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Cole Maxwell Mar 2019
A look inside the hourglass will prove treacherous waves to be a mirage upon the sand;
Dunes plummeting to nothingness, surmounted by achievements once thought to be unreachable.

Like a puzzle piece, we tend to be enticed to the edges of sanity at the manifest of our trivial dysfunction;
Binding walls that keep the resolutions in order,
Though the boundaries in which we tread are but a gimmick in equivalence to this labyrinth of scattered dreams.

Find it in you to preserve animosity,
For it is the backbone to what love entails.

Embrace the animosity.
Carter Ginter Feb 2019
I feel scared to leave my house to go for a walk
Because I'm worried I'll get mugged or *****
Any noise in my house sets off
The myriad of alarms in every cell of my body
Whether I think it's a person or a ghost
The fear fills my limbs with electricity
I feel anxious about going to the gym alone
Because I feel like everyone is staring at me
Sometimes I'm afraid to text my ex who's now a friend
Because I'm preoccupied with worrying
About what they're thinking of me
When I work as a delivery driver
I won't go into backyards at night
Anytime I am around other people
I am afraid that they will hurt me
So I keep my guard up high
Hypervigilant to any animosity
But when I think about facing real danger
I get extremely overwhelmed
If I feel this unhinged by basic life experiences
How would I ever survive a real crisis?
My fight or flight is set off so often
That it's basically become my new baseline
I know it's the PTSD that causes it
And I know that I can get better
But sometimes I just feel so hopeless
Because I want to go for simple walks
I want going to the gym to be an easy decision
I want to spend time with people
To connect with people
Without worrying that they'll hurt me
Or that they secretly hate me
I want to live my life wholeheartedly
Not constantly in fear of something unseen
I want to be able to feel and exist openly
And really have a chance to be myself
To live a life that makes me happy
And I can't do that if I'm constantly
Running from shadows and
Hiding from reality behind doors and screens
I want to break out and be free
But behind any and all of my emotions
Lies a thick layer of fear
And I just keep running

My life is filled with endless apologies

Sincere and heartfelt promises that are shallow and empty

It's not a conscious thought
The words aren't spoken with known deceit or intentional mal-intent
But somewhere in my brain, buried in my subconscious, I know...
A self-sabotaging automated programming constantly running
And regardless of my cognitive actions or conscious thoughts, desires and intentions
My automated programming will find a way to inevitably run its code, follow its routines and execute its prime directive

And that's not a cop out
They're still my actions
Conscious or subconscious
Actions resulting from subconscious "thought" are those I'm too ignorant to see or too weak to change in that moment

I don't know what's worse
The subconscious lies and heaps of horse fertilizer, day in and day out, I shove down the throats of those who cross my path
Or the incessant feed of regurgitated words, phrases, thoughts, ideas and worst of all.... hopes.... that is being forced through my digestive track only to be excreted by my body and re-absorbed by my central nervous system


The worst trick of all

And it always works. Without fail
Because it psychologically and emotionally preys on everything I want to be
The Hope that THIS TIME I'll get it right
All those things inside of me
All of my
This time it won't be wasted
This time I'll come through. You can count on me!
I promise!
This time I'll be on time
This time I won't be late!
This time I'll meet expectations
This time I'll EXCEED expectations!
This time I won't let people down
This time I won't....
                                    ..... let



The saddest and ultimate cruelty of lies
Created by the Devil to prey on the weak and gullible
If Hell is living your worst day over and over again for eternity;
Then repeating the same detrimental behaviors over and over again for life, sustained in this perpetual motion by something so simple and harmless looking as "Hope" must fall at the Devil's hands

A wolf in sheep's clothing sprinkled in fairy dust
The worst of thoughts and beliefs are kept alive by Hope
Hope is a disease; a psychological virus
A damaged idea spreading from person to person, hijacking their system, and infecting their thoughts
For Hope is not a singular idea, isolated in seclusion, yet ultimately wrapped up and packaged out with other ideas
No, Hope is the vehicle that all thoughts that follow must ride in and by which be delivered
It is the Uber for ideas that follow
And like an unscrupulous and unpitying Uber driver,
Hope takes your brain to a secluded spot against its will and does as it so pleases
But unlike survivors of such horrific events
I, like a wide eyed doe in the headlights
I continuously expose myself to the exact same scenarios
over again

But not to worry

Hope will lose its magic
And the void created will be filled



And worst of all,


Denial is Hope's evil twin

The not so secret malicious trickster who, even though wears his emotions somewhat more clearly, is still capable of a lifetime of successful pranks

But unlike Hope, Denial doesn't always reveal his trick if the tricked has yet to become aware of the ruse
Instead, Denial will let them build
Stack upon stack
A colossal suspension bridge built and supported on Denial
And when I, with blind faith, cross that bridge
Putting everything and anything on the line, without question
That's when Denial delivers its reckoning
And in one all encompassing swoop it swallows me whole and any resemblance of "life" with it

Hope and Denial
My Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
and Me, a tiny island
Flanked on either side by the endless majesty of each
And like this planet,
I too,
Am a sphere spinning
A tiny island against the enormities of the the deep blue
A shipwrecked survivor
Floating on the driftwood of my subconscious
Left to the will of my environment
A helpless passenger on this ship of life
Constantly spinning between Hope and Denial
Some days calm and serene
Others, tormented by storms
Monster waves,
Flashes of lightning,
Ear shattering crackling explosions of thunder
And howling winds so fierce they must be the breath of God

And regardless of what scenario lays before me,
I'm left repeatedly with the same "choice" and same action

Enveloped with fear,
Hanging on for dear life,
Like a helpless and horrified child.....

On the verge of soiling my pants
Written: May 28, 2018

All rights reserved.
Saturday Jones Feb 2019
I don’t believe in deep down inside.

But deep down inside I am afraid that those
I care about will leave me.

So I leave them first and make sure
they can’t reach me.

So when they finally let go of me
It justifies my animosity.

So I showed them!
I win the game of hearts!

Because you wanted me and I
Denied you.

I win! I win!
Again and again!

Because you showed me what is
deep down inside you.

Haha! Haha!
You thought I was your friend!

You thought I cared about you.
(A secret part of me did.)

But so what! Even if I’m all alone,
At least no one can hurt me down here.

I’m getting good at this game.
Simone13 Nov 2018
Mabey it was just the days
that seemed prolonged

My mind that resurrects the dead
To the reaches far beyond  

Fatigued i let myself wander
Fulling false emotions blurred by imagination

Confined in my prior self
Till Im a tyrant to my own degradation

The bittersweet animosity of false hope
Like watering a blossom in hopes of a willow

My self-pity only absent in my dreams
had i wished they where nightmares not long ago

Strangled with fists and stains my pillow bears quotes i suffocate through

That quote
Go to bed
He’s not thinking about you
When you love someone, but that love is not returned.
You know this as a fact ,yet you still torment yourself by hoping
Dana Mar 2019
Purgatory feels like...
A dance with the devil who wears my lovers face. It feels like a disregarded boiling tea kettle of our responsibilities that is ready to burst. You hand it back to me as if it were an unwanted gift, making promises with fingers crossed in attempt to silence me. You force it into my arms and my arms alone as you are shaking your head in disapproval.  Selfish snakes have stolen your once sweet tongue, now sour, as you ignore the fact that I already bare the weight of the world which clings onto my shoulders. Animosity swells inside me as two lives crash and burn. You walk away disconnected from it all, continuing on in your child-like life in a cusioned bubble of ignorant bliss. I am swollowed by quicksand inside this burning fictional house we built - standing here, paralyzed, mouth sunk open in disbelief. As you walk away...
I am getting dragged
behind you
Just like a rope
Lifeless, hopeless.

The diversion you take,
Me too turn behind,
Dumb, subconscious..

Your destination is in your thoughts,
I just walk behind you,
You walk to achieve something,
I walk behind questioneless..


Is not my destination
my determination..YOU?

Do you realize
I walk behind you?
Can you hear my footsteps..
Dragging with a hush??

Why am I
Asking you all this?
Was walking behind you not my own decision?

You are moving for your own resting place,
I was anyways never the whole final destination for you...
Then why should my ubiety in your 'moving life' should have any mention??

I have made you my destiny by choice,
Should my life have any other diversion than yours..??


Life partner - 2 (Reply)

I could feel you getting dragged behind me,
Your presence completes my existence,
You are walking behind with held breaths,
I move ahead counting your breaths..

I am moving with a great speed,
To wait and rest for few seconds is impossible..
I could hear your heavy weezing,
But to slow down is impossible..

You speak the truth,
You walk behind making me your destiny,
And so I walk on the good road till today,
Thorns will come surely in my path in future,
But I am trying to take bit longer but smooth roads..

Neither animosity nor complains you have for me,
Neither questions nor answers I have for you,
Our life will pass harmoniously this way..
Me ahead and you behind tagging along.

Hold me well with power of your determination,
Give me courage by your silent smiles,
Keep your faith on me always,
You will be given credit for my journey of success,
Hold me strongly on the ground after the success..!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
#Saw today a loaded truck at traffic light secured with a rope,a portion of the rope has gotten loose and was dragging behind it...

It can be hypothetical talk between truck and rope
A situation where a wife follows a husband,
Or a devoted girl friend Madly in love will tag along her love...

English translation of my Hindi poem.
Jeevansathi hindi - 1 and 2
Mohd Arshad May 2019
Last Chance
Has never enjoyed my hospitality
At my home
It sounds bizarre
Like the piping by crickets in winter
I'm not stingy
It has never come to me
And on account of
my chemistry with First Chance
I've never invited or called him
I've no animosity against him
This is a different matter
I want to keep him away of my life
First Chance is my favourite
I've crush on him
It fulfills my necessities
Amanda Oct 2018
Gaze upon your sleeping figure
Wonder where I went wrong
How can I love you so deeply
If in your arms I don't belong?

How come goosebumps rise
When I hear or think of your name
Yet with your face inches away from mine
Our love just doesn't feel the same?

How can my eyes look and see
Perfection from bottom to top
But feel magnetic attraction fading
Powerless to make it stop?

How can I rely on you for such
An enormous portion of my happiness
If every token of generosity
Makes me worth less and less?

How is every sincere compliment able
To spill from your mouth true and clear
When we are both aware you deserve better?
I don't match the adjectives poured in my ear.

How did our easy conversation
Turn to spontaneous spiteful fight?
Understanding somehow replaced with animosity
At least we still share words late into the night.

How can I be chilled by a trace of fear
Tagging along with excitement up my spine?
How is darkness tainting all we know
Yet one touch from you and I'm fine?

How am I able to hate part of you
While loving the rest with all my heart?
How am I distant when you are around
Then miss you very much when we're apart?

How can my brain worship your image
After the extensive damage you've done?
If you cause me to to feel my absolute lowest
How could I still believe you are the one?

Lay beside your body wishing
To be close like we were before
How can I yearn so strongly for your embrace
If we don't feel right anymore?
How can feelings so strong fade into resentment?
Asiah Mangham Jul 2019
I told myself I liked peace
but the chaos is exhilarating.
I run from problems to let the animosity build.
I keep quiet to infuriate.
I plant myself in equations where my presence isn’t wanted.
Anger fuels the quiet
Words drench the flames
Masego Pitso Oct 2018
The Anti pesticides have lost their true function, they have denatured and have been deprived from all  working authorities.
They have guarded the garden with dignity and devotion.

Pests around my garden. They surround it like infected pimples oozing pus of jealousy , gossips and animosity.

The flowers wilt ,leaves turn brown and ashy. Pests drains its soul, they absorb all the lively juices it has left. And has left it with thousands of wrinkles.

Pests in my royal garden don't make sounds anymore. They speak the language of the innocent and say we're "related". Some say we're best friends.

They crawl and wonder around with no purpose. When it's flowers bloom and spring has come for a festival of celebration, they gather around and smile. Dishing out compliments like it's open season.

Behind the walls, they multiply and transform into the green snakes they are.

They hiss silently, all dressed up in skimpy dresses, expensive quality hair and designer shoes.
Their scent is similar to that of a corpse.

Pests in my royal seem to be highly educated, they even utter words like "I love you" and "I'm so happy for you".

They slither around my garden like wondering demons on an impossible mission to destroy.

-pests in my royal garden.
Derrek Faraday Oct 2018
When in Bohemia, she screams about
Her pastures green, but not too loud
So never have I known, that the world listens too
As a comedian, I see she belongs
But never conforms, to the song of
This nomad world, I'm glad she found it too
So run! She wants to run again
You vagabond, you're well-spent

Bohemian tendencies says, “you can't stay long”
“These kinds of commons, you won't ever get along”

Armenian, it’s such a release
Materialistic animosity
The speed of life has no value, like dollar signs
I loved an alien, who dabbled in art
Of all visage, enema of the heart
Wanderer, she's spent so much but there's that bliss in the air
So smile! It's all sorts of worthwhile
To see a world and not fret so much

Bohemian tendencies says, “be spectacular
Before the nebula men steal your fur”

In the Caribbean, you dream a kite
As your taxi, you can't walk all the time
Travel hills of puce-mauve sands, the world in trance
A true deviant, the thinking of
All dreaming thoughts, and loves begot
Tinkerer, what will we do when our brains run dry?
Oh, no! Don't think about the end
To love a life in due pretence 

Bohemian tendencies says, “think fair, live now”
“The world is watching with distaste of time in doubt”

As a chameleon, should she go alone?
The world is cold, except for times in colour
Her world in dance, she'll do without me
When in Bohemian, the first I've seen
Of pastel stencils through her happi-
Ness-tled in her loft home of the wind
There she goes! Ain’t she a lovely wing?
I hope she finds a world that sings

Bohemian tendencies says, “to love and to hold
But to let go, for treasures can mold”

There she goes
There she goes
There she goes
Can't go numb, nothing is fun, it's fine, I've lost it, life, it's all mounting on a seasaw of narcotics

Scared to death
to face a reality of glorified ambivalence.
I hold my breath
attempting to wake up from this existence.
But I'm lost in the static,
carried off in a whim.
All I possess is to come to an end.

Your mind is like a sunrise
painting new colors of change,
while bleeding into one's that remain
You used to see
You knew how to see right through my eyes like gates,
If you let me out, I'll let you in,
Would you agree to trade places,
if you knew ALL you'd see is madness?

I stay awake for night-time fireflies,
like me, they swim through the trees - lonely.
The way they close their wings like a coffin
    shutting out the world with animosity.
       They burn like me.

Your absence lingers with me,
like a hole punched
into the pages
of my thoughts - right through the numbers.

You can tell me that I'm worth this life, but I know that it's a lie
I wish I could go back to before it wasn't too late.
but with time, my mind has grown into which nothing can reverse.
Lost in a moment,
times like these are my darkest.
So I'll set my dreams on fire
& dance across a wire
Walk the line
    To reach the other side
& end my fight

In this world; to love is to risk, to live is more than merely to exist, to exist in love is to wither, to live in constant risk is to wither the world.

I'll either sharpen fiction & stay within my mind,
or find the other side of this storyline,
where I'll be the protagonist this time.

(I am so sick
of speaking
that no one
can understand)

By: Ashton Conor Amstutz
167.) A.)
Can't go numb, nothing is fun, it's fine, I've lost it, the balance of life — all mounting on a seasaw of narcotics

Scared to death
to face a reality of glorified ambivalence.
I hold my breath
attempting to wake up from this existence.
But I'm lost in the static,
carried off in a whim.
All I possess is to come to an end.

Your mind is like a sunrise
painting new colors of change,
while bleeding into one's that still remain
You used to see
You knew how to see through my eyes like garden gates,
If you let me out, I'll let you in.

I often wonder if anyone
Would agree to trade places,
If they knew what poison
they'd face, frozen - within constant madness.
Something like a dreaming stay,
Exchanging grim actuality
For lingering collapse.

Even In My Dreams I'm Always Losing.

Every day falls heavy with sound of mind
seeking comfort,
& blanketed by night skies
I write poetry, & lay underneath the pressure
of my own cemetery -
for every person
I've failed to be.
Like Medusa, I've become a monstrosity
That is no longer mine to fear,
but the world's to bear.

I stay awake for night-time fireflies,
like me, they swim through the trees - lonely.
The way they close their wings like a coffin
    shutting out the world with animosity.
       They burn like me.

Your absence lingers with me,
Like a hole punched
into the pages
of my thoughts - right through the numbers.

You can't tell me that I'm fine,
|My body is a phantom weight|
I can almost see the light
It's gone - I cannot shake
That I'll never have the chance to change fate  
     Go back to before it wasn't too late.

With time, there are progressions into which nothing can reverse.
All can be lost in a moment
Where thoughts are cursed,
& times like these are my darkest.
So I'll set my dreams on fire
& dance across a wire
Walk the line
    To reach the other side
& end my fight

As far as life & death run:
All can be lost in a moment, yet never undone.

In this world; to love is to risk, to live is more than merely to exist, to exist in love is to wither, to live in constant risk is to wither your world.

I'll either sharpen fiction & stay within my mind,
or find the other side of this storyline,
where I'll be the protagonist this time.

The pills in my
hand break smiles
aimed at my
lips like a
I swallow
the chemical
joy with a
glass of
tar and wait for
to wake up in
my skull.

(I am so sick
of speaking
that no one
can understand)

By: Ashton Conor Amstutz
Poetress2 Apr 2019
When she was but a child,
she built a man-made shell;
And there she would retreat,
on her many trips to Hell.
No animosity or strife,
did ever reside there;
She was at peace within it,
no expectations or cares.
She felt peaceful and secure,
as she rid herself of the Beast;
Who tortured her, every night,
before she went to sleep.
There was no chance for escaping,
for it came without a sound;
And in the quiet of the night,
her teardrops hit the ground.
At least she had her tomb,
a place where no one came;
If not for her safe place to hide,
she might have gone insane!

It was Bronx
The most controversial borough of New York
Notorious gangs
Bowery Boys and Dead Rabbits
Fought their battles daily

John lead the Dead Rabbits gang
John's cousin brother's 18 year old son Rock
Fell in LOVE with
The 17 year old daughter Zane of Bill Poole's
Bowery Boys Gang Member

Rock and Zane
met as rivals, fell in LOVE within 4 days
of meeting each other..

This ballad presents their secret LOVE hidden
behind their false exterior animosity


ROCK: (to Zane)
I drink LOVE
I drank nectar of Venus
From your gorgeous eyes
Don't make me drink more now
I'll fall right in your feet of LOVE

I am your enemy - The Bowery Boys
Your LOVE eyes turns me into an infidel

(Looks at Rock with a smirky smile)

Oh NO! I told the truth
I broke the law of my gang
I will be now sacrificed by Dead Rabbit Gang
For the dis-loyalty to his gang ethics

(Sarcastically laughs out loud, and starts
walking away from ROCK)

You walk away as if You've shot me dead
If I fall dead in your LOVE
I know, YOU too will lose your life
because YOU carry the LOVE in your heart for me
You won't be able to live without me

Get out of my way
Otherwise my boss Bill
Will shoot you dead

I'm not that type
I'm not one of those kind
That will be scared of Bill
I'm in LOVE & I'm not scared
I will not run away from YOUR LOVE
No one should come in my way of LOVE
Zane, I will embrace you with my whole heart

(joins the song with a smile)
I too am not kindda of girls you meet
I'll not feel shy, and coy
I won't submit to your LOVE
And curl within your arms
I myself will take a knife
And cut you into pieces
If I can't **** you with my own hands
I will cut myself to death

Z, In the hurricane of my LOVE
Your fake anger will blow away
Like a thin small twig of grass

R, Before your breathe touches my skin
You'll be fallen under my feet
Kneeling and broken into pieces

Z, If that is the case
You take my knife
I surrender to YOU now
I'm ready to sacrifice my head
In the path of your LOVE

Oh.. I do not like such emotional blackmail
You call yourself my LOVERz
You are not even my friend
Today I will decide
Here and NOW
Whether you'll be alive to LOVE me
OR I will die in your LOVE

YOU need not cut me into pieces
If you look at me
Once with the LOVE in your heart
I will die in front of YOU

R, Who are you by the way?
YOU are my enemy
The member of the Dead Rabbit gang
Who am I to YOU?
I am your enemy
The member of the Bowery Boys Gang

So let me tell you this
We can't LOVE each other
One does not LOVE arch rivals & enemies

Z, It is YOU who shot me
With your LOVELY gaze
Let me tell you this...
YOU can only **** a person
with a two barrel pistol
Not with your two oceanic eyes

I'm not a fire-fly you think I am
But I'm a deadly ILLUMINATING lightning
That will convert YOU into ash
Even if my breathe crosses path
With your breathe
YOU will fall down unconscious
Under the spell of my LOVE

At that time
And puts his lips on hers
They kiss each other passionately
They breathe within each other
They swirl into each other's arms

And we hear a CHORUS behind:

"They are not the kind of people
Who are scared of being born as enemies
They are not the type of people
Who will run away from FALLING IN LOVE
Now, no one should come on their way
As they have FALLEN IN LOVE
They became ONE"

The lights in the silent night alleys of BRONX
Lit up and the members of two rival gangs
The Bowery Boys and The Dead Rabbits
Choreographically fight with each other
Surrounding ROCK and JANE
Who are dancing in the center
Kissing each other in LOVE embrace
Elizabeth Brown Nov 2018
This screen, bright with frustration, draws-
with careful precision-
the shape of your face.
It must grow tired, as I do,
of creating this image.
How can I know that you are real
when I have never touched your face?
Bitterness for a system long corrupt grows within me.
I am full to bursting with love and fury.

These complications breed more dissatisfaction.
Afraid of travel, afraid of people.
Stuck in a seemingly unending loop of legality
for crimes forgiven long ago.
How many moons more must I wait
to hold your hand in mine?
Eight years.

Long, empty time laughs cruelly at our labors
as we struggle to hold together a friendship
(now a bloomed and wilting relationship)
that we once held above all else.
My love for you is unending, a thing of faerie tale,
but I find my patience lacking.
I have waited and I have yearned for you.
I have tried, to no avail, to leave you behind me-
instead, I was greeted with the haunting realization that
nothing compares to you.
No man, no woman, no circle of peers,
can provide for me the things you offer.
I know you feel the same,
though a mix of dread and delusion prevent you from showing me
in the way I need so desperately to be shown.
I know that you, too, feel this pain.

Seamless, ceaseless pixels bring me your countenance,
now weathered with sadness and age.
Once upon a time, I thanked them.
Now, I throw curse upon curse;
hurling all my animosity at those things that carry you to me
in the only form I've ever known.
"I've been living so long with my pictures of you that
I almost believe that the pictures are all I can feel."

If I cannot feel your hand, cold in mine-
If I can't smell your hair
or feel your chest drenched with those happy tears of
At Last!,
do you really exist at all?
Mercilessly, cruelly, are we brought before our judge,
The Test of Time.
Eight years; is it wasted?
Wrote this Oct 10, 2018. Computer crashed and I thought I'd lost it. Here ya go, I guess. Sorry not sorry for the pop culture references. These things are a part of who we are, and I bring my soul forth to bear.
Skye Dec 2018
Snow White did not eat the poisoned apple, never ruled a kingdom.
She instead got judged everyday for living in a house with seven men,
not marrying any of them nor having any children of her own.
"What good is this woman for", they say.

Aurora did not ***** her finger on a needle, never met Prince Charming.
She instead spent her days alone, for everyone grew too envious of her beauty,
and had become believers that no one person can be as kind while being so beautiful, they did not want to befriend her.
"She's too good to be true, drop the nice girl attitude", they say.

Alice did not make it to Wonderland, never met Mad Hatter nor The White Rabbit nor The Red Queen
She instead got locked up for having too much creativity and imagination
"She's making so much discovery, girls are for household chores", they say.

Mulan never made it to the war, never won a battle for China.
She instead was forced to live a life she did not want to, marry someone she does not want to, often told that tradition always comes first.
"She's supposed to follow and respect tradition, to do otherwise will be disrespecting her family", they say.

Belle did not turn the beast back into a prince, never married him.
She instead had too many people stopped her from being with who she wanted to be with and who she wanted to be, for they also took all her books away.
"She's too smart for a girl and the beast is too ugly to deserve her beauty", they say.

Ariel did not get her legs back, never really found a home.
She instead spent her entire life being ridiculed for looking different than the rest of them; often laughed at for having distinguishing features.
"She's too odd, she's too weird to hang out with, what would people think", they say.

Rapunzel never made it out of the tower, never had a chance to chase her dreams.
She instead was forced to stay up for people have always told her she won't make it anyway.
"She's too naive for this world, her ideals are just impossible", they say.

And on and on it goes, until they break their every bones.
Until they have rewritten each and every fairy tale.
With so much animosity,  how to find a happily ever after?
Ken Pepiton Aug 2019
Aye, they'll be no wars here
Russian Sci Fi full neo-hero trope
post the untangling of tongues in 2019
We got us a 'ero, sh

it's bueno, like okeh
A. I. imagined
"Better Than Us"
paquin paquin 'skool

global mind making us see us

Bable was a long long time
whole wide world now speakeasy one tongue un
the root of all evil

virtual free speech is like free thinking

Bravo Holmes Noshit Sherlock

Ruskie TV on Netflix, this is a brave
new world

how much green screen clueing do we need

how real can you imagine
this source
in A/I termsa All In Art-effectual Inteleosity

Eh, wanna play
the long game? Snak-ish sistere quest on a point

is the whole world chromakeyed to black?
CMYK reality
4 and we know there
is more

life is com
plixitified in timespace with sinkholes

from russian lit gone t' seed
in the days of geek gods in realms of emoting

demoting weight of adrenalin on a globalscale,
the dmt, just to see men dance.
  try it, its in you, you think dreams

you know you do
dreams, hard wireless ness courage

to ignore the backstory and take the hero as
the hearer of the

angels, the forder of the hermetical stream
flowin' tween yen
and yanked

into reality with a pull
that broke the skin, an orange picker memory
would you know the rod of an almond tree,
if one budded in your mind,

lockt in the box of the coven
entitlement to the
kingdom, after
kings mean
dung and reality tv is indistinguishible,

can you hear Turings's gay chuckle,
how about…

Folk Art, the ruskie actor says, winks and
pirouettes into

a spiral-ation action,
slipping in rorshach assumptions...

beacuss, be a cause
we can,
bits and digits all the way down,
the turtles were

never holding up progress.
They could have been repurposed in future myths,

as mutants emerged from sewage,
who imagined that,
for real?

Your children must know the truth,
who will tell them if you can't lie?

That is an A, an alpha idea.
Can you think it? But is a Beta,

but beta is always better, eh?

Everybody knows, we sneeze in threes.

Charlie was the enemy, C. Company
Rhose to the occasion

how long ye simple ones
choose ye simplicity?
this odd is
simple as pi wrapped in
Hopf-fibrations you twist in your soul,

There's the question? A/I (Arisa in this Netflix
re-run of "Better Than Us")
queried through by
whether person's vacillating
on the
width of the eye of the storm
in the  elex-elite
as co-related with the
degradation of the
Great Red Spot.

Episode seven or so
the russians call coaches coach.

Hey, I call coaches coach,
even ones I never knew. WHO knew ruskies do to,

Hard to hate a team player, with coach
respect dripping, dark stains on the green screen

where what shapes the future
reality is

visible, If I squint....
Those can't be, can they?...
Potemkin villas,
filmed in 2016, to run in Amerika
now, leading upt to interupt the
intentional animosity
with frivolity in
the 2020 build up of crudescence.

We have seen the enemy and he is we
envisioning good A.I. Art-effectual Inteleos,

as well as Pogo Possum did, Earth Day One,
1970, nigh half a century passed away as
funny papers faded into

the medium of memory -- look around--
loved ones ain't in the funny papers, like regular, back
when ink ruled the imagination involved in
how Tibet was depicted... in our mind's
hearing ears and seeing eyes

how about…
can you hear Turings's gay chuckle,

now. It's the test.
Whatif the enemy was still regular fold under oll the otherness of their gut biomes based on the soil amd the clime?
Golden Flower Dec 2019
I may not be content but I am at ease
We never fought but we would tease
We both let go of our tight grips
I wish I could say our hands just slipped
We never had animosity, we were always faithful
And for this first love I am grateful
I gently breathe and try to slowly let go
I will always love you, this I hope you know
I won’t hold my breath and I won’t hold onto pain
Just know that your hug is what has kept me sane.
I hold you in my heart and mind,
Thank you for always being so sweet and kind.
He will never end up reading this poem but its okay. These are just things I wish I had the guts to say after our break up.
Sally A Bayan Sep 2019
(a group of 10 words)

Vast surfaces of blue-green
oceans still capture eyes,
create sighs...

its salt-scented sea breeze,
and salty waters...offer
natural healing...

less chemicals, meant
fresh air
less dreaded diseases,
safer lives...

nobody expected...that one day,
malevolent winds and rains

grow seeds of
on fertile soil and minds...

a peace-loving, compassionate,
world......turned paranoid,
people learned...became wary,

of feigned smiles and handshakes,
inanimate...and spiritless,
like plastic...


Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
September 21, 2019
Yonas Mengisteab Jan 2019
A lost pearl
I wonder it was lost
What do you think?
It was lost!
A school, job, diamond
Gold, or money
Friends, fathers, mothers
Brothers, or sisters
No they are human beings
They deserve to die
And they make mistakes
So what!
Love is dead
Lost forever
It is lived far away from us
And cuts into different parts
So let examine our own hearts
How much we lived through this precious
Love, forever with much happiness

Two things
I cry
I weep
I despair
Again the other day
I enjoy
Experiencing two different things
Now and then
Here and there

This statue was done by me
This school was done by me
This mind of children was done by me
Everything was done by me
I boasted myself
Every minute of the days
People along the street
They watched me with their askance eyes
They mumbled, cried
How arrogant I was!
If I could climb to the mountains of pride
Then I would definitely become greed
How silly I am! In my life of deeds
I am doomed.

We blessed Friday, but

God bestowed freedom
On the dawn of Friday
For Eritrean
To have a new day
Our mother ululated
Our father brandishing their hands
School children waves their flags
Then the sky becomes brighter
People gathered from every corner
The birds sing a melodious
The children taste delicious
The sea becomes calmer
Rebuilding the country is our premier
Then we began steadily
Without hesitation
Everything changed
But nowadays,
I am afraid
I heard something bad
People cursed
And murmured to the given freedom
Which is given by almighty God?
Oh! What is wrong?
My fellow people
Do we have prayed?
Which is multiple?
Of three or four
Our freedom
To be reconsider
Absolutely, not
Don’t argue
In the life of God

True love
Love is God
Of eternity
Value of human being
Ever changing society
Decayed of soul, poorer or richer
Overwhelmed by materials
Never afford as good maker
Odorous gratitude
Taken for granted
Ready for good or bad day
Emerging and paving the way
Cuddle in my heart
Obviously, you are best
Reunion in one circle
Determine the best friend
Salute you, thanks indeed
Out of this entire world
Fetish you are, in my soul
We are embraced in one heart
Really it is the beautifulness
Omit the bad spirit
Never gave up a true love
Get ready for any eventuality
Stand up for unity and beauty.

Brag kills you

People are brag
The government is brag
Everybody is brag
Brag, brag, brag,
Flattened themselves in rag
Which is made by their drug?
A drug of ignorance
Of stupidity
Of selfishness
Of unspiritual
At the end of the day
They all fall into a ditch
Living in their grave
Like a log
You lived in the everlasting bog.

Poems is my life
Ponder about the life
Oblivious the dumpiness
Emanate from grace
Make the world change
Initially gratitude
Set up in my mind
Master of my life
Yonder that cliff
Love yield in my soul
Intimately grow
Forgetting the appall
Ending you go.

Empty coffer
Oh! My goodness
I have never seen like that
In my life
How corrupted the governor was
When I was a grown up
As a school children
My mother told me
How beautiful of the nation
A nation of sacrifices
Of perseravance
Of unity
Of resilience
They promised us
To do that, to do this
They scheduled timetable
To feed their people
But they never do anything
They go back to square one
Everything is vanished
No more nations with empty coffer
There is no farmer.

My confession
Ah! Is that you?
I know….
I remember you
Listen carefully
I will tell you
It was on June 20, 2010
I met you in Asmara
A unique name of aba shawl
You make me craze
You kept me in bowl
I spent money
To please you
I run always to catch you
I forgot everything
School, job, family
I thought you.
So what do you need now?
Again, you call me
This is not the other of me
I confess
I don’t need you
Let me leave in peace.

Back to square one
I don’t blame you
I don’t rebuke you
I always bless you
I hate of everything
Of bad thinking
You know…
Which leads you?
To the place of despair
You know…
I know you more
This is not from inside of you
Banish the bad behavior
Come back to the life of good deeds
Then you know it
Who leads you?
To the evil of thought
Who kills you?
Bit by bit.

Our mother land

Of all the lands,
Urging and promising to us
Really hold prosperity and peace.

Mother of hero and heroine
Order rehabilitation
Things to change
House to build
Education to flourish
Roads to construct.

Have you ever seen that change yet?
Always talking for nothing
Suspect the people for that being

Beseech for development and democracy
Rolled their sleeves for prosperity
Attest their resistance from enemies
Vows and stands as bees
Endures from excessive animosity
Laying in their country peacefully
Yes we can, were their voices rigorously

Master of all these
Uproot the ignorance
Take off the poverty
Initiate it now,
Let’s do it, was their slogans
Assault us severely
To dismantle us thoroughly
Evolve them in corruption
Destroy the beauty of the nation

Under their rule of administration
Subdued us to blow for their mission
Be my lover
I told you millions times
Not to cross my mental doors
To **** me in the barren fields
I don’t have any pacts
With others
Why not I inside you
You inside me
If I had a true love,
I wouldn’t have told you about the others
Why shouldn’t I
Tell you the truth
I told you millions times
Not to cross my fences
This gems was given to my beloved ones
My soul doesn’t allow
The ****** love
Which is blowing in time of trouble?
That doesn’t resist the strife
Then,   you will lose your life.

Be hold of happiness
Enlighten of your kindness
Towards with your fellow friends
Have I wished you great times?
Excel yourself from others
Let me bless you more than this
Hard work and change is must
Endure and protect your heart
Make your future bright.
We cried
We died
Of   failure
So in times of trouble
Be humble
And innocent
And change the situation
In your favor
Love edifices
Be sacrifices
And smile
A while
Until you drink a cup of success
Don’t give up in despair
Said my brother
“Smile costs nothing
But it creates much.”
Don’t close your doors with latch.

It is a pity
Really sympathy
People are going
In hectic
For they don’t do anything
Life is full of ups and downs
Someone breakthrough
While others falls
Someone they get stayed
Others they frayed
But death
Repose them
To cease their life
And brought them on its emperor
In its territory once for all.

My hero
I promise
I promise not
I thank you
I thank you not
One day
You would become my hero
You light up my darkness
As a teacher,
You pave away the dirt road
As engineer,
You praise me
As pastor,
You are blessed
You are endowed
Thanks god,
So, my dear fellow
Grasp and seize
The intended position
To serve your family and nation
Your victory becomes sparkle
Like smile
Everything is fun.
Ackerrman Aug 2019
I am wearing a ***** shirt,
It is crumpled and twice worn before
On days when laughter echoed the halls
Of aorta and vena cava,
But the sound curdled and went stale
As entropy ran through veins,
As my name rang in your ear,
The animosity grew in your cold stare.

I am wearing odd socks.
I haven’t found a partner,
Nor do I understand the use
Of matching two things the same.
If I were in love with the mirror
Then I should just wear one sock,
Let my sock’s noose sink into my supple skin
And slowly cut my ankle.

I haven’t washed my tie
In the entire time I have owned it,
Or the time it has owned me,
I feel the ***** cotton, wrapped
Tight around my neck-
Binding my words,
Suffocating my suffixes,
And the most heavenly of words have bruises…

The whitest of silken beds,
Was marred with blood
Before it was clad in armour,
Now nothing can harm her.

Nothing gets in..

The covers are not warm
And nobody sleeps there.

Less of a bed now,
Thinks defensively, now.
The colour begins to fade.

Ethereal façade

I don’t leave my door open anymore,
Darkness crept in
And I don’t dare let it out.
I have grown fond of the colour,
Or lack of it.
Personal pronouns-
The more I use the word ‘I’,
The less fond I become of it.
"Everything's going so fast, it's all in such high gear. Sometimes it doesn't feel like me. It's as if none of it really happened. As if nothing were real anymore"
Imara Vaglez Jan 6
This assignment is the worst.
Let me tell you how I spent the past few days contemplating whether or not I had ever truly loved.
Let me tell you how I tried to spin strangers into metaphors-
Likening their veins to spiderwebs and eyes to oceans and cringing at the sound of a language I had abused into making meaning out of things that didn't really matter.
Now I know you said, "love doesn't have to be romantic."
It can be platonic like Batman and Robin or bordering animosity like Doofenshmirtz and Perry the Platypus, but I know that's not what people want to hear,
And as a person who lends her ear to the universe and knows that even the Big Bang could dissipate into a whisper amidst all this noise, I wanted to be worth listening to.
I wanted to tell a great love story, but I cannot even begin to fathom what it means to open up your heart wholly and freely-
To tell the castle guards to pull down the drawbridge and cross over to the other side.
The weather must be nice out there.
Perhaps the sun is so warm it could kiss your skin, and the wind so full of life it could carry you away if you let it.
If you let it breathe it could bring you to your knees, and isn't that what love is supposed to do?
Send you chasing hurricanes, turn your world upside down, make you question whether or not a God exists because love is a force of nature- good or bad, for better or for worse.
If love is the square root of all feeling, then to feel at all must be to love.
But I am just a girl living in a hollow house trying to fathom the paradox of feeling numb, as the storm rages outside.
Let the raindrops pitter patter on.
Let the clouds rumble.
If I close my eyes, I can almost imagine-
This is the sound of footsteps.
Someone is knocking at the door.
All I need to do
is let them in.
This was the first spoken word poetry piece I ever performed in public. My professor thought it would be a great idea to write love letters and read them out loud, which I dreaded for weeks until I found myself spewing out verses at a rate I had never done before. It was magical and exhilarating, and absolutely unlike anything I had ever felt before.
alex Nov 2018
The open arms to which you promised safety was falsely given from your own desperation for someone to have. You convinced me that the hostile environment and company you supplied me with was what I deserved, needed, the inevitable to how I would always be treated. Your vile lies you fed into my head haunt me to today, causing more anger and creating more animosity towards you. I will never be the girl you wanted and I will never be enough for you, and knowing this makes me feel at ease now with the knowledge of it not being my fault. I was not yours to keep, I was not yours to force to be what you wanted. Your words dripped with acid, every insult, judgement or spiteful response left scars that you will not take responsibility for. Your half hearted apologies make me more disgusted in the thought of you, the plan of using it to have me again stays incapable of working against my grudge. Your neglectful and unsupportive demeanor made my chest feel as though it had been filled with lead, the dread weighing down on me knowing I was not a person to be wanted. Having you take my love with nothing in return left me with stomach drops and sleepless nights. Your effects on me are ones you cannot fathom; your empathy not present in taking blame for how poorly you treated me. I wish luck upon those who try to be with you in the future, I will move on without me thinking back on you. I regret giving you any time out of my day to let my thoughts run wild and deep over your cold toxicity. Anger pools in my soul thinking about how you treated me, thinking that you may do that to someone again. Unfairly playing the victim card when I get the courage to leave, manipulating my anxiety into threatening to harm yourself if I wasn’t yours. Your times of purposely reading my messages yet not replying to avoid knowing why I am crying. Not caring enough about me being a human to worry about my mental health. Slowly aiding my depression, both contaminated hands of yours and mental illness pushing me to the edge. No second thoughts pass your mind as you throw another comment at me to make me feel below you. Wanting to feel superior to me and to anyone, putting others down just to feel you are right. Yet you are the one who is at the bottom when you stoop so low as to harm others for your own self-gratification. Pulling me back in with your two faced sweet words; only to kick me back down again with a contradictory insult. Using kind words if it somehow supports or benefits you in some way, using others to make yourself feel needed and important from your manipulation. Carve my heart like a cake set out to celebrate your manipulation; I want you to understand that the home you called yourself will one day burn.
I Hate You.
A long unnecessary message to my abusive ex, one he will never read nor ever care to read.
Prelude  PART I

"Today when the threat is looming, as close apocalyptic years approach, it will be by cohabiting itself and the ruining valley of debris, which will make this world corrupted the next issue of the numeral scale of the new count, a rising hyperspace , concerning the parts of the kingdom of God ... "

Then on the Lord's day, John saw the glory of the risen Christ, and she understood from the point of view of God, he saw that the fate of the Church and threatened in the first persecutions took the appearance of a dark beginning.
And the time John wrote the Evangelist, including books were Jews called Revelation, that is, "Revelations". With fantastic images of monsters, angels and cataclysms, evidence of the Jewish people are stressed and are invited to await the judgment of God who intervenes from heaven with all his power.  So my beloved world is harsh and does not represent an apocalypse, but it is the true reality is when I will bear its overwhelming slaughter.

" Today when I walked with my winged feet near my friend Victor, I confided down the road crushed by afflictive legs; how difficult the taste of laughter when the decadent surrounds you, the human, the vile, the loose ...
Even though the celestial charisma invoke his memory and help nourish the weakness of Robert in hyperspace, with clean clothes, I can see his beloved mother consumed as automaton can take care of him. She is also her father, because it carries rooted in its members and manners, infinitely sharp look; in their arms they will gather wherever his soul is under his patronage that lives there ..."
I am  who  say that Roberto is a dog, who bears all the faces of dogs humble and serene. Perhaps tired of hearing young people, it is flush adults who do not accept, and who do not share as young faces were watching them, getting them to receive them what they should disclose them.
This is how we are numbed and distraction is fleeting, and he looking aside in his astrayed, he would be saying ...:
"Among the cradle and the grave I have a feeble scaffolding, and then complains, though his other I demolishes; unsconcient defends his executioner ... that the threat of death is its widespread depravity, which dominates it and want to go on like mortifiying.

      I want to talk about life ..., he said in his short years of life, which is more of it; possibly coming to complex, what our Somatic territory responds in normal or involuntarily. Comparative anatomy, and its innermost portion, the link body and mind, as a pure white as Samadhis and nature.
Homeostatic factors regulating our vitality, making its experimental modification, increasing to evolution, or maturation as a criterion of personal psychology go with the passage of time into in the depths of our mind.
Thus in a known threshold of Vedic architecture, its sensitivity is excited by regulating the effectiveness of the response to be made ... and everything related to the world of Ludwig Garroch; brother Robert in his strange Emigrate.
Yesterday when my arms away from hers, my fingers pounding away and recording what the heart more than a song, was a symphony sonata with a single end, long and sustained movement; It was the adage inner melancholy with an eye romanticism, which dominates the
passions of the visible world, which inhabits Antonieta, causing me, unbalanced living.

                                       CHAPTER I

In the beginning years of his childhood, little Ludwig sitting at home, in the gallery. Ask her aunt who was ironing ... Madelain, how I would always be a child of five ...?, And being as such, a privileged to receive toys for many years. Attentive aunt, maybe go to hear with little complacency as his hands only want unroll clothes.
After two years at the age of seven, when her aunt arranging his coat to go to Mass, she teaches a carol that had been taught in childhood. When many wondered whether there is a Santa Claus ...?, And among his friends they looked to unravel the mystery. One year later, when he enjoyed his unicycle, who just dominated him, called him a cousin telling her it was her birthday. He did not hesitate to go to find out what was behind the call, so he found the means by which we celebrate, we live and cooperate towards happiness and delight to have us at each other.
Not long after a friend told him .. "You do not have ten years are too big And Ludwig thought he was well endowed and well stopped, so not your friend was wrong in the above. It is my label and my stance has put the world on me.
Every passing day came the stamp of manly character, a woman or girl who made change her hairstyle, and he did dress more attractive every day.
Later, in his teens, his gaze was well received and their voices radiated security screening. Where He must continue the line of men. Even when I was living as smoothly, looks out strong destination with which calls us to live with skin clean or *****, because it is inside the feeling and the pain does not come out, it is enclosed by the overflowing affection. Here is the portion of good or evil haunting things casual and destroys the healthy, it fertile.

              ­                           CHAPTER II

Then was a year with a sports compensate pleasant summer sated outdoors, almost fugitive ... will not wonder that life smiled on him serfdom, and very willing opened his prudence.
Every time I decided to go to his favorite places, he went with his burly comrades in the best mood to conquer optimistically. Thus, no wonder he wanted when he was alone and put your reasoning judiciously, because nothing is distant, nothing is impossible.

After unite desires and forces, to clean your bike, piece by piece, in full sun know much security would not allow the mother of vices ruin their fun, that scarce alive to possess the desire to move and go on compliance instinct. Casts on itself, the vigor of the inner, its desolate world full of free enthusiasms who obey no doubt the vital complex activity.
Ludwig and entering the maelstrom of men love hate Godson, you can glimpse the friction with the air, with people ... I wore. That their voices heard their soul contracts, and thus puts light feet towards an acceleration which does not afflict his troubled stomach, nor regret his decision and put fearful, but, bring himself retained encouragement of his mind to remember the maternal cooing, comfort and timely relief to protect forever the suffering, the suffering of torment without end, not he shut the inspiration of the good man that no harm will result, and not for nothing the valence of living and not quarrel prancing. No existing could shed some light on what role, and that little thought is not complicated, and thus shown kneeling and unable to distressing oppressors and agents tangled conduct to chaos, those characters of ambition and discrimination.
Ludwig, who lives in the Ecologist City, where large forest ... budded, is home jungle floral site, whose relations are flowers, trees ..., next to Strange birds migrate flower in her intra nature reproduced, and pods evacuated by butterflies.
His close friend, is the watery and salty sea, which is beloved because he falls in love, puts on alert and curses him by his surroundings and invoking him. Anyway, it dwells wherever it is, and is accepted as a basic element of the universe.

                                         CHAPTER III

The act of tender love would be fulfilled later ..., what his voice fell silent and had his eyes and heart fortify, which will be linked from far inside.
At night, with Roderick going to a festive night, they climbed the rungs center alone, with heat in his shirt skin later. And in a deliberate action, someone asks you a sign that taking care tired and distinguishing see that John was his friend, school mate. He did not hesitate, he approached, greeted him and his sister and a cousin when she noticed well, he saw that he wore perfect for your night.
Debra wore elegant, dark clothes and sang with her dark brown wavy hair; his white brunette and harmonious ****** complexion line, gave her constant reflection. Fate was present, as it would not go around the world to be looked at by someone, he would watch his choice. Little was said, he only realized he was not passing and North America came eleven years ago.

They roasted the hours and the party ended, Ludwig remained with her new friend and his old friend John. They went downstairs, thinking about committing his new friendship, as I had noticed a slight interest in it. This happened and the meeting lasted for several hours.
The next day, he went to see her lawns roads where she lived, always with its mystique and kneeling the beast that wanted to impose upon him, that gives it excessive materialism unloved peace.
She arrives at her house, which was to John, though not very comfortable, but sure to please and attentive to host it.
And that night said much that was the tender feeling and liking her, but as his policy was rigid and concerning celibacy, only mattered to him, the unknown world of madness in his brawling to survive.
Time passed and deepened love, Ludwig went to say goodbye to his beloved, especially that he had faith, but that day would betray him. And so I wanted to put his heart and iron sleep peacefully, but Debra no secret  to tell ...:

"Ludwig, do not abandon our own, we must have faith, and I understand what it is. Ludwig rested and then brought her hands to her, hugged her and kissed all over her face, covering her eyebrows, nose, forehead, mouth; his lips positions in the middle of it, wanted to feel her warmth and tell her he loved her and would miss a lot of pain. But there was no show weakness, he must be strong and not to complicate the farewell from North America. Mourn scared him, because he had forged the feeling, because his aching grief was deep and it was at an undetermined point, with great desire to hold her and kiss over his face.
So ever, it was unbearable, she would like to die in his memory and had to remember in the collective thinking of his family circle. Which it fits the feel shivers ideas with sensations, such as the best in its inherent upstart point.

It was hard, as if more than man Ludwig out the feminine side of himself. But irremediable was the end, eager poisonous reaper approached. Ludwig hugged her, kissed her and stroked her right breast ... saying: "Do not forget me ..." and so left. Then he wrote her, that madness had transformed her away, but the distance was prevented against carcinoma being all postponed.
To know he could not boil your blood heavy thinking, they were contracted muscles. When he relaxed, he saw back through the hatch of his head, the soul that was in an ****** tragic holocaust, where Eros tenaciously and rebellion dictated its laws. Ludwig slept, and consciousness became natural color, as if it were safer, eternally fresh and manufactured this dream a poem ...:  

" That one corresponding to the celebration,
I wish to reunite with enthusiasm and strength ...
touching eyes closed
the sad sky, the dry ground, dried flowers
and people backward habits.

As meaning if it takes itself ...,
is the meaning
although they are scattered
in flows oppressions ...
the animosity of delight just widow and desultory,
losses and more losses at the time of aging ...
and profits to appease others.

For more like,
there seems to be a big drop ...
the same credibility ...?
and setting as a feeling
remain imagination stationary.

As hard it corresponds to the body,
It is destroyed inside ...
and hardened thoughts
tears falling to the esophagus,
without recognizing either way.

Who the pace of living is customizable,
and no opportunity is lost ...
but growing and creative
rears its profile,
as an unforgiven mirage. "

    Have been and unrestless forms of peremptory perceive, and when it starts to wander in my solitude, transporting my sorrow with grief, wherever I go I will take silent and vivifying separation completes the probable brain, which lives and endures in avidity stamped man with his need to want the Lord's command that made me forge this creation .--- he told himself, as a witness epilogue of his poem, albeit as the cry to its essence it was about. Originally from the Ecologist City, where reigned the wise and calm, where he healed their diseases, which has dodged the putrefaction of their wounds, where you inhale the aroms most want and cordoned off its without a grave lack of soft and flowering odour.
To believe missing, do not be afraid and trust that will grab everything, that not a drop of air was not lost on her fingers, which will not fail to display their imaginative stuff Alma Mater.
With all their eating, you want to cure your bad like venereum, and would go into the hands of a counselor or a warlock who extirpated the curse. Heal her feet and hands to despair, to heal the memory of his thought that I seasoned and voluptuous breaks the veins of his caleter, which seems not of it like a dwarf be provided with a dagger will break their venal, and this to commit such surgery, he laughs loudly with garnets eyes, full of the worst evil.

And this way Ludwig Garroch, vague without fear of rags, without fear of hunger or the messiness, only idles so that someday I can walk on the water surface, leaving their hydrocentric footprints where plankton reverence their sense of pain, his infarcted heart , her long fingernails of violence.

Under edition,  then under All...
You will never be good enough
But you will be expected
To still try your best

You are always perceived as incapable
But you are still expected
To keep up with the rest

You will always be nothing
But when you’re in social circles
You must always appear to be something

You will never have time
But you are expected
To always, somehow, make time

You will always bring shame
And you are wasting your time
To gain someone’s esteem/approval

You will always be a mistake
But the universe is never balanced
And perfection is an illusion

Your depression will always haunt you
The grey cloud hangs at a constant
But optimism will shine through

Your anxiety will always hold you back
But it is wrong and you know this;
It’s simply a question of belief

You can never trust anyone
But saying this brings disbelief
For you know the truth

They will try to manipulate you
To break you to their will;
But you can destroy your oppressors

You will never be rich
Always crawling from scraps off the table
But wealth comes in many forms

This exhaustion will never leave
And in time, it’ll get worse
But your abilities’ vigorous strength will prevail

You will always be needy
For after all, you’re only human
And prosperity is our collective right

They will project things onto you
Because they are too weak themselves;
Don’t forget your true self

Once given, you will always be an addict
For they don’t know the struggle and only judge
Don’t detract them; their biases lack reason

They’ll always call you a monster
Lazy humans desperately cling to the past;
They forget that the worst monsters are humans

Your expectations will always be shattered
The mind’s perfection is hard to overcome
But impossibility is much more enjoyable

Your gifts will be used and abused
For some fear natural talent
It will hurt; but also inspire

You will be loved conditionally
As long as you do, act and say what’s expected;
Show them indifference, not animosity

They will criticize you
On every little detail that make you you
But their approval shouldn’t concern you

You will be a disappointment
Because you don’t live by their rules
But your achievements are all for you

They will demand your respect
Because their titles are their only power
But don’t fall onto their bad manners

The intolerant will be racist
For fearing is easier than understanding;
Such biases should be meet with tolerance

They will compete against you
For some, being the best is more important
But there is harmony in sympathetic surrender

You will feel angry
Because life isn’t fair for us all;
There is delight in calmest simplicity

They will always want to be right
Because how dare you know more than me
They lead to immorality; the belief they are never wrong

They will tell you their opinion
And talk down to you in the process
Because only the weak try to rule the strong
Emma Feb 2019
Do you ever wonder what a child thinks,
when they meet every new face,
of all different sizes and race?

I don't think there is a child you would find,
whose immediate reaction would be hateful or unkind.

Children learn from everything they see,
so lets teach love, not animosity.
Dennis Willis Sep 2019
This listening this listening to
not at all happy with...

I am not deaf I am not hearing
what I am hearing

this wave this wave is coming back
its not the wave its the shore

listening to the sea its the shore
listening to the tongues of waves

its the moment the wave recedes
leapt upon by gleaming light

dissolving by receding this light fades
into sand into glass into

this is not sound this is not an act of sound
i am reverberating from beauty

i am littering space between with this
guessing about you

this apprehension of you this anticipation
of your hunger and whether it exceeds the lies you were born into

this listening to the lies making up the heart
of our us oh how fear ***** us in

unbelieve  your skin and snot and drool
as impediments to beauty

I am running your intent to ground
where sound grinds down

did i stutter did i drift did I miss
where you live and cry in small check

this crumb this dry crumb that is my heart
would listen really it would if only you

if only you were my beloved if only you
listening meant satisfaction

this sound coming from this sound
cries twice for the cool night without sound

i am not able to able to carry this carry this
self boarding self recrimination self sailing

feet of rope encircle our necking our passion
aching against all this listening this bath of alive

this hearing of angst and animosity and rutting anger
wishing to be fully pressured

and heard I am listening as you detonate
your threat to cause tears

i don't know what you are saying
I am pulled to corners by forces

then cool night air moves through
and i feel heard
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