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Paras Bajaj Jul 17
around you I feel so different
like I am in another dimension,
but nowhere to look and go,
just lost and waiting to be loved.

around you I feel so high
like I am on several drugs,
but not hallucinating,
only dreaming of you.

around you I have tangled thoughts
like if I would speak and won’t stop,
but cannot say it to you cause’
nothing is going to change, you know?
Eloisa Jul 4
Fragments of mem’ries
trapped inside this worry loop
distance cutting me
Though my heart’s still stitched with love
please mend my chaotic mind
Tattered sentiments
ripped from my bewildered soul
knitted  into words
Scraps of me to you I send
please untie my tangled thoughts
Sometimes it doesn't feel like me
What I'm living in is foreign
What I want versus what I need
In a way it feels distorted

I was use to deprivation
In a way it was my pride
I didn't need or wanted as much
Even now I still don't mind

Overwhelmed with newfound freedom
I am free. Still, I am lost
I'm no longer trapped or controlled
But that was all I was ever taught

I was raised by maps and manuals
Now you give me a pen to write my own
Opening various paths around me
Paralyzed in anxiety to take even one alone

If recovery meant burning all of my maps
And rewriting all of my manuals
Letting go of strict rules and superior words
To be mortal than something mechanical
Stark Mar 1
i like it when my vision fills with color
kaleidoscoping into hybrid hues

or when skinny fine lines
grow into weathered wrinkles

i like it when borders border on nonexistent
and everything blends together

i like it when lines grow bold
the strokes of a paintbrush gaining confidence
with every motion

i like it when lines are crossed
over and over
into a tangle of yarn
everything connecting
a ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff

i like it when lines are blurred
and reality breaks down
letting my imagination roam wildly

i like it when things don't make sense
because i always know
that i can find that line
that leads me back home
just a poem about lines, guys.
your shoes.
the laces frayed and tangled.
just like me.
your shoes.
pure white fades to something *****.
just like me.
your shoes.
missing a forgotten sole.
just like me.
your shoes.
cheap leather peeling more and more every time it is used.
just like me.
your shoes.
are just like me.
you love those shoes.
you love me.
accept the idea of loving someone’s flaws
Lee Aaun Feb 13
I am tangled
in your
head to toe.
if you remember me
remember me curled up in your duvet watching you play guitar
remember my hair caught in your mouth and the way we'd laugh in between kisses
remember our firsts and how wonderful they were we couldn’t help but come back for seconds and thirds
remember how the parts of me and the parts of you kept getting tangled in each other
how when we walked away we were both left trying to separate the two
remember me and I hope it's easier to breathe knowing the kind of love this world has to offer

if this is what the wrong love feels like can you imagine us when we find the right
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