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Dr Zik Apr 2021
Come towards my Lord!
A Zinet to escape from Covid19.
Sethnicity Jan 2021
She did not intend to be with to him
Though she did care for many of them
She's refused many and few
But She'd never fall for Don Quinn

She'd been to many places and many a ride
She'd seen many faces and broke mini man pride
She paid no mind to the attention of men
She did not desire the hand of Don Quinn

They would jump and trot and stride
Speak and shout And whisper lies
They were merely entertainment for her eyes
A trail of dead hearts lay broken that tried

Still steady was the stature of this man named Quinn
All ready from levies he battled within
With family with money and with the closest of friends
He weathered and learned and discerned to grin

While others were eager to dash in front or behind
Don Quinn had a plan he thought worth the time
For she never took pleasure in being pushed off her line
Don Quinn for the win had a plan more divine

While others took leisure and gusto to sway
Her focus was steady and kept on her way
So Donny took heed while walking this day
Still she was not looking she need not be saved

He tightened his noggin and sharpened his eye
He gathered his dignity and he leveled his guide
She continued to dismiss the distractions of guys
He paced himself on this path he would try

What was his secret or his future demise?
Would he falter fluster or fall before her thighs?
No. Because his aim was the same as her prize
He was becoming by running towards the Skye's

So when she got there he found her right by his side
She was not looking for Donny or a handout freedom
All she needed was a companion with whom to share a sunrise
Dr. Quinn practiced medicine while building a horizon
he was willing to walk wait and work towards their golden Skye's
Mr Quinn out did many a men simply by fixing his vision
Random thoughts and dreams I have for my daughter's and my daughter's daughters and of course for amy son and all of our future sons!

Also remember watching this show with my mother as a child and was struck by the beauty and grace and power of this single female trending to everyone in this old west community. Unfortunately a very fictionalized show but dreams become reality...right?
Annacleta Aug 2020
Dear darling my one and only
You make my heart flatter in ways l cant explain
How could someone make me feel this way
The feeling is unexplainable but it brings joy to my innerself
I never understood the power of love until l met you
Oh my darling sweetheart
My heart has chosen you
You have found a perfect spot in my heart
You now have the only thing l swore l wouldn't give anyone
You have my heart now keep it safe
My precious darling
Love is a beautiful thing only if you share it with the right person
Dr Zik May 2020
I am a your wish
travel between two milestones
in search of
You Lord!
A Ziket from Zikorean Poetry
Book: Simple Words
Poet: Dr Zafar Iqbal Khokhar
Dr Zik Apr 2020
Everyone is stunned
as passing through the graveyard
no comments at all
Dr Zik's Poetry.
Dr Zik Feb 2015
**, **, **, **
don't make him foe
hee, hee, hee, hee
please look at me
pip, pip, pip, pip
walk, walk don't trip
pile, pile, pile, pile
keep on your smile
so, so, so, so
keep aim you go
trip, trip, trip, trip
lest you should slip
hi, hi, hi, hi
God bless you joy
bye, bye, bye, bye
goodbye goodbye
Dr Zik's Poetry
Poem for children
Dr Zik Apr 2020
Love, affection, compassion!
Gift of a tolerance,
modesty, good deeds!
sacred humour, aim, target
travel, destination!
humility and humanity,
sacrifice and help for all
L, V and U type all roads
are all the safety mirrors,
during the sacred journey
towards You!
O my Lord!

Bless us
Dr Zik's Poetry

An Extract from the Book: SIMPLE WORDS
Poet: Dr Zafar Iqbal Khokhar

The title is an extract from Dr Peter Lim's Book's Title;  (collection of 163 poems and 100 haiku under Lim Meng Sing (Amazon, kobo, kindle, eBay) Victoria, Australia)
Thanks Peter!
Dr Zik Apr 2020
Smoke suffocating, screams letting deaf
babies’, moms’ and, old ones are helpless

Blood spreads everywhere, from the bodies.
Stop lynching, and give up hatefulness

look at world from Warsak Road, O man
Palestine, Kabul, Iraq, leave them

spirit is one, dialect is not same
His devotee doesn't accept defeat

think in hurry, when you find, morn, eve
your slaughterhouse, tactics are useless

they will not be able to withstand
and will welcome as the Berlin wall
Dr Zik's Poetry
Book: Thirsty Words
Poet: Dr Zik
It is a translation of a poem written in Urdu, " JAZBAT" from the poetic book "Rah Takti Ankh  راہ تکتی آنکھ" of the poet Dr Zik.
16 دسمبر 2014 ء میں پشاور کے المناک واقعہ، اورمعصوم شہداء کی یاد میں
In remembrance of tragic event occurred by the cruel terrorist's attack in
Peshawar Pakistan since 2014. There were blood splashes, dead bodies of innocent children, sounds of crying persons everywhere in school in Peshawar on Warsak Road.
16 دسمبر 2014 ء میں پشاور کے المناک واقعہ، اورمعصوم شہداء کی یاد میں

متھے اَکھاں، بے حِس مُورَت، پتھر دل وِچکار۔۔
نفرت بھانبھڑ ورگی بھڑکے، لالچ دے بازار۔۔۔
اَگاں بھڑکن، دھویں اُٹھن، مچے چیخ چکار۔۔
بچے بِلکن، ماواں تڑپن، بُڈھے نے لاچار۔۔
ہر پاسے رَت ڈُلدی ویکھی، لاشاں دے وِچکار۔۔
من جا جنگلی، شہری دی گل، نفرت چھوڑ دے یار
وارسک روڈ توں پوری دنیا، ویکھ لے دنیا دار
فلسطین، عراق ہووئے یا ہووئے کابل کہار۔
لکھاں بولیاں بولدے تد وی اِکو جئے جذبات۔۔
اُس دے رستے چلن والے مندے نئیں اُو ہار۔۔

اَج کل چھیتی شام سویرے کر لے سوچ وچار
تیرے سارے حَربے، ناکے، مَقتل نے بیکار۔
ٹُٹ جاوَن گے جَھل نئیں سکدے عشق دی اِکو وار
منہ دی کھادی جیویں شوہدی برلن دی دیوار۔۔۔۔
شاعر: ڈاکٹر ظفر اقبال کھوکھر
کتاب: راہ تکتی آنکھ
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