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Raindrop Dec 2019
i knew we were doomed from the start
but we love trouble, don't we?
it gives us thrill knowing that
we can always get away with it
and come out clean in the eyes of many
but we're no saints, honey.
Raindrop Sep 2019
maybe you're not ready to fall this autumn but you still like me enough to keep me warm. dare i say, it wasn't enough. i tried to reignite the fire from summer '19 but you can't keep up with the same intensity like you used to and i only burned you from getting too close. now i'm left with the cold shoulder—just in time for winter.

maybe we're better off for the summer. when the heat was high but you'd rather play with fire and keep me close than spend it alone. you didn't get burned and even asked for more. we were too caught up in the heat of the moment for sure.

and maybe it felt so good that we jumped too soon and skipped chapters we were supposed to slowly unfold together. now we're not on the same page anymore that only left us clueless and confused. we're in spring but what page are you on?

in the end, i'm the only one taking risks. and before you could, i already gave my final blow on the fire nearing its end. i can't give you warmth when you keep being cold. and i can't be your summer when you keep being my winter.
my own version of cruel summer haha. summer flings are indeed cruel.
  Oct 2018 Raindrop
Here’s to the feelings that flow
through my veins,

here’s to the love whose trip
was a lot of pain,

here’s to the days
where I am in vain,

and here’s to your heart
that I cant seem to obtain.
  Oct 2018 Raindrop
Willow SR
Despite it all
I'd never take the days back
I'd never wish away the pain
For even when she's faded
I'll know that at least there was a day
When she looked at me
With the utmost care
And I would laugh through the days
Thinking she would always be there
Raindrop Sep 2018
want to
keep you,

I chose
to remain
  Sep 2018 Raindrop
Alya Adzkia
I chose to be your friend
but you made a mistake
for staring at my eyes a little bit too long
soaked my soul into the ocean of yours

I chose to be your friend
but you made a mistake
for touching me without using your hands
pulled my soul into the embrace of yours

I chose to be your friend
but I made a mistake
for not being able to control falling into you.

— and I haven't done falling.
Raindrop Jun 2018
I realized I liked you when
our eyes met then I immediately
looked away as if it was the first time
I laid my eyes on you.

I realized I liked you when
I made a list of things we could
talk about but ended up blanking out
when I started talking to you.

I realized I’ve fallen for you when
we were in a concert and you
accompanied me throughout the night.
I knew my heart was pounding not from
the loud speakers but from you
being so close to me.

I realized I’ve fallen for you when
I got nervous and you held my hand,
comforting me with no words said;
contented with how our fingers
interlaced with one another.

I realized I loved you when
I started writing about you and
our happy moments that now have
turned into memories.

I realized I loved you when
I turned you into poetry.
I do have feelings for this person but because I'm being careful not to conclude that "it's love" easily, I kept denying to myself that I 'might' do... until I started writing for and about her and had turned her my muse.
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