Gaby Comprés Oct 2014
bravery does not
scream, it does not shout, yet
it's louder than all
Ayda Zaire Apr 2015
It is  a rave,
That to expose is brave.
They are those who know not the pain
Of the courage it takes to contain.
A friend once told me it was the bravest thing to release one's heart, to blurt out and live in the moment.
My silence begged to differ.
Suzana P Joel Aug 2014
The secret, I guess, was to always be brave;
No matter what you see, think or hear.
There are landmines carefully fitted along the road,
Rattling to its joints and ready to explode.
And before the truth of the situation blows you away,
Before you get knocked off your feet and get thrown in the air,
Before searing pain engulfs your numbness,
Just before you cut the trip wire;
You shout it out, no louder than the softest whisper, “Be Brave.”
You're never as brave
As you think you are.
Not until you wear your
Courage like a permanent scar.
Don't forget the impossible
Is never really that far
And dreams can be reached
By wishing on a shooting star.
You can only be as brave
As you
 believe *you are.
For a friend dealing with some stress, I'm here for you. Always. ❤
Audrey Maday Jan 2015
They tell me I'm such a brave girl,
For walking where I've walked.
They tell me I'm a brave girl,
For still breathing.
They tell me how proud of me they are,
For standing tall in front of him
And acting as if I'm okay.
They tell me I'm a brave girl,
But truthfully, I'm afraid.
I'm not your brave girl.
Amanda May 2014
I cannot wait for that someone,
those little sprinkles of moments where I can tell him about the scar on the bottom of my left foot.
The crinkled and creased edges of my heart gently tugged out,
finally he can see the dinky mark on my right knee.
Slowly, the blemish on my lower back can meet his eyes.
Sure, my cheeks will be crimson,
hey, I found Brave hiding,
it is peek-a-booing at me,
now to

Hey you, you and you! Don’t your eyes look sparkly today?
AHAHHA, how cheesy can I get?
(No, don’t answer that.)
Gaby Comprés Jan 2015
bravery doesn't
happen overnight
has been living in your
bones, dormant,
but alive,
waiting for you
to see that it has
always been yours
waiting for you
to marvel when you
see that you can do
what you've always
wanted to do
and be who
you've wanted to be
I want to see you

more courageous than
marching and waiting
in a line of ants

a daring enigma
a carnivorous plant

a pain raging against
baited seduction
and wage-slaver's plans

courageous as
a swarm of locusts
dashed by angry rakes,

audacious as
farmers eating
dead locusts
in harvest's place
Akaash Patel May 2015
Be brave enough
to catch
your dreams.
Even when everybody is
Bringing you down.
Giving up is the easy way out.
But you are tougher.
Jealously is
powerful, it's wrong.
But some people
just want to
see you suffer.
Just keep on smiling and carry on :)

w r e c k a g e Jul 2015
do something brave
like cross an ocean
or climb a mountain
or *tell the truth
Sadie Kim Mar 2015
I am astonished as to how at ease you are
with the great unknown
how unfazed you are
with being lost in uncertainty
It scares me how I am willing
to toss the compass overboard
and join you
how willing I am to destroy myself
only to reform again to be
brave like you
You make me feel safe
In myself
You’ve freed me to be
kj Nov 2014
We breathe that we are brave
Force forks in the road for a good name
As the patterns on the weather tick away
We are left with a dreary rain

The world spins just as fast
As a man running to catch his hat
That flies and flutters in an inside train
Past the lovely girl who has no say

The hero takes a chance at fate
But the villain makes his own good day
And that is all he will ever take
Brave is not a name
J Aug 2016
Pagmulat palang ng iyong mga mata,
Pangalan niya agad ang iyong nakikita,
May mensahe sayo'y nagpapakilig,
Napapangiti na parang iyo na ang buong daigdig,

Ngunit alam kong napawi ang iyong mga ngiti,
Nawala ang kilig na kanina lang abot hanggang langit,
Dahil naalala mong hindi pwede, bawal, at delikado,
Kahit sinasabi ng puso mo siya'y mahal mo at ito'y sigurado.

Natatakot kang masaktan, umiyak, at higit sa lahat maging masaya,
Bakit mas nakakatakot ang huli? Dahil pag nawala siya hindi mo alam kung iyo pang makakakaya.
Alam mo sa sarili mo na siya ang iyong mahal,
Kaso natatakot ka lang ulit sumugal.

Pero ipinapangako ko sa buong mundo at sayo,
Gagawin ko ang lahat mawala lang ang takot mo,

**Handa akong sumugal sa pag-ibig para iyong malaman,
Na ang pag-ibig kong ito ay pang matagalan.
Ikaw at ikaw lang pipiliin,
Gagawin ang lahat huwag ka lang mawala sakin.
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