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alupa Jul 2022
I would die for you
But that doesn't mean much
As I would die for practically anyone
I would die without it being for anyone
I would even sacrifice things to die
I would die
If I could
If I knew it wouldn't hurt anyone
Then I would die

But for you
I would even live

That's the thing
Even if I was hurting
I would live for you
alupa Apr 2022
The wolves inside of me are starting to get hungry
They are licking my liver in an almost affectionate way
But I suppose they just want to taste the salty blood
They are going to **** me and die with me
And I can't blame them
I too have burnt down my paper house just to feel warm
And now that it's not only cold but I'm also out in the dark without shelter
I don't mind the wolves winning anymore
alupa Feb 2022
You filled me with
cold cigarette smoke
             my lungs,
                               my clothes,
                                                    my heart.
The scent was all over my sheets.
And then
It all turned into poison.
alupa Dec 2021
Be brave enough to be honest
Be brave enough to be honest with yourself and  with others
Be brave enough to ask for help
Be brave enough to speak up for yourself and your beliefs
Be brave enough to say “No”
Be brave enough to do the right thing
Be brave enough to admit you were wrong
Be brave enough to apologize
Be brave enough to say you do not understand something
Be brave enough to learn
Be brave enough to try new things
Be brave enough to follow your dreams
Be brave enough to be yourself
Be brave enough to feel the good and the bad
Be brave enough to be different
Be brave enough to dress the way you want
Be brave enough to leave ****** situations
Be brave enough to keep going
Be brave enough to change
                                                  your mind,
                                                                        your life,
Be brave enough to live
alupa Oct 2021
I'm standing straight
But there are maggots in my marrow
And I don't know how much longer I can pretend
that my spine isn't about to break
that I'm not about to collapse
My bones are rotting away
And there are maggots in the marrow
And it's just a matter of time until I fall
And the flies spill out of my mouth
alupa Sep 2021
I feel like a dandelion
My rib cage is fragile
And it takes nothing more
than a gust of wind
for my heart to fall apart
alupa Sep 2021
The butterflies in my stomach
feel more like moths dancing around a flickering light
and gradually
one by one
they all burn to death
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