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Nicole Shaw Mar 2017
She was silent, misused, and manipulated.

He was Brave. He was her hero. Brave sauntered over to Silent.

Silent was sick with manipulation and was covered head to toe in the ashes of those who misused her.

Brave raised her up out of the ashes he wiped away the disrespect and eventually gained her trust.

When trust was gained Brave became how she built her self-respect.

Brave saw beauty, intelligence,someone to love where she never did.

Soon Silent became Bold with the help of Braves ways.

Before long Bold was able to stand with Brave grasping her hand above what used to be ashes.

Together Brave and Bold vanished the ashes by binding their love.

In a short time after a river of complements flowed for anyone who ever felt silent could go.
Brave is the love of my life
Amanda Francis Jan 2017
For the people who say, 'the world is leaving you behind!'
tell me, where is it taking you?
If you think having morals like loyalty and self-respect is reason enough to be excluded from your journey,
ask yourself;
**Who is choosing that I stay?
Brent Kincaid Oct 2016
The wind whispered his name.
He lingered, but he did not listen.
The sun shone it's bright face
Warmly upon his disgrace
And made his skin to glisten.
Bright leaves spun and danced
Taking every momentary chance
To entertain a sullen passerby
Who never did lift his eye.
He was not destined to know
Because he missed the show.

He didn't hear the music of birds,
The crickets all went unheard.
The sun might have been dim;
Rainbows were unseen by him.
He took no joy in a warm breeze
Unless it made him sneeze.
No human could catch his eye,
He was aware of no passersby.
There was no color to his sorrow
No yesterday or tomorrow,
Just the sameness painted gray
That he lived in every day.

The artist that is every day life
Painted his world with palette knife
And every kind of artful brush
But could not interrupt the hush
Of he who looked but did not see
Anything real in his reality;
His discourse with the world
Had become a sad soliloquy
He created his own catastrophe
Sculpting his world without mastery.

His sins bore him sorely down
Bent over nearly to the ground.
A painful stoop to his shoulder
He rested on a nearby boulder.
Replaying his dreadful history
He vowed to keep it a mystery.
He would refuse to bear witness
Certain there was no forgiveness.
He felt he was no better than sod,
Was a disappointment to God,
And in all there was in creation.
He was unworthy of salvation.
Sadly, I have been there and done that. I was lucky enough to pull out of it decades ago. Many are not.
Jenny Nov 2015
Its easy to forgive the faults and failings of our friends
For love makes it so simple -if some word or deed offends
We try to understand them- for we know the inside out
And if we love them very much we cannot blame or doubt ...
Its just a little harder to forgive an enemy ,or someone who has censured us or done an injury
Its hard to overlook it and be loving,sweet and kind,although we know we've got to,to preserve our peace of mind.....
But to forgive yourself!
why,that's the hardest thing of all
We all do things that we regret,the strongest sometimes fall
We call ourselves all sorts of names ,how angry we can get with self-reproach and worrying and useless,vain regret....
Yet when we whip ourselves like this ,we break our forces down,it robs us of our self-respect,turns smiles into a frown .....
If God forgives us surely there is nothing we can do
We've seen our fault and paid the price and learnt the lesson too....
So banish it this very day and cast it from your heart
Forgive yourself,forgive yourself and make another start.
I am in love.
Yes, I admit I am in love.
But it brings me so much disgust that I am head over heels.
I think of him every waking moment and he is even in my head before bed.
It stings my heart that I want him so much, but I don't feel the same wanting from him.

Many times I tell myself "that is how love works".

But I've had enough heartaches.
I know my limit now.
As much as I am in love with you I'm sorry but I have to love myself more this time.
This have been in my Draft since May 5 and it is only now that I am sharing this because it is too accurate.
Cameron Godfrey Aug 2015
I love you.
I love the way you feel, sitting close to me in the comfortable darkness.  
I love the movie playing in the background- I love the actors, the music, the scenery.  
I love making jokes about the characters, punning on the dialogue, pointing out holes in the plot.
I love crying at the sad parts, laughing at the funny parts, and laughing even harder at the parts that aren't even meant to be funny, just because you're there with me.
I love my friends, who sit and laugh at us, make fools of us as we make fools of ourselves.
I love the refreshing taste of the cool soda I'm drinking, the crunch of popcorn as we share a tub between us.
I love this quaint, little scene
                in this quaint, little place
                               in this quaint, little town
                                               in this crazy, big universe.
I love everything about this moment.
I love so much.
But how long will I have to go on
Until I can finally say
I love myself.
Laurent Apr 2015
It is necessary to know how to tame her,
Shy, careful, secret and reserved,
Not very comfortable in a crowd.
She possesses this discreet charm,
You cannot forget as a viral load.
Natural, simple, reliable in her feelings,
She needs proofs to be reassured.

Her attitude is sensible and direct,
An inner life is rich of her life's striking,
Where her intellectual sphere takes it,
By the elegance of her sparkling creativity,
Under the power of her own meditations.
She is so rational, ironic and critical,
By her genuine metaphysical reflections.

She is constantly building on her intuition,
In the area of integrating life's solutions.
She thinks of being late, but just accurate,
Worried in pleasing and in being loved,
But just forgets she is part of human being.

You can trust her blindly,
Because in spite of her side to part,
So different and so warm,
That can perturb you,
And walk away from both of you.

She remains your half for all eternity,
Even if today this Love has dried up,
Keep her sharing gift to love yourself,
To be yourself, and nothing else !
Emanuel Dec 2014
Here's the interpretation of gospel rap
Sent through the lens of this lad's perspective
Not as fast as the next kid, but not slow either
I find myself balanced but I have my flaws

Most genius's have motivation, you hit the head on the head
I think my problem is self respect
Always trying to prove, always trying to get
The realization is, the present is
What more do we need than this
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