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Diksha Dhiman Mar 2021
You tried.....that is what counts.
andTilly Oct 2020
so here I am, here I go.
here I put my bottom, base
on this shiny, gleamy surface.
my face gleaming with joy.
sitting, I can’t help but babble
about how every movement moves a bubble,
and how my wetness combines with
the wet and cold from underneath.
how about a nap, I ask?
how about some deserved rest?
it seems like an easy task,
I don’t mind a random pest.
laying down I feel the caress
of the cold and liquid hand.
hugging me down, I am flawless
in my sparkly pose to mend
my sleeping missed. all went
good so far, I’m thinking.
I’ll close my eyes for a wee bit.
after sundown I get up.
to sit some more, wet in my lap
enjoying my portion of sunshine knit
by those warm golden hands of her -
the almost-sleeping beauty curved.
caress me more while you can,
in the night I’ll entertain my man
the colder, bolder, plumpy gent
who’ll make wet more cold. I can
get ready to meet him, instead
more sitting there, rather than
unnecessary lifting the good-for-nothing clothes.
already having gone through these roads
I’ll lose my covers anyhow.
now ******* to wow
the silver moonlight. after all will be over
he hands me down a four-leafed clover,
laughing how good a joke that always is -
knowing where my ***** sat and sits.
I’ll smile politely and nod
understanding time to cover myself, not
anymore waiting to be in the spotlight.
reaching a new low in such height,
indecisive about what to do, I’ll choose
not to choose. sitting in wet, red,
I don’t lose.
written on a Vienna->Stockholm flight
feeling lost and sold and cold
Ijaazat Sep 2020
I saw a brave bird today,
Unapologetic about her barred face.
She sat,  perched on the mossy branch of my favorite tree,
Mysteriously familiar with her piercing gaze.

People found her unfortunate looking,
She didn't care about what people thought,
She had come to live and live she would,
This amazing outlook,  by others uncaught,
Maybe it comes from within,  it is self-taught,
I ponder on this,  an afterthought.

In came a savage, ill-bred,
Willfully ignorant of the lesson she exhibited,
Shooing her away,  now content,
The savage doesn't know his wisdom remains limited.

The bird was elegant and unafraid,
She made a graceful ascent,
The brute cursed and cursed and cursed,
For she had left him a parting present.

I giggled to myself,
Secure even after the separation,
For I know I'd see her again tomorrow,
For on the tree,  and now in my heart,  lays her foundation and accommodation..

I saw a brave bird today,  
Unapologetic about her barred profile,
I learnt alot by just looking at her,
Like how to accept yourself with grace and a smile,
And make your life worthwhile..

I saw a brave bird today and
I'd see her tomorrow too,
I wish to be her and learn more,
If she can do it, so can you.

I saw my brave bird today and
I'm going to be someone's brave bird tomorrow...
Hey there, love!  Yeah you! You look breath-taking today..  Love yourselves a little more for me..  Smile a lot more for me. I hope you see your brave birds soon.

This is a small token to N to express my gratitude for their kind messages and patience for my inspiration to kick in..  Hope you like it..  

Love and warmth
M ona Jul 2019
Thousands and thousands were there,
arranged one after another.
All went well with their positions,
but one felt clumsy what made it try to come out from there.
It hanged,
but feared,
if it breaks apart?
With its dream ,it too will demise
like one dreamer whose dream unfortunately perish.
It wanted to fly hither and tither
like a free bird who leaps at the yonder.
#bebrave #dream
beenseen May 2019
Believe me, we've been here before
We skated the fringe
And now it's sure that there's no way back

But back is for *******
The unknown is the ultimate game

We're not pretty
You've been mutilated by what they all think
for far too long

Its time to be free, be brave - it'll never be so
Until we make it so.
stand up, be you, be brave, **** the rest
Tita Oct 2018
There was a time telling my truth was hard,
Stuck between sinking or swimming looking for a lifeguard.
It was weighted, and heavy slowly pulling me down,
But I thought if I open my mouth, for sure I’ll drown.
That you wouldn’t hear me but find holes in my story,
Throwing Daggered questions at me as punishment in this reformatory.
I have the Vivid memories, I’ve tried to make blurry,
Then there’s backlash from the self appointed jury.
But You DO know hurt people, hurt people that’s a fact,
I’ve done my share of hurting, but no never that.
See I’m not on trial just telling my truth,
Trying to create a better future, One that protects our youth!
My hope is that by sharing “This happened to me”,
Helps you realize it was never your fault so stop feeling guilty.
Because I won’t let them discredit you, it doesn’t matter when it occurred,
We’re not speaking because we’re spoken too, we’re dying to be heard.
I’ve extended my heart to you with words cleverly placed,
With each line hope you feel my love in a tight embrace.
At first it’s hard not knowing how to push through,
But YOU ARE A SURVIVOR , I know because I’m a survivor too.
As a survivor of ****** abuse my heart is with anyone who is, or has gone through it. You are not alone, and you are loved. I don’t know you but I love you. There is a way out speak up and be heard. It’s hard but we can do it.
Àŧùl Mar 2015
Young heart mechanized to toil hard,
Dig deeper and deeper, and deeper,
Into the books her eyes are settled,
Climbs unto her brain what she reads,
Perhaps to her nerves is getting the creeper,
Her young fickle heart finds it harder,
Not concentrating on random distractions,
Yes she keeps herself on her studies,
And I trust she'll make board exams look easy,
Because her name is Life.
My HP Poem #799
©Atul Kaushal
Akhil Bhadwal Jul 2016
Binds you away
Shivering, you just can't sway
These my friend are
The Chains of Misery

Can't get hold of you
Are you free? Hell nou
Feel for yourself
The Chains of Misery

Reshuffle the pieces inside
Time to showoff the might
Now you break away from
The Chains of Misery

No matter what the's always you against you \v/ Get yourself together, and move on \m/. Follows a a b a rhyme scheme.
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