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Audrey Maday May 2017
The one nice thing
About being utterly devastated
Is it gives you plenty
To write about.
Write sad hurt empty devastated words poem poetry idk you me ugh may
Audrey Maday May 2017
I am not a disposable library,
Of information for you to borrow,
But never return.
Audrey Maday Mar 2017
He was the star crossed, passion filled, love of my life. It was an unfortunately cruel truth that i wasnt his. That's just the sickening way that fate shakes things out sometimes.
Audrey Maday Mar 2017
I knew I was nothing to you
But what a dream it was
To pretend I was something.
Audrey Maday Mar 2017
People say love is not supposed to hurt.
But I loved you
And it hurt like hell.
Audrey Maday Jan 2017
One day,
I'll look back at you,
And wonder why I have to look back.
Audrey Maday Jan 2017
The hard part about telling someone you dont love them
Is meaning it
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