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Poetry by MAN Dec 2015
Spell is broken
Magic words were spoken
Gone is the hoping
Transformation in coping
Witchy eyes mesmerize
Truth spoken in lies
Undercover like spies
Today delusion dies
Now I must be mad
To want what's sad
Experiment with the bad
Sparks talent that I have
Who's the spell caster?
What makes one a master?
Some fail faster
Document moment of disaster
Love me cruelly
Intoxicated truly
Cursed..I long foolishly
Venus energy unruly
None can ever have me
Many want me badly
Love I give madly
Doesn't have to end sadly
Must've been broken
Before spell was spoken
Art wide open
Commence with scoping
Its all an understanding
Of what we are commanding
May crash before landing
Done with delicate planning
I'm a vibrational hub
Radiate unconditional love
Same below as above
Wrap souls with this hug
These words of magic blows all away
Deflect Spells of hate every day
Enter the game if you choose to play
We all live our lives in our own way
So light me up..Take this token
Potent I become when I'm smoking
Dive inside my love is open
This Phoenix shall rise when spell is broken
M.A.N 2-1-15 I performed this at a poetry slam earlier this year..It scored okay I've done a few edits on it since here's final version..
Poetry by MAN Jun 2015
Sing a song fast or slow
Melody completes the flow
Strum guitar put on a show
Hit all notes high and low
***!!! You are dream
Voice of an Angel with a Devil's scream
***** mind you so clean
Oh so nice yet so mean
Tell me how you want this Dope?
Twisted how I slip the *****
Potent addictive most can't cope
Write you lyrics you can smoke
I am now a giving MAN
Hold my ego in my hand
Slips from grasp just like sand
Release me from the master plan
So I drift on my own
Carving out a heart from stone
Magic every day has grown
Flesh feels married to the bone
Adventure unravels mystery
Encounter different parts of me
Through eyes of wise begin to see
Means to elevate humanity
Truth on Earth we all are one..
Chilling on the block till Kingdom come
Radiate our talent like rays of Sun
We Sing a song far from done...
M.A.N 6-17-15 This was originally a freestyle flow..I did an edit and here it is..
Poetry by MAN Jun 2015
Your VIBE brings me to life
Here's my Heart take a slice
Wicked is my nice
Random like a roll of dice
I see your shining soul
Illuminating is your glow
Inside I start to grow
To love you is to know
Excuse me if I'm blunt
I've just returned from the hunt
Clean my fangs hear me grunt
Motion master every stunt
Fine flesh I must taste
Luscious lips I won't waste
Primal pleasure we embrace
Have you seeing outer space
Wolf spirits howl at the Moon
Ravaged in a hypnotic swoon
Bodies slap create tribal tune
Wrestle play sacred boom boom boom..Hollaaa!
Priceless like a Shaman Dollaaa!
Wear war paint instead of a collar
Genocide survivors of slaughtered sorrow
Faith our strength with it we build tomorrow...
M.A.N 6-10-15 I wrote this awhile back..I decided to do an edit here's the result..
Poetry by MAN Jun 2015
In silence I shall love
Heart beats peace become the dove
Push nah a gentle shove
So below..As above
Finding ones divinity
Swimming in  serenity
Claim I am an enemy
Scared to be friend to me
Communication is a handy tool
Glean experience to something new
Recognize false become the true
Many in society like to act the fool
Some words are read but never heard
Silence vibrates becomes a verb
Plant it..grow it..smoke the herb
Outlaw nature so absurd
Speak out of turn..Who are you hushing?
To right person these words may be touching
Hopes evolve to dreams..that money is crushing
Elevate those who turn nothing into something
Stories unfold in a world so cold
Children's innocence still bought and sold
Continue to fix mistakes of the old
Everybody has a story that should be told
A poet doesn't have to stand up and preach
Truth flows free you can feel my soul reach
Bring it together in one big speech
Raise Vibrations we need to teach
Attractive is intelligent
When triggered made relevant
Package now they're selling it
Brains bigger than an elephant
Flex good thoughts like a muscle
Practice everyday the spiritual hustle
Continue to write truth feathers will ruffle
My silence speaks loud no longer I can muffle...
M.A.N 6-4-15 I did an edit and finished this today..I really felt good writing it..
Poetry by MAN May 2015
Oh God I'm such a Devil
Next level I was born to be rebel
Bury me alive here's the shovel
Built I am from trouble's rubble
Curse worse in verse than any MAN
F*ck your plan on sacred beliefs I stand
Take my land slaughter my clan
Common sense you fail to understand
I am the blood watch me stain
Empires fall ideas remain..
Blood spills overseas Government playing war games
Power and money helps you live with your shame
Poetry key to unlock the cages
Master every level document the stages
I am a book living my pages
Every story I'm in so outrageous
So Devil I am why would I claim to be
Flow wicked spin spells to my destiny
Pull me over question me
Tell me officer what do you see?
A shade of color that isn't white
A souls so dark eats up all light
Shoot me down without a fight
Your own destruction you ignite
Streets on fire media fans the flames
Justice bleeds truth watch it drain
Anger plus death multiplies the pain
Our lives on the line Yo..This is no game..
Continue this dance to our doom
Apocalypse now hear the boom
Don't really believe..just assume
The Devil is the darkness in the room..
M.A.N 5-22-15 Original title was "Devil" either way I'm trying to take it to "Next level"..Future slam material hopefully I can memorize and nail it..
Poetry by MAN May 2015
Ooh Lu ma I want to kiss your lips
Number one top on my bucket list
For me there is only you
I've felt the false I want the true
Life isn't easy in fact it's cruel
We navigate through obstacles it's what we do
Not a perfect story or favorite song
To understand what's right we have to know what's wrong
Emotions weak? Hell no their strong!
A love that leaves one better when it is gone
Look..Let me show you what you cannot see
With words I can paint reality
Example..I am one unfinished book
Chapters of the many risks I took
Gangsta of love I played the crook
Now the sum of ingredients watch me cook
Enough about me back to you
I want to hold your hand all life through
Wish for me like I wish for you
For my one true..I say I do...
M.A.N 10-3-14 I wrote this awhile back..feeling a bit corny today..hmm why not put it out..Ooh Lu ma I hope you find it delicious full of love which makes it nutritious..∞ ƸӜƷ
Poetry by MAN Apr 2015
I wrote this for a slam to explain who I am
Hello it's poetry by M.A.N..Yes I am a pseudonym
Mystery I provoke to make the theater choke
Words play every stroke feel emotions can you cope?
I'm here to make it clear rhyme in poetry you shouldn't fear
Twisted is the mirror many levels are the tier
Competition is vital keeps us questing for a title
Who will be my rival in this poetry Survival?
Hit you with love..Vibrate rooms like a club
Ba doom Ba doom voice bass hit you like a Sub...
Woofer...Heart is full not hallow
LIKE ME! If there was a button would you follow?
Messenger M.A.N twist my tongue for this slam
Aw **** gawd **** he thinks he's a rapper M.A.N witness this vocabulary wreck
All due respect..don't want to be correct
Commercial break watch me pop with my snapple
Acquired many skills hope my talent is ample
Kung fu poet choose any style I will flow it
Talent is the seed..I nurture and grow it
MAN of bone creating a melodic tone
Feel comfort inside like your coming home
Shaman Buddha this hybrid will school you
Magnetic seduction runs right through you
I vow to play my part in this world of art
Watch me butterfly to a new start
Blow my nose with prose
Just words without flow
Stand up on stage put on a good show
Hope y'all enjoyed poetry by MAN
Speak not in 1st or 2nd but the 3rd I am
Run blogs on tumblr..Facebook can't stand
"Throw your mind's in the air" Top rope body SLAM!!
M.A.N 4-11-15 Yeah I wrote this for a slam I performed this piece in Visalia, Cali on 4-11-15 it didn't score well judges seemed a bit confused by it..I did fumble a bit eh I'm still working on my slam skills...
Poetry by MAN Apr 2015
Embrace the madness watch what you become
A being of light radiant like the Sun
Witness empires fall..Kingdoms come
Tell the tales of humanity the wicked ones
No heaven can hold a heart so bold
Space I fold when tales are told
Chop it up..clean it..nicely rolled I'm blowed
Witness the magic without the rabbit
You may not see it best believe I have it
Eat up Demons devour bad habits
Visions of violence taste the tragic
I have no limits I wear no chains
Not held back by illusion or mental strain
Pull plug on sorrow let it drain
Take every pain make it a gain
You see insanity has its perks
Mastering moments doesn't always work
Yet to try doesn't hurt
Possibilities are endless so I flirt
You see I can ramble on for days
Share Vibrations to get a raise
Combinations come in many ways
Tapped into a song that always plays
My soul is thirsty I need a drink
I look..I see what people think
Of course it's insanity I live on the brink
Only few get my Devils wink
So I sit writing lines
Dropping my thoughts like land mines
One exploded in the rhyme
Memories splattered throughout time
For once let the madness take control
Evolve pass boundaries of your soul
Embrace the obvious that makes you grow
Unlock hidden knowledge you already know..
M.A.N 4-9-15...150 poems posted/published through website hmm I didn't know I had it in me..Already well into my next 150 with unpublished and ongoing drafts whew I loves me some writing I enjoy making it all up as I go along.. ∞ ƸӜƷ
Poetry by MAN Mar 2015
Wake you every day with kisses all over your body
As we lay..cuddle...Hmm we start to feel naughty
Play a game of footsies under the sheets
Probing bodies strobing generating heat
Tickle your me where it feels good
As sure as Sun rises so does my morning wood
Juices flow..******* wet
Anticipating pounding you are about to get
Massaging thighs staring deep in eyes
Inhibitions fly nothing we don't try
Comfort between us there is no fear
Nibble whisper **** talk in your ear
Bodies connect perfect piece of a puzzle
Sip slow at first then take a big guzzle
Pleasure pulsates vibes run through body
Touch you in places where signal is spotty
Caressing scars hit maximum bars
Stroke for stroke till seeing stars
Passion strums like a song that's sung
Twisting..tasting..tangled tongues
Birds and Bees..Smoking trees
Buck with every shot push to last drop
Contort vibrate from ******* shock
****** rubbed right grant all your wishes
Mine to wake you everyday with Morning Kisses..
M.A.N 2-3-15 I wrote this one for my **** blog..Here is a bonus line I didn't use cause its cheesy.^_* Cook you food do the dishes as long as I can have your Morning kisses..♏️
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