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Brendan Roher Oct 2020
bob and weave
i blow off
existential steam
piloting thoughts straight down
into earth's core
where they sit and lie
lonely, deprived, boiling
yet being i, leo rising:
it hurts me in noting
the obvious answers
meandering between
unjust truths and hidden lies;
the phoenix, again birthed from its own being
nature, we have not yet figured
how, then, do we few proceed
inevitably through
footprints set ahead
like trails to follow
doe-eyed and confused when
the fork trail pierces our noses
and we decide, in the heat of the moment
when future flashes across our minds,
to play it safe; decide on
precedents already
many times met;
luxury seems self-fulfilling
granted obscurely or innately  
passing along family to family
behind the closed gold doors lies
trust-fund babies;
like wealth and prosperity
knowledge is somehow privileged
and paved before us all is something;
even i admit having
not formed these footprints
often hidden deep down
amongst some dirt or snow...
but then, inevitably,
we do know some paths we all must go...
Emm Aug 2019
wee bit of innocence,
left upon the rampant
running blindly with an open shield
to find self confidence
some shred of assurance of guidance
praying you'll prey in place of the prey
in this world, this world,
this cruel, cruel, wild, world...
MelaninInked Nov 2018
I want to eat junk and not grow fat
I want a loving boyfriend whose not an *******
I want to miss classes and still get a degree
I want to be a pro footballer without hurting my knee
I want flawless skin with an iced tea and milkshake diet
I want my voice to be heard and still be quiet
I want to have hot *** and keep my virginity
I want to party all night and day and keep my sanity
I want to smoke trees as still be religious
I want to not lift a finger and still be prestigious
I want the impossible
My life is a combination of paradoxical situations and states. ha. ha. ha. Not even funny
rosy conquers Oct 2018
Small talks,
Oh this is how we start
Right there when you asked,
"How are you?"

Small steps,
Oh that's how we grew
Right there when you said,
"Come on, let's go!"

Small smiles,
Oh that's how we fell
Right there when you stared
As if I'm the light of your world

Small beats,
Oh that's how we knew what this is
Right there when you asked,
"Will you be mine?"

Small dates,
Oh that's how we felt
That this is pure and true
And one day, we'll say "I do."
rosy conquers Oct 2018
she cried on the third
in the middle of the night
cradling her sorrows
which resurfaced from the burrow

the hurt was sparkling greatly
holding an immense armor of maybe
maybe she's still the girl from the past
maybe she can never be steadfast

she let it drown her
until the tears were over
then she closed her eyes, took a flight
this is good night

it took sixteen days
before another night turned to a haze
tomorrow is a new labyrinth to walk through
inhale, exhale; she's more than her blues
rosy conquers Oct 2018
Is this a joke
Probably a dare
Is this flirting
A push and pull, a tease
Is this a sick drunk call
Wanting comfort from anyone
Is this seeking a new person
One you can’t get from your friends
Is this wanting to know me
Curious to uncover the depths of my core
Is this a cry of help
Wanting to be heard, to be comforted
Is this you
Just baring yourself to another human

I need to know what this is
Will you please tell me?
Zoe Walsh Sep 2018
nothing is wrong
but something doesn’t feel right
i am an actress in a play who has tears in her eyes
because the script changed and
now she doesn’t know her lines.
the spotlight burns on my skin
i know this is a defining moment
the universe has its eyes on me
but all I can do is speak echoes of what I rehearsed
Uncertainty and Anxiety press against my chest
as if trying to break through my ribcage
and crush my heart
i want to leave the stage
quit the play
burn the script
but I love my role too much
and I want those flowers when the curtain falls
Misha Kroon Apr 2018
There is still a part of me that will always be a child.
I do not think there will be a time where I will lose her,
That part of me who needs to be looked after.

I have spent so long now trying so hard to independent.
The days I go hungry because it is only me who will cook,
They will always be a part of me.

I take solace in the knowledge I can always go home,
But the day will come when home is what I have built for myself,
And the only person who will cook for me is me.
I moved out of my family home a year ago, and I guess I'm still working out how to live without my mother.
Chloe Mar 2018
songs for the plastic,
not so fantastic.

kardashian culture,
girl is like a vulture.

that beige colour food,
difficult to swallow and chew.

songs for the blind,
men obsessed with a woman's behind.

immune to love songs like an antibitoic,
can someone please change the topic.
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