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james nordlund Mar 2021
Would ne'er play in a patriarchal,
'men only', anything, except for it's
theme's the 24 th International
Women's Day, on 3-8-21, sadly,
it may be my last one, here, in
your poetry contest, thanx kindly.

This year's main theme's women's
leadership, especially during this
covided year, only the latest, at
least, purposely not prevented
unnatural disaster, not counting
climate crisis' natural ones,

hoisted on humanity by the fossil
fuel headed global oligarchy,
through it's spearhead, the united
**** of assassin's republican
organized crime conspiracy, as it's
latest tool exterminating humanity

to it's extinction.  Like the yoke,
that's no joke, almost defacto-slavery,
put on all newborn neck by the corp.  
structure, it's convolution, and Man,
which can only end by abolishing
fossil fuel use, "there's a beacon

in the sky meant to catch your eye",
Happy Rhodes.  It's a hopeful sign
that Kamala Harris is the first Vice
President of US whose a woman,
and President Biden's doing a great
job.  Solemn lowering of # of, and

remembering the tens of millions of
premeditatedly exterminated, in their
global class war against the lower-
middle-class to poor, targeting men,
is our duty to those martyrs, and
women are at the forefront of this,

as they are in so many vital fields
of endeavor.  Whereas the % of
mass-murdered by pandemic who
are men is more, women are more
effected in totality, specifically they
make up the largest group of front-

line health + family caregivers, and
are at higher risk, suffering the horrid
death toll from that too.  If vlad-the-
impaler, the patriarchy's, la machine's
tres facile global conspiracy didn't
illegally install Utin's **** into The

BlackHouse, a President Hillary
would have stopped the death toll
here at ten thousand, instead of the
**** of Utin's million murdered.
Joe's righting of our Ship of State
the S.S. Tea Party tugged into rocks,

may not be enough to prevent Man's
extinction, it gives US a shot though.
Tragically, in the future kids, women
will be little more than a food source
if we don't mothball NASA, stop their
Mars Colony 'exit strategy', their

'final solution', extinction of humanity
on Earth, necessitates.  Trillions spent
on it come from destroying the Earth
through fossil fuel use, when if it were
left in the ground, instead, humanity
wouldn't be extinct on Earth, awaken.
International Women’s Day 2021 - UN & UN Women Present #IWD2021:   .  Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world", "abhaya, fearlessness, is most important for an individual and a nation", "the root of all oppression lies in (supposed) science".  You know why they put a female child in charge of the global climate crisis movement, so it will only fail; don't you let it- or her legitimize supposed science, the premeditated mass-****** of 8 billion humanes.  Write on.  Have a pleasant day   :)   reality
james nordlund Mar 2021
Humanity's, large mammal's extinction, racing towards us
from our future, seen on the horizon, dictated by the corp.
structure and it's devolutionary direction, must be stopped.
First, now, you ask how?  If you don't build it, they won't
come, on and off, from a decade before the World Trade Center
was undone, by planes that "they didn't know could fly into
buildings", according to C. Rice, as if they never saw a boy
play, I warned of their doom, in twigs of poetree, etc..  Also,
I told of the terrible two's, bi-polar axi of supposed power,
the republican and totalitarian global conspiracies, dividing
and conquering the world betwixt them, like two sides of the
same materialist coin (un)becoming into one another, racing
towards each other, humanity, life, the Earth, the coin between
them, disappearing as they go, decades before other twigs told
of the bi-headed false-god, mammon, of avarice and molloch,
of war, extreme violence, grinding up the seeds, kids, the
future cannibalized to replicate 'la machine' and it's past
profits, the actual religion behind all masks, fronts, studies,
religions, worldviews, including supposed sciences, atheism,
neither head able to realize their exigent potential without
the other, and how each of the Twin Towers was a temple to a
head, the West, hiding, blindly worshipping, sacrificing all in.

Yet, instead of replacing those twins, temples of doom for
future's broom, "...we(e),..." re-imagined our future, built
the Freedom's Tower, though, we didn't realize that "more
perfect" expression of our nation, where freedom would truly
ring, for it rang true.  Confronting the 'use' of duality and
dichotomy across the multi-media conspiracy to brainwash
people into self-subjugation to the convolution's rule n'er
took place, and with haste the 23 flavors, in this Baskin
'n robbins of supremacy, merx for more through to mercs for
unending unnecessary worldwide war divided, conquered
and cannibalized the country, everyone increasing their piece
of the American tax dollars pie from the purposeful non-
prevention of anything, everything, in perfect harmony.
Thus, when the alt-right-universe invasion successfully
couped, "...we(e),...", weren't de-programmed, awakened
enough to dispel and defeat it outright, so we devolved
into haggling for more, better place in the empire instead.
But, our king-kong sized terrible-two's, Utin's ****'s
apolitical criminal insanity forced us to grow in evolution's
direction, towards unity.  We turned back their invasion, will
we build freedom's re-assertion by "...separating" that false
"god from the State" as our Constitution dictates, will you?
'Two Sides Of The Same Coin'.  Thanx for all you All do.  Have a good day   :)   reality
james nordlund Mar 2021
if they don't show it

the door, it will show them

the door in '22-'4.
Senryu.  Thanx for all you do; have a blessed 'noon   :)   reality
james nordlund Jan 2021
Remember how **** of Utin did the 'Faux Pandemic'
political theater, saying and doing the opposite of what
he knew to be true, in order to **** as many handicapped,
elderly, autistic, developmentally disabled, long-term
hospital and nursing home attendees, diffabled, etc.,
as he could, a eugenics pogrom to steal their SS, 'cause
the repubs couldn't get that done politically for decades?;
oh yeah, it's still going on. 'Oh well, here we go again',
now he's heading up this lame conspiracy, they're all
terrorists, and should be prosecuted as such, will you?
Diffabled, means differently abled; as opposed to disabled.  Every minute another one of our fellow citizens dies of corona virus; 4000 died today from it.  Thanx for all you All do.  "To walk in seasons Is to question, A flower is opening.", Basho.  Have a fine day   :)   reality
james nordlund Jan 2021
Ground betwixt the bi-polar global
axi of supposed power, not-see,
totalitarian, in our Baskin 'n Robbins
of 23 flavors of supremacy,
the united **** of assassins,
divided and conquered in perfect
harmony by Ebony and ivory,
the Black and white supremacies,
"...we(e),...", knowing they do it
for more than just more, resolve
to teach why, the intellect can't
lead, for life doesn't follow,
if you're not taking bullets
you're making them, if it's
not fixed don't break it,
your potential's illimitable,
as life, you're indivisible.

May all walk in Gaia's balance,
giving back to her abundance,
then one's New Year will be good
and new all the way through.
Thanx for all you All do.  Have a great day   :)   reality
james nordlund Jan 2021
Sadly, as a sufferer of academia, a blood disease,
Einstein fails to know what's not in his experiential
knowledge base, pointedly, intellect can't lead for
life doesn't follow, yet, without a proof for my words
they'd ring hollow, also.  Growing in the evolution
teaches that while importance is peachy keen
it's also a projection of a subjective mind, ergo,
it could be just something one's pulled from hind.  

So, according to Al, "imagination is more important
than knowledge", because imagination is infinite
and knowledge is limited, to paraphrase.  Yet,
unfathomably, he didn't discern some truisms to

truths that were glaring, even in his times.  Man's
experiential knowledge is infinite, study Buddha, who
was capable of discerning all his life's acts in all detail,
only blossoming, Jesus, etc..  The use of imagination's
usually by those who don't experience "discipline's the art
of feeling awe", etc., studying to vast degrees, so their
imaginations are more limited to their ability to perceive, etc.,
knowledge outflanks imagination in depth, breadth, paradigm.
All, here's hoping you and yours are well and will continue to be, everyday of this New Year, which will find you being anew all the way through.  Thanx for all you All do.  Intuitive knowledge only grows greater than exponentially, with experiential knowledge's growth; experiential knowledge is basis of all knowledge.  Have an excellent eve'   :)   reality
james nordlund Dec 2020
Starshine, I delight in, even if you're all
that's left of brilliant one, traveling
100,000's of years to this eye,
your shine will e'er be, for all eternity,
for I see you, now, you're being me too.

Ne'er a false-flag upon this brow, e'er bowed,
never cowered, humility's task at hand,
basking in the grind, as darkness must abound
light, just another body on la machine's
gears, blood may be no more than grease,

a tease, possibly, as I'm love, always will be,
to their delight, as they only strike
while the iron's hot, every moment,
as I must be not.  While their might
might make right, it e'er makes wrong, so

fraternity's song, shadows mimic whilst
speaking of light, rules, to the wee's
delight, as their dance of dark/light,
like agua uncontainably articulating,
sprouts wings, alights, takes flight.
Happy HanKwanMas.  Inspired by line, " tilted brain found a home in your lapis skies...", by JCA.  Thanx for the great contest and all you All do.  Have a good day   :)   reality
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