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She was
or so they thought.
Woods fired, engines chugged,
they sailed her West in fair majestic pride
unknowing of a tragic ending, a harrowing recollection.
In a blink of an eye, she collided with a tip of the ice, a thousand lives and more swallowed by angry tides,
cries of mercy resonating, woes fading into the familiar shuttered countenance, one by one.
Debris floating back and forth, a horrifying spectacle of bodies buoyant, breathless,
as salty waters sing a lullaby, consoling souls from a sudden departure.
The Ship of Dreams, The Unsinkable, in all her vainglory
a grand exit on her first and final journey, but not
before a farewell kiss pressed on her lips—
She, in a trance, breath withdrawn,
her limbs weak and weary.
Slowly she plunged
but not before
looking back
one last
This is a calligram I wrote in 2019 with the title "Cautionary Tale." Inspired by the RMS Titanic shipwreck, I renamed the poem with something more befitting to its message.
Onu Abah Mar 2023
I don’t care if I was right or wrong;
The weight of malice is too heavy,
I cannot carry it.
One thing I want to do is to let go of my pride!

I don’t want to justify myself or my actions;
I don’t want to be innocent either.
I hate grudges!
I want to let go of my pride!

You said something that came at me like a raging storm!
“You don’t know me”
Yet you’ve BEEN with me (contradictory).
I want to play dump!
But I clearly understand what you mean!
And this isn’t a please come back move!
It’s more than that;
I hope you’d see my heart;
It is an earnest CRY and a plea for somebody to heal!

I thought I had all it takes to build a titanic relationship;
That will sail with beauty, and class…, and survive the heaviest of storms,
And will not sink!
But NO!
Like titanic, it sank!
It was hard, but I bore it.

My regret isn’t what I’d stood to gain(from you)
A million miles far from it;
It is the pain that despite the effort,
The stunts against the odds…
The LOVE ended in pain, malice, and vain!

In your heart of heart,
I beg that you clear this dart.
Please don’t let hate between;
I neither want to win nor you, to lose!
I just can’t keep going with this.

I was not a saint; you are not a sinner!
I am not a snitch nor a hypocrite, you are not perfect!
I am not pretending and you are YOU!
I am not complete neither are you!

But I’ve tried to make for myself a NAME.
I see my wrongs; they take me to my knees!
Integrity means a lot to me
Losing it is being LAME in purpose and life!

I have tried to put my heart into this piece for peace!
I really hope you don’t get ******!
These words are not enough,
They’ve not really explained it;
I hope that you realize,
SophiaAtlas Mar 2021
Aries: Yes
Taurus: Yes
Gemini: Yes
Cancer: Yes
Leo: No
Virgo: Yes
Libra: Yes
Scorpio: Yes
Sagittarius: Yes
Capricorn: Yes
Aquarius: Yes
Pisces: Yes
Did you survive?
دema flutter Aug 2020
don't let
the ship sink,

and if
it happens,

leave me

drown me
in your love.
Gabriel Aug 2020
First-class lipstick,
like satin,
gently marking into history
sign-offs and signatures,
transcending boundaries
between land and ocean.

Nothing unwritten;
everything perfected
in the sweet subtlety
of marking names
and millions of ways
to say the same sentiment,
sealed up below the deck.

Traversing the sea,
unread letters wait
in the salt and the sediment,
that will soon wash over them;
the timelessness of tragedy –
of waters that lap
over delicate bodies on beachline shores.

These same elements,
clinging to life
within seawater-stained envelopes
find themselves
just a little too much,
almost a second out of time
with the world outside the ocean.

Now, timelessness has moved on,
and many ships have fallen since,
but there remains
a pocket of air,
huddled in the North Atlantic,
where love letters still muse
with writers’ delicate bones
and the sweet serenade of saltwater.
Something I wrote for a first year university creative writing class.
Gabriel Aug 2020
Ship’s tipping,
children crying,
water lapping
against my feet -
summer-side beach shores
flashing Polaroids
through clasped hands
in false prayer.

atop the bank
rough hands; calloused
grabbing the rail
as you hang onto the upper hand.

No longer horizontal,
ripped apart from the domestic bed,
your chants to God
beg Him to take my life,
and spare yours –

It’s easier to be the underdog
when everyone else is falling, too;
I am the water,
I wait to lap you up;
please, I ask,
fall onto me
and let me love you to death.

In short, sink.
In shorter, drown.
Something I wrote for a creative writing portfolio in first year of university. The formatting is supposed to make it look as if the poem is tipped up and falling down the page (like the Titanic!) but I'm not sure if that will translate well to this website.
Kmary Jul 2020
Last year I was reckless.
I catapulted into the deep-end

No waiting at the shore
No wading in the water
Only a sprint to the furthest end of the sea.

I soon began exchanging
pieces of me as currency
to buy more time afloat
my sleep;
my mind;
my sanity.

I thought I was resolute
but this was all too much
I was drowning.

Then there you were...
you and your raft
ready to take me home.  

It was then that I realized
that none have ever really loved me
before you <3
k e i May 2020
but then you’d be jack and i’d be rose,
setting sail in a cruise trading questions just to get to know the other
then you’d stare at me for a beat longer than normal
i’d take note of the different type of glint in your eyes
as you ask me “where to miss?’
to which i’d respond with “to the stars”
we got the ocean below us
and despite its vastness
and atlantis’ threat
from down down down below
its vast clear surface a reflection of a crystal ball
of us and the future
yet everyone knows how it all ends
and so the ship sinks
but this time it’s not just because of an iceberg;
they’re the iceberg
and they pull me away from you
and it all comes down in a slow gradual yet sped up type of sinking
as if it were a tragic accident; one that was staged
‘cause surrounded underneath by their iciness,
they keep dragging me away from you
and the plans we made once the cruise reaches the port
and the route to which we’d go to once the ship is docked-
the way they repeatedly tell me that you’re not for me
is enough for me to drown
and i remember when you told me that we’re in this together
and that you’d rather be with me
through hell and back
than to never have stopped me from jumping out as response to the song of the waves,
from never learning my name
but this, darling i’d rather not drag you into this
i don’t want this love to be the cause of your downfall, so i’m saving you
by doing this i’m shielding you from hypothermia that they, that this tragedy will cause you
i hope the warmth of my embrace will be enough to last possibly a lifetime-
even if it’s the last
let the headlines label this,
as an accident, casualties upon casualties
for we both know better than that;
meeting you was never a blip in destiny’s timeline or a regret
my only regret would be
that we didn’t stay longer in the staircase
neither did we stop the cruise from heading in the direction it did-
towards our doom we could’ve survived
you must know, darling
that if there is a day that i await,
it would be the one where we’re once again in that staircase
and you’re wearing that lazy smile i learned to love
and everything would be alright this time
and there would be no crash, no sinking, no drowning, no separation
the cruise just goes to its next stop and its next
and we’d be drinking from flutes of champagne
voyaging through the vastness of this body of water,
safe from its threats in each other’s arms
but for now let them think
that any possibility of us drowned deep under
as the ship gets ****** by the greedy tides, the greed they breathe with
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