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Love Thru and Thru
I love you my love without any reason
But the fact remains that you are beautiful
My passion is reinvigorated with season
And I consider you for love most suitable
Do intoxicate me with your cups of wine
Let me drink your beauty just sip by sip
Embrace me kiss me be my love just mine
Take me along with you on sensual trip
When I kiss you I embrace you I forget all
You ****** in my heart and I ****** in you
Love's call is the strongest and beautiful call
The taste of which remains thru and thru
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Love Pain
My love your criticism injured my heart
My foes have a plan to injure my spirits
But this is very strance that you are part
To that I may collect pain to write lyrics
I thought you will stand with me in a trial
But you left me alone in a burning desert
You promised you will remain totally loyal
I never thought you will be first to but hurt
I don't mind if I die in my sweet love trance
But my soul will follow you till the last day  
You must remember I was victim of a glance
This my love is all what I have to declre,say
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright June 2020 Love Remains
Keep Me
I will keep you my love in my heart in my chest
My sweetheart you are in my soul to console
In this entire universe you are just really the best
Treasures of the world are sacrificed on mole
With sheer love I am no more in me but in you
Please hold me and make me a real companion
I am certain that throughout life I will carry through
Every thick and thin and through burning sun
Please give me all your problems take all comforts
My sweet beloved tell me what all I can do for you
Always remain happy and throw all miserable ruts
Keep me on your rosy petals like sweet drops of dew
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
A Moment of Bliss
A sweet love kiss remains a moment of bliss
She has glowing cheeks and sweet rosy lips
What an innocent sin let me openly confess
I remember her sweet grace on my finger tips
Her glowing cheeks take away my faith
She beats in heart and travels in the blood
Sun beams are pleased to give her sun bathe
My passion aspires to see in thundering flood
I love her a lot she loves me up to the brim
From heart to heart and soul to soul
She is a stream of beauty love has to swim
Beauty has her trend and love has its role
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020 Love Remains
My sweetheart I am about to die ,your image is eyes
Throughout my life I aspired for you but see my fate
My love I remained in pain and torture with my cries
My heart iscompletely injured that now I can't tolerate

Any more ebarrasements and pains in love to but bear
Any hatred and contempt to take and to easily swallow
My sweetheart,my beloved ,my dove ,my love my dear
Make me all tears to flow and to be in front to flow,show

Cruelty in love is to debar lover to have glance in trance
You are part of my heart and my soul to take me along
Life is a chance allow me for you to take but last chance
To communicate harmony of my love symphony as song

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020 Love Remains
My Lord help me and save me from assaults of hell
I am in dire need of help to come up to expectations
There is all around fire and I am bound to but dwell
To clarify all my blunders ,sins and all my narrations

I intend to be on right path but wrong is on my way
I am in severe pain and it kills my heart and my soul
All around is darkness and I am in search of light ray
To enlighten my faith,fortitude aim, objective and goal

My Allah  you have always shown me the right path
And held me in your kindness to overcome any trial
Please be graciously gracious to save me from wrath
I am in digust to weep bitterly please make me smile

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020 Love Remains
My Lord I trust you ,You are enough for me
In this burning desert of life I have none but You
From birth till this moment what I but see
Your kindness prevailed through and through

I have only one pride that you remain beside
All greatness belongs to You ,You are great
You are my Savior in every troublesome tide
In critical moments fortune comes to change fate  

You ****** in my heartbeat and in my soul
Your mercy brings in me courage and fortitude
I am a tiny particle of sand and you are whole
You are Master of the universe I am imbude

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020 Love Remains
Reference .Al Quran 65:1
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