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Marshall Gass Nov 2014
impeccable artwork
splayed red anger
diffused dangerously
imminent explosion

take down your temper
ice it in silence
spread change
draw conclusions
inherent haste

find tranquility
in people places
abstract soliloquy
ethereal furnace

split skin  burnt moments
wanderer waking
in a strange place

stars foretell
insipid futures
we are destined
for another ice age?

© Marshall Gass. All rights reserved, 2 days ago

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Marshall Gass Nov 2014
racing with the heartbeat
along the black striped road
pumping pedals, dreaming
entrances exits lanes bylanes
timing out and in
thinking cap on
music keeping pace
i am home

here in the small city
coffee smells like coffee
people smile like people
trees look greener
the church stands out
lakes glisten with shivering skins
children play happily
i park in the park

i am here
sojourn into nights
at break of dawn
i will return to point B
fulfilled with 250 miles
of ecstasy.

the poems rise from the mist
of bygone memories
and words tumble waterfalls
of lust and longing
where is she?

© Marshall Gass. All rights reserved, 4 days ago
Marshall Gass Nov 2014
mangled jangled in the space of race
he looked purple shadowed with wide eyes
and wonder

unafraid of escape he
still stayed locked in a love affair
need and greed
lust and bust

time ticked painlessly
wrinkles grew rich
obscurity haven

until at last
a resurrection.

Now he creates art
and happiness
riding into the sunset of verses
where sense and nonsense
merge in a mystical aura.

© Marshall Gass. All rights reserved, 5 days ago
Marshall Gass Nov 2014
aint got no home?
watz wit der smokey ayes
aint got no famly
no roof?
wur you goin, bro?

i aint got no dolla
no mo pahwuh
no momma
son gone stoopid
dotter freakin out
in der good

im broke and dun fer
gotta a spare coin?

i can sing
from me soul. yeah

© Marshall Gass. All rights reserved, 10 days ago
Marshall Gass Nov 2014
my soul was black hanging on a graffitti fence
down by the corner street
where crack and needles punctuated the alleyway
with no hope.

brother hid from brother
and sisters wore mini mini mini skirts
to draw the danger from the honking cars
into the pool of light cast by the one surviving
on a lamp post of desolation

he had slick hair and sharp notches
on his belt, danging chains
that reminded him of time inside
the dungeons where he gained
his qualifications in years behind
the bars of justice.

Out on the street, it was mayhem
a blue car siren-ed off into the distance
careened across the road
and vanished into upper class society
where they ate pink cakes and sipped herbal teas

as morning cleaned the streets of darkness
the sunshine grew the window sill
stacked with marijuana.

It was just another day to be alive.

© Marshall Gass. All rights reserved, 11 days ago
Marshall Gass Nov 2014
Foundations managed by slow ascent
to reasons seeking
solace in the upper spaces of the minds

I surrender to the pull
drawing me into territories
gateways to untold stories
palaces built on crystal dreams

we search for meanings not deciphered
yet remain locked in a haze
of old rituals, escape impossible

until at last the bud blooms
buildings complete
and mansions perched
on bright stars
light up the way forward.

The journey remains uncharted.

© Marshall Gass. All rights reserved, 10 days ago
Marshall Gass Nov 2014
Chester knew his mistress
the one with the copper burnished fingers
and slow delicate smile, longing eyes,
soft skin and smell like violets in
sizzling summer heat.

He  curled up in his cardboard box
and kept his ears open to all sounds
around the pool and table
aware but asleep

Call his name and he will leap to life
eyes of glass, melting in a soft head
full of affection fur flying for a cuddle
little tail wagging welcome attention.

Chester knew his way with the world
his wisdom perfect and plenty.

© Marshall Gass. All rights reserved, 18 days ago
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