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Ijaazat Sep 2020
I saw a brave bird today,
Unapologetic about her barred face.
She sat,  perched on the mossy branch of my favorite tree,
Mysteriously familiar with her piercing gaze.

People found her unfortunate looking,
She didn't care about what people thought,
She had come to live and live she would,
This amazing outlook,  by others uncaught,
Maybe it comes from within,  it is self-taught,
I ponder on this,  an afterthought.

In came a savage, ill-bred,
Willfully ignorant of the lesson she exhibited,
Shooing her away,  now content,
The savage doesn't know his wisdom remains limited.

The bird was elegant and unafraid,
She made a graceful ascent,
The brute cursed and cursed and cursed,
For she had left him a parting present.

I giggled to myself,
Secure even after the separation,
For I know I'd see her again tomorrow,
For on the tree,  and now in my heart,  lays her foundation and accommodation..

I saw a brave bird today,  
Unapologetic about her barred profile,
I learnt alot by just looking at her,
Like how to accept yourself with grace and a smile,
And make your life worthwhile..

I saw a brave bird today and
I'd see her tomorrow too,
I wish to be her and learn more,
If she can do it, so can you.

I saw my brave bird today and
I'm going to be someone's brave bird tomorrow...
Hey there, love!  Yeah you! You look breath-taking today..  Love yourselves a little more for me..  Smile a lot more for me. I hope you see your brave birds soon.

This is a small token to N to express my gratitude for their kind messages and patience for my inspiration to kick in..  Hope you like it..  

Love and warmth
Ijaazat Aug 2020
When love dies,
It is not always hatred that takes its place,
Sometimes it is nothingness and void showing their ugly face.

When bravery dies,
It is not always cowardice blowing its horn,
Sometimes acceptance of the fear is born.

When kindness you used to receive dies,
It is not always that cruelty looks promising and grand,
Sometimes self protection and love come forward to hold your hand.

But when humanity dies,
It is always melancholy and destruction making their way,
No good or constructive feeling ever gets a say.
Be kind. Be human. Love everyone. Smile more often.. Count your blessings.
Ijaazat Aug 2020
Loving you is like eating pistachios,
I can't stop once I have started!
Hey everyone!  Just got this thought and penned it down. The comparison, though silly puts a smile on my face. I hope it does that to you as well.
Join in lovelies, give your silly comparisons down below.

Here's another one :
Waiting for you is like waiting for pancakes to cook,
It is never soon enough.
Ijaazat Jul 2020
I see your broken smiles during happy times,
What's wrong, my love?

Two misty pools, full of tears, shining bright during celebrations,
Are you alright, my dear?

I hear screams of pain during your carefree laughs,
What's the matter, my beauty?

Talk to me honey, before it gets too late,
Am I doing something wrong?

There you go again, despair reflecting in each inch of your face,
Talk to me please, look I have started to earnestly cry now.
Oh no darling,  don't you dare close your eyes!
Oh no darling,  don't you dare close your eyes.
Don't you dare.....  Close your eyes.
The people who are suffering,  please talk to someone..  You're wanted, you're loved..  Don't keep it all locked in. Losing you would be devastating for your loved ones..  Talk, love.  Share your feelings.
Ijaazat Jul 2020
Blue eyes, ever so mysterious
Sealed lips,  always hiding a secret,
Red hair,  a dash of love when you run away from truth.

Joy shining in your eyes, laugh lines ever present,
Laughs escaping your lips as if it costs you nothing,
Hair playing with the wind like children with no worries

Eyes downcast,  shying away or guilty?
Lips smiling from here, frowning from there,
Hair,  half done up,  half swaying in the wind.

So tell me darling,  what are you? An open book or a relic written in God's own language?
Ijaazat Jun 2020
Today i feel some pain,
Because i have failed again..
Sadness is seeping into my heart,
And minute by minute I Am falling apart.

My smile seems to be drooping down,
All grins lost, now i am just left with a frown.

It is not that i failed,
But that i have failed yet again.
All the joy is now veiled,
The smiles, how long can i feign?

Now, melancholy grips my soul,
Will i ever be able to succeed
There's this emptiness, when will i feel whole,
To Nike, I plead.

The failure is disheartening,
i don't want to try anymore
Oh look my vision is darkening,
My vigour to try again needs some time to restore.
To all the people who keep trying to become better, this is for you. It is okay. You can rest for a while. You don't have to continuously push yourselves.. Close your eyes,  breathe a little and relax. You can always try again tomorrow.

— The End —