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Poetry by MAN May 2016
Today I had a writer's dream
Challenged to create a scene
Shall I write some poetry
Release let it flow from me
If I had a **** to turn
All the way I'd let it burn
Molding letters with my tools
A creator doesn't follow rules
Definitions all in the mind
Meaning some will never find
A story that is born from me
Stolen moments of reality
As a writer I do the work
Reporter of the daily dirt
Putting soul into the lines
Insanity speaks in rhyme
Makes no sense so it seems
Waking from a writer's dream...
Poetry by M.A.N 5-11-16
Poetry by MAN Mar 2016
A poet is not perfect* although some claim to be
Scribblers of thought watchers of humanity
Pen every emotion fill it with devotion
Ride waves of passion chaotic like the ocean
A poet is not perfect with more than eyes we see
What's hidden what lies between prophecy
Future unfolding the past we keep holding
Now keeps rolling do you remember where you're going?
A poet is not perfect hmm what does this mean?
From life experience write a scene
Words forever blending combinations never ending
Translation of thought keeps the message sending
A poet is not perfect neither is humanity
Speakers of truth live on edge of sanity
Recognize what's broken book wide open
Read between lines multiply the hoping
A poet is not perfect many strive to be
Most fall victim to vanity
Born reactive to what's attractive
Division of emotions leave most subtracted
A poet is not perfect or what you might think
One universal mind flowing in sync
Discovering depth waking from sleep
Breaking silence with words perfect poetry we speak
Poetry By M.A.N 3-1-16
Poetry by MAN Feb 2016
What does it take? It doesn't matter I'll do
Famous last words spoken by a fool
Quest never ending for what is true
Match my wit it's on let's duel
Do you want it nasty?Well I can be
Bend you a new reality
Play with you..Play with me
Create my imagination so you can see
World premiere like a movie feature
Release inhibitions my sensuous creature
Adults play rough I wont beat you
Tickle your treasure hmm I might eat you
I'll be the teacher..time for schooling
Spank ***** red is my ruling
No expectations..stop assuming
Hunger for each other has us drooling
Bag of tricks long or thick
Lay them all out make your pick
Set explosion light your wick
Focus vibrate till insides spit
So tell me what does it take to earn
Passage to your passion feel its burn
In mind..In body..key I turn
Open up, let me in, I want to learn...
Poetry by M.A.N 2-5-16  This poem has been sitting in my drafts for a while it's got a **** vibe I wrote it for my **** Scorpio blog.
Poetry by MAN Dec 2015
Knock,Knock at your door
I'm here today to give you more
Hard I come to the core
My in and out may leave you sore
Words I pile to make you smile
Magic moments we keep on file
Expression of thought done with style
Write poetry that rhymes I go that extra mile
Good vibrations sent out every day
Many are the reasons why I walk this way
Inner child comes out to play
Can't see the wind yet still the trees sway
Knock,Knock please let me in
In eye of the beholder lives the sin
Justice blind create the spin
On foundation of loss we build the win
No more doors..No more halls
Eliminate doubt bring down the walls
Take a stand pick up those who fall
Tap into greatness within us all.
Poetry by M.A.N 12-22-15 I'm going through drafts doing edits and posting before new year..
Poetry by MAN Dec 2015
Spell is broken
Magic words were spoken
Gone is the hoping
Transformation in coping
Witchy eyes mesmerize
Truth spoken in lies
Undercover like spies
Today delusion dies
Now I must be mad
To want what's sad
Experiment with the bad
Sparks talent that I have
Who's the spell caster?
What makes one a master?
Some fail faster
Document moment of disaster
Love me cruelly
Intoxicated truly
Cursed..I long foolishly
Venus energy unruly
None can ever have me
Many want me badly
Love I give madly
Doesn't have to end sadly
Must've been broken
Before spell was spoken
Art wide open
Commence with scoping
Its all an understanding
Of what we are commanding
May crash before landing
Done with delicate planning
I'm a vibrational hub
Radiate unconditional love
Same below as above
Wrap souls with this hug
These words of magic blows all away
Deflect Spells of hate every day
Enter the game if you choose to play
We all live our lives in our own way
So light me up..Take this token
Potent I become when I'm smoking
Dive inside my love is open
This Phoenix shall rise when spell is broken
M.A.N 2-1-15 I performed this at a poetry slam earlier this year..It scored okay I've done a few edits on it since here's final version..
Poetry by MAN Dec 2015
Spark Me! Match my flame
Be warned when we burn up I will remain
Scars create patterns unique the stain
Suffering from pleasure transforming pain
Spontaneously combust exposing trust
Create a new definition of touch
All fantasies we can discuss
Tickle imagination till you gush
Harmonize sing ride emotional swing
Sparked no limit to what I bring
Bell goes ding watch me do my thing
Take flight fly high without wings
Extend beyond flesh personalities mesh
Pass every test with answers I am blessed
Been on many quests battled to the next
Phoenix heart explodes from my chest
Spark me! Don't get burned by ego's fire
Start with tongue..taste lips..vocal tone you admire
Stoke my flames..soul's dance in pyre
Set mark provide spark lets take it higher..
Poetry by M.A.N 12-16-15
Poetry by MAN Dec 2015
I'm drawn into the darkness in your eyes
I feel at home I don't know why
Tap into energy you supply
Magic explodes there is no more try
Inside you I want to become
A warrior for your heart under each passing sun
Battle like a gladiator till it's won
Satisfaction in action you're sure to come
Never been holy a Devil I am
Don't have to speak words vibes you understand
Scorpio mystic powers I command
Practice creates the master who makes the plan
You can check the clock there is no time
Same way there's no limit to our minds
Words born from emotions that cannot be defined
Translated by a poet patterns become design
Keep love flowing infinite always growing
Not what I say it's about what I'm showing
Drink from the river of ever knowing
Fine tune inner light till its glowing
Did you put me under your spell?
Drunk with love my defenses fell
Detached from heaven I walk through Hell
Listen to demons and stories they tell
I write them all down chapters for this book
Analyze recognize path they took
Cast out heart meat on the hook
Appeals to third eyes many take a look
Dare touch caress don't mangle
If I Expose my wick will you light my candle?
Release tension heart strings untangle
Charmer of my snake all yours to handle...
Poetry by M.A.N 12-10-15 I wrote this one a while back it's a bit naughty but I assure all my readers I am nice..;)
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