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Cassia Lione Sep 20
What if my fingers weaved a trail
Somewhere lost within your hair
The fear, the anger in your heart
My love, we'll turn it into art...

What if I draped my arms around
Your heavy laden shoulders
The burden there, would it remain?
One kiss, and I'd steal it away...

What if I trailed my fingernails
Like roadmaps down your back
Scars from those who hurt you, love
I would heal them with but a touch...

What if I kissed your neck like mist
Which breathes and twists and coils
The pain of anguished, desperate nights
To flee from flames I would ignite...

What if I ran my lips, my hands
From your collar to your waist
Healing wounds like arrows pierced
With a passion searing and fierce...?
du du du...?
Dead Monika Jul 29
It always hits like a tidal wave, doesn't it?
The anxiety, the panic, the  t e r r o r.

I haven't met anyone that suffers from social anxiety as I do. My actions are always interpreted as they are on the surface. I think my friends have concluded that I'm naturally a *****.

Yes, I snapped at you because I'm nasty and have an awful temper. (I feel like you are trying to hurt me, you are trying to hurt me, please leave me alone)

Yes, I rolled my eyes because I'm inconsiderate. (Is this working? Do I look strong? Do I look like I'm relaxed and unbothered even though my heart might jump out of my chest?)

Yes, I just have a resting ***** face. (If I smile I'll look weird, and if I look weird people might do things to me, the might hurt me, they might hurt me like... like... he did)

If we tried to better understand our reasoning behind peoples actions, it helps us better understand ourself. It's why I'm so patient with my friends when they are breaking down, when they snap at me, ***** about me, trigger me. Because I know they are hurting too.

Or perhaps this is just naivety. That too.
I don't understand how the victim is the one to be blamed, as the predator goes off easily. The sensitive ones blamed for how they feel as their reaction are blown out of proportion while the predator gaslights and walk off with no responsibility or consequence for their action. Why is that salt is added to wound, trigger pulled on a trigger while the perpetuators, manipulators walk off free. I don't understand why the victims suffer, while the predators are glorified. I don't understand, and maybe by breathing naivety never will.

- To the many things, I fail to understand about this world
Amanda May 5
I have always thought if two people were in love
Together could take any obstacle
If they tried their hardest to work it out
No problem could remain unsolvable

I was the paradigm of hopeless romantic
Knowing your heart my greatest wish
A privilege to be chosen as your queen
Knees wobbling like jellyfish

I was sure our friendship would not fail
You were the only thing I ever wanted
Foolish belief
We could survive on love
What had my head undaunted

To those who are disillusioned
(Like me)
I beg you to stop
Need to open your eyes
Before you fall from clouds
A far drop

I found my theories to be wrong
All along living a dream
Two hearts in love did try
Both burned as a team

Our bond destroyed by negligence
We will rebuild our lives apart
Misfortune cares not for romance
Time removed softness from each heart

In my mind delusions are shattered
Of you
What love is
Will I find strength to fall once more?
Or be alone as long as I live?
Love is two imperfect people refusing to give up on eachother
When you persist in delving despite their refusal,
And they say..."F**k it, here's what's wrong",

I wish I hadn't done that!
Sometimes we think we can help every situation,..... Wrong!! Sometimes, just leave it the he'll alone!
(c) [email protected] 3/4/2019
Adam Hever Jan 14
Joy is nothing but a fleeting moment.
Alike solar flares, it bursts with power,
then burns with the blinding blaze of hope.
It’s a light which diverts our attention
but then ceases after we’ve been misled.
It gives us a deceiving veil for reality,
a version full of languidly rotting bliss.
And just when we’re about to get used to
this fake, transient “truth” we cling to,
that’s when the torch in our fragile hands
suddenly decides to take its last breath.

We find ourselves in the same void again,
feeling empty and lost, without an aim.
We then desperately start seeking fuel
so that our fire of hope would burn anew.
We grasp everything that comes along,
we just want a source of hope to go on.
We just need a sense of balance in life,
something to make us believe we are fine.
And when we’re in growing utter despair,
our obscuring naivety won’t lead us anywhere.
Chris Jan 4
Velvet river slowly flowing,
As the autumn wind is blowing,
Just a glimpse of life it's showing,
Is taking you away,

Tired trees who's solemn sleeping,
Reminds a human soul of weeping,
And a brave, brave paw of rabbit leaping,
will make you into prey.

The green lanes of sunshine winding,
Golden light of city blinding,
The feeling of so gently sliding,
Is marking your own grave.

The rush and rumor ever stirring,
In the cauldron, reassuring,
That flame under you is burning,
Wherever you choose to stray.
This one is about the **** side of being free.
Sara Marsh Nov 2018
And so I am here again
Starting over, remembering the difference between what was, what is, what should have been

And so I am defining love
Unselfish, steadfast and unwavering through all that may try to invade what has been build to last

And so I see it for what it was
A desperate wanting for untainted promises and pure devotion by one who said he would

And so I see what I missed
The two were not equal; one was not tested and true. For she was the only one that was prepared, that was...

I was naive at one point
Hurt so badly by a betrayal that
My comforting music sounded sinister
My food tasted rotten and bland
My acquaintances looked demonic
Blonde long hair reminded me of you
I felt disgusted looking at anyone like you
Any man like him brought me rage
Lucky for me time fixes all wounds
As painful as your betrayal was
The bitter loneliness reawakened me
Wisdom beyond my years
Visions of greater things
My unfettered true self
So I thank you for your betrayal
Because you were my enlightenment
Next, I see you shall be with a smile
For my great benefactor
I don't get personal often, but I thought to show my past for this
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