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Apr 2014
They're all telling you to be strong,
when we're all hurting.
You see, I'm not the type of girl that just accepts sadness,
I'm the type of girl that wants to overcome it.
I want to honor the God who created me,
and try to be brave.

But oh, how hard life can be sometimes.

The expectations they hold,
sometimes it feels like they're asking for perfection.
I try so hard,
oh so hard.
How hard it is to be brave.

Because when the hurt we recieve,
we show it in return.
We've hurt ourselves by hurting others.

What would it be like to be loved by someone in the most perfect way?
We're all so capable of it.
But so many of us have been hurt,
we've forgotten how to be brave.
We've ignored it, and submitted to what every other person has done.
You see, I don't think it's because we don't want to be brave.
I feel like we don't know how to.

We don't know how to make our fake smiles into genuine smiles even on the worst days.
We don't know how to look at a horrible situation and realize how God might be saving us from something even harder.
We can't look at the people who have hurt us  and be able to forgive them.
You see, bravery isn't just an act of heroism.
It's the unimaginable.
The act of love,
Putting others first.
We've forgotten how to be brave.
Let's be brave.
Lana Grace
Written by
Lana Grace
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