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Keiji Mar 2017
They're talking
about god
the conversation
I like the blonde
Keiji Apr 2014
Foggy, lighting and bellowing screams

my fist shoot through glass shoving through flesh scraping against tendon tainting the walls a new ruby coating, when it drys like granet
red on white statin
precious porcelain on ebony asphalt
the sound
crystal symbols being slapped together
or maybe cherubs screaming
the air coats my tongue my mouth my lo=unngs like cooper, perturbation and rapture
this storm

I get lost in it , until the rain comes and
washes the blood and dirt from my face it stings

There is fear and helplessness
something old I wrote
Keiji Mar 2014
do you know flowers
you know the ones you press
the ones you try to keep forever
by binding them in the folds of a book
so they retain their sweet perfume
she smelt nothing like that
she was wild and vicious
her smell was savagery
raw and unkempt and full of power
and lust but also sweet and pale
an anemic honey like wilting wyseteria
her taste sugary, grassy, bitter like a tonic
Keiji Mar 2014
A cult of madness pushes through my heart
tearing through this chest
through bone sinew tendon and muscle as I long to fill this void
with every strained pulse and shallow gasp of breathe blood spurts from his chest
Like *** escaping from a lovers slit
Something belongs in this divided but Ive forgotten what
and no amount of love could fill this indefinable gape
Could you swallow my heart
Could you  swallow it
could you push through my sternum
embrace with it your hands rip it away from my flesh
And as you bring it to your lips cupping it like water from a spring
gaze into my eyes as you swallow it  muscle
sinew and all
Keiji Apr 2013
When love breaks apart; you pull it back together again
You fill the air with fiery wind with sparks that dance like the summer fire flies
They land on my self and melt into my mind
Light and fast are thoughts time to pick myself apart
Slow and heavy, can you move through this hazy sky
Like a mermaid she replied
No lie
Keiji Apr 2013
If you have the time to dream could you build a world
Stitch together hope and reality weld it with your will and ambitions
Take what is held back create a foundation of your own remissions
Live a lifetime of love in the span of hour
Travel through Andromeda as the hippest of flowers
Thrive in the only reality you know let go of this world let go of mans sorrow
Is it your love that has burst apart,  have your aspirations been devoured by wyrms and spewed over the ground?
Then take heed to your dreams take part in something greater live a life without awakening
Be the god the king worships spend that last five minutes with the "one you miss the most"
The dream is real and life isn't a constant state
So now is the the time to take to this mental
Keiji Mar 2013
Hope thrown on the still steaming ashes of the old empire fusing with the hearts of freethinkers and go getters burning beneath the chest of women and man turning young people into dragons with amber colored eyes and wings that stretch a mile high

Reaching above the blinding smoke of broken industry grabbing at the setting sun with still ****** claws

Will they burn out never to know why the heavens glow, or maybe this is just the beginning the match that lights the torch

The wild fire that consumes cleansing and purifying to bring on a new life maybe not for me or you, more likely for the ones long after

Leaving only remnants of the ones who dared to become dragons to be remembered as a roaring flame whose dreams where embers with veins like gasoline filled rivers running just beneath the skin ready to be pierced ready to burst and ignite.
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