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A M Ryder Aug 2023
The mind, divine
Through the vine
Of time
Tangled, entwined
In some
Grand design
Of marvelous form
And numberless prime
A nothingness enshrined

All the light
We cannot see
Lovely, dark,
Soundless and deep
Figures shift, restless
In the mist
A maskless mayhem
Patiently waits
selina Dec 2021
in a single heartbeat
i lost sight of our surroundings
everything fell into focus

even now, i am tangled in your web
and the only words i had found always held you
on a pedestal, at the foot of which i bled
J Mar 2021
my hair will not spit sparks if you brush it
it will cling onto your hands
the brush
your shirt and shorts
the ones that ride up against your thigh
my hair will not curl lovingly around your fingers
it will grab onto anything put through it
it will keep you here
a part of me forever, the way it should be
my hair will not remind you of flames
but maybe of a lion
though easily tamed is it when
it's sprawled across your lap
your nails gingerly scratching my scalp
my hair will not cascade down my back
ever so gracefully masking the scars from my past
teasing you in its waves
it will claw against my spine, it will dare you to draw near
my hair will not remind you of an ocean
spread out so perfectly as I run,
molding against a perfect sunset
it will be a beast, sneering at you
luring you closer, begging to be chased
it will make you its prey
my hair will not be brushed out
my favorite knot will be entertainment,
lack of motivation in its calligraphy,
you see it as a cry for help,
it is my declaration of power.
my hair will not spit sparks when you brush it.
it will be the forest and flames all in one,
and when you're choking on the smoke,
you'll remember that hair is power.
to touch it is to drain it.
I empty all
into your talons
because my hair will remind you of a monster
and your breath will be its leash.
Payton Hayes Feb 2021
Stars always became tangled in her hair when she played in the sky.
They twinkled like glitter on her skin when she stood beneath the red, hot sun and glowed in the darkness of his shadow.
This isn't really a poem. It's more like a pretty thought. It was written in 2016.
Tylor Nov 2020
I never believed in happy endings
My life was insipid until I met you
I first slept by the ocean under the stars with you
Once tangled in blue, I am now tangled with you

You filled the cracks in my skin with vibrant colours
And healed all my bruises with a simple touch
With you, my life is full of surprises and wonders
I am so full of love now, there's no space for any hatred or grudge
Marri Jul 2020
In my darkest dreams,
You lie there.
Awaiting me in dark hues of purples transforming into mist.

You smile, half-lipped in such a devilish way.
It leaves me in thrill.

You growl,
A low animalistic cry that you’ve kept prisoner for so long.

You howl.
As if I am your lunar eclipse,
And you have to have me before dawn.

In my deepest dreams,
You wait there.
Lying in dark hues of reds transforming into mist.

You reach for me;
Arms outstretched in a silent desperate plea.
I always comply.

We push and pull,
We Grapple into a tangled mess of filth and shame.

The air hangs heavy in a dark dream like this.

I awake,
Sweat on my brow,
And my mouth in a shape that can only say your name.
Angelina Feb 2020
I’m lucky
only I cross
the borders
of tangled
my mind, it’s -
messy, so messy, it will take eternity
cleaning it, carefully
but I’m scared
not to live my sacred fantasy

I’m happy
only I enter
the banter
of silent
my mind, it’s -
crazy, so crazy, it will take ages
treating it, slowly
but I’m scared
not to read my unique pages
Marri Jan 2020
I lay there happy and content,
In between the two,
Arms wrapped around me.
Smothered with love.

I sigh in warmth,
In between the others,
Limbs tangled,
Skin touches skin.
Filled with love.

He loves me, I love him.
She loves me, and I love she.

We tighten the bond,
Me being the knot,
It seems unbreakable.

The world outside wouldn’t understand.
That hearts can beat synchronized.

After all,
A couple is three.
Grey Dec 2019
W3n uu sae y0u're goiingg iNsAN3
My 3y3s wiDeN in SuRPrrisee
how h@veE u hE1D 0ff fr0M b33!Ng C@Ughtt
1n th3 syCle of 1!nS@n1tee fOr s0 l0nGg
when the R3st of us
r alr3@tee s0o t@Ngl33d uP !N 1t?!
We're All Mad Here:
When you say you're going insane
My eyes widen in surprise
How have you held off from being caught
in the cycle of insanity for so long
when the rest of us
are already so tangled up in it?!

The title is a reference to Alice in Wonderland.
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