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Maternal instinct dominates roaming memories
Malice penetrates innocent unborn child's womb
Sizzling hatred incinerating remnant peaceful life
Decaying emotion transcends uncontrolled rage

Catalyst cataclysm mercilessly pours tasteless vapors
Noxious clouds consume, infecting burdened victims
Flickering midnight candles cast menacing, smouldering shadows
Gelatinous possessed wax trickles, hauntingly dispersing sickness

Hollow portraits weep symphonies, illuminating desolate witness
Silhouette's elegant performance swallows morbid instruments
Frigid emptiness resonates sorrow, crawling vigilance listens
Arctic auroras shatter, corrupting thin atmospheric balance

Quivering cowardice trembles, furious tsunami stimulates unease
Drowning courage dissipates, scorching tempest fragments disease
Demonic presence pulsates misfortune, grasping stoic fleshless hands
Iridescent particles swirl, consuming corpses throughout ashen sand

Transparent embers ignite pathogens, twirling madness erupts
Translucent epidemic crumbles pillars, corrupted ashes flux
Apocalypse ages centuries, uninhabitable earth transforms
Radiation disperses ozone, looming thunderclouds form

Absolute fury explodes, collapsing fissures quake!
Corpse turns cold, freezing the soul. Awake!
Plague rains grief, channeling cracked essence
Reanimated Armageddon infuses barren existence
Date: January 5, 2018
Index: 18.0
Series: Index
Version: 1.0
I have a lot to say to you that I wish I had said before.
I say: "I love you" but I wish I had told you something more.
I wish I had told you that I appreciate everything you do for me.
If I had just one moment to reflect on my mistakes, would I be free?

In my head I tell myself that we will be together forever.
But then you come at me like we're nothing but fickle weather.
The words I said were once smooth, the finest fabric
But now they shatter like glass, creating climatic havoc

The house trembles and quakes around us as we continue to fight.
Just another fractured window broken in the dead of the night.
Objects hurled through the room you're throwing as you're crying.
Our first photo hits the glass littered floor as I fall to silence.

I'm bleeding!
I'm on my knees, I'm begging!
You're cheating!
He walks in the door, I'm yelling!
You're screaming!
I'm collapsed on the floor, I'm dying!
You're leaving!
I'm fighting to stay awake, I'm seizing!

A polished shard of perspective replicates your intense beauty.
Dancing flames of passionate anguish and emotional cruelty.
Piercing my heartbroken chest crimson trickles around the buried blade.
You flee the scene watching the blood flow around the choices you made.

Lying in a puddle of my own blood the sound of sirens begins to haunt me.
I remember when we first met, you were in college and I was a nobody.
How sad you were when I first joined the army, and I was sent overseas.
I watch the car leave the driveway...what could I have done differently?
We live in a land of contempt
Where respect is exempt
Where a belief is held
That there is no reason to Rebel

Rebellious fools end up dead
As the voices whisper with dread
As they are silenced and fed
Lies and promises instead

Liars look on with broken ideals
As they look at others as inferior beings
As they stand so high and mighty
Renegades stand against society

Betrayal and deserters they stand for whats right
As they are pitted against their own in a fight
The liars stand behind their wall
Watching as their own people take the fall

Treasonous cowards, disloyal fiends
Dishonest fighters, faithless murderers
They are made into criminals bound for the gallows
Waging horrific war against their own brothers

Corruption hides within cruel asylum
Time passes, ignited sparks forgotten
Criminals spilled shame, abandoned honor
Against the liars of righteousness

On tattered parchment, words between stains
Written in a common language, crimson pain
Never confessed, the crime of oppression
Dying flame flickered, silencing defiance
I found this on my news-feed. I wrote it back in 2015. I didn't really remember writing it, and it pretty bad so I tweaked it a little.
Stabbing her in the belly
Blood explodes like a sea
Drowning his taste buds
The sweet smell of blood

He caresses her dying body
Licking the crimson salt
Chopping off pieces
And wrapping them to go

With each stab, liquid squirts
Painting him with her lovely scent
He pulls out her intestines inch by inch
Eats them like noodles with a bit of pinch

He hangs her lifeless corpse above his own
And sleeps beneath her dripping dead form
When he awakes, he is covered in a crust
He then searches for a new victim, to fulfill his lust
Flesh [January 15, 2017]

From the archives of my insanity, returns a poem lost. Delve into the inner lust of a serial killer...
Melodious crackling infuses, charging static atmosphere
Vibrations penetrate barriers, fragmenting celestial sphere
Rational boundaries disintegrate, chaos emerges schizophrenic
Spliced personalities splinter, psychotic rhythm reflects genetics

Dormant heredity aroused, hysteric deranged homicide
Demoniac tempo intensifies, psychopath's insanity amplified
Demonic possession harnessed, traumatic obsession distorted
Erroneous percussion horrendous, pernicious lunatic contorted

Withering consciousness diminishes, falsified intelligence deformed
Mastermind's scheme commences, cyanotic audience malformed
Quivering frequency pulsates, puncturing deafening performance
Euphoniums circulate methane, calamitous climatic chorus

Instruments composing ballad, narration foreboding demise
Anthem consecrating malice, indulged choirs cannibalize
Virulent orchestra dissipates, convulsions eviscerate harmony
Cavernous melody resonates, cultivating maniacal symphony
Maniacal Symphony [June 7, 2017]
Category: Fiction/Relative
An attempt to re-create the insanity in a disturbed mind.
Bleeding eclipse splatters anguish, scorching frozen terrain
Reservoir transmits despair, vaporizing humid remains
Noxious fumes plague ventilation, incinerating methane mutilates
Inhumane detonations ignite smog, dismembering shrapnel decimates

Bombardments stimulate hallucinations, assailants discharge magazines
Incendiaries barrage trenches, vulnerability flourishes disease
Artilleries eject carnage, atrocious quarantine impedes retreat
Projectiles massacre infantry, heinous airstrike parries deceit

Howitzer impersonates tempest, kamikaze technique revealed
Nautical battleships converge, perilous adversaries concealed
Submarines launch torpedoes, oblivious warships sealed doom
Submersed submersibles clash, claustrophobic vessels entomb

Drowning agony crushes depths, forsaken lagoon transforms necropolis
Aquatic daemons consume decrepit, infernal torment surrenders providence
Condemned mortals cauterize compassion, genocide exterminates consciousness
Snorkeling corpses mound topside, eradicated infestation forfeited holocaust
Holocaust [May 11, 2017]
Category: History/Fiction/Relative
What if WWII ended differently?
[May 8, 2017]

Iridescent particles radiate plasma, recharging static contamination
Fueling infinite constellations, projecting boundless manifestations
Nebulae mold variant patterns, clogging limitless limitations
Eloquent metallic vessels navigate, defying chaotic creation

Cosmic beings intervene passive voyage, gravitational forces surge
Electron emissions incapacitate circuits, hostile capsules converge
Pressurized lasers illuminate, accelerated photons transverse void
Noctilucent energies deflagrate, vacuum consuming alloy destroyed

Abyssal proximity swallows vast mass, bottomless absorbing singularity
Ravenous aeon mercilessly devours, malicious translucent calamity
Fathomless malevolence seethes, corrupting magnificent innocence
Tainted cosmos amplifies density, embodying absolute omnipotence

Galaxies progressively deteriorate, distorting ancient orbital trajectory
Dimensional vibrations reverberate, imploding parallel centuries
Planetary extinction disseminated, bequeathing oblivion eternal
Macrocosm matrix terminated, transmitting external extraterrestrial…
Operating System deleted.
Extraterrestrial [May 8, 2017]
Category: Fiction
How it might appear if the universe were suddenly to be "deleted".
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