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Arun Ajmera Sep 2017
People who are there
In moments least expected
With care and support
It has been a long time since I have written and posted. This is a haiku dedicated to a good friend.
Arun Ajmera Feb 2013
Timeless resilience
sculpted in opposition
defies submission.
Arun Ajmera Feb 2013
Senses willfully
accepting one's certitude
admits existence.
Arun Ajmera Jan 2013
Let it snow
Oh let it blow
the wind howling
with trees writhing in pain
and then STOP.
Chandelier tree lights up and stands
attracting people to dance with the bands
leaving a very merry land!
Snow lightly drifting,
the angels are a twirling.
It is snowing!!!
Arun Ajmera Jan 2013
Destiny! ... Destiny!
"It is a daunting melody."
What an interesting mystery,
Being a light shining on thee.

Destiny! ... Destiny!
"It is a daunting melody."
Said the reaper moaning pitifully.
****** my soul and took the essence from me.

Destiny! ... Destiny!
"It is a daunting melody."
Please be the one to set me free.
I'll be dying for you at the dogwood tree.

Destiny! ... Destiny!
"It is a daunting melody."
Just let me be ... Let me be.
I still have pride and my dignity.

Destiny! ...Destiny!
"It is a daunting melody."
Dear friend, tell me what you clearly see.
Don't leave me alone painfully ending our final love story.
Inspired from the Japanese song "Konjiki no **** bell - Destiny ano hini kaerou"

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Arun Ajmera Jan 2013
Summertime, Billy Holiday plays
As the hot sun spreads like butter over the trees.
The grass tickles the toes of children at play
Before a chill comes to breezes that blow.

Wind combs trees, heavy handed
Discarding leaves like so much flotsam adrift at sea.
Their bony crunch underfoot reminds us
Of the cold, dead future in store.

Deserted of life, brown and bare winter cold cracks limbs;
They stare with angry faces,
Moaning as the wind wrenches again and again.
Cloaked in ice, they hold buds alive deep inside.

Exuberantly pops the blossoms luring
The bumblebee to work for free.
Erasing the death that came before
And ensuring, after spring, a fruitful summer.

The seasons' constant cycle of birth, life, and death
Requires time to reflect on our growth,
Reflect on our life, and
Reflect that we, too, must face death.
Arun Ajmera Dec 2012
risks 50% hard work and 50% absolute failure.
This is my first time trying a one stroke haiku!
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