktop hunting AC
get it up to speed let's live fast
Watch the whole world pass by
They were running, you just woke up, late to the race, already stumbling
First morning cigarette
Button on your wrist in navy blue
Finding ways to manage life
without you
We flew together a long way
Now I dont know what to say
where to land
Maybe kamikaze into the giving earth
Some things don't hurt the same anymore
Face down on the floor picked up more times than you can count
Real good at getting lucky
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