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Love Arrows
She carries love arrows, to shoot
Right at the heart to take  it over
This is a weapon of beauty so cute
She is but like a wonderful rover
Beauty has her own charm to play
Nothing can stop her sweet pursuit
Wonderful show like dawn of day
With all the ups and downs en route
My heart is victim of this charm
I do not know how to take all this
But this is what is enchanting norm
When beauty attacks becomes bliss
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2019 Love Remains
Love to Buoy
My love allow love to buoy on your spirit
It unfolds when we never ever expect it
Let the reality prevail over to establish writ
Before like an bridled way it is to split
Our sentiments take us to the extreme
Through which peeps a full light beam
Love with beauty makes a love team
In an ever flowing sweet eternal stream
Love has its shapes to crop, dominate
Passion helps us to be close associate
From beginning till end experience is great
So all adversities we have to tolerate
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2019 Love Remains
Love Remains Bless
Love is an ocean and beloved is a mermaid
So to accompany her a lover a real quest
This is how love and attraction are displayed
A lover when takes the test becomes best
Love is a passion and emotion to reinvigorate
Beats of heart and soul to make a string
Love remains an extraordinary sweet associate
In extreme autumn it may bloom as spring
Love and beauty goy together to cherish
All flowers start dancing in happiness
But if love is failed it has to but totally perish
In this cruel world love remains only bless
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright March 2022 Love Remains
Whosoever holds tight God's rope
He does not burden beyond His scope
Sincerity in adversity helps to cope
A man with faith never loses his hope
Oh my God overlook my blunders
Only you save me from all thunders
Your universe is beyond my mind
My little eyes unable to capture wonders
My helplessness You cover with mercy
Even if I lose hope in middle of the sea
From all cruel clutches you make me free
I am Your servant this is the only plea
You have hundreds around, I only you
Without You no one else can pursue
You take me from all hurdles through
From a sinner you make me drop of dew
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Passion To Flow
My sweetheart let us dance heart to heart
To give air to hidden passion to flow
Be more near to heart to never ever depart
Let me kiss your beauty to make you glow
Let our playful love side shine to celebrate
Every moment in your sweet company
Let in whispering sound love to do narrate
What is excellence in love symphony
You and me are together to reinvigorate
Sweet and wonderful happiness and pain
Heart to heart love to grow associate
Let us be together really sane and insane
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright march 2022 Love Remains
God Is Enough
Life is a miracle ,a severe pain and torture
To some it brings pain for others it is pleasure
But Lord is extra kind to provide and suture
In pain it is hatred in love it remains treasure
My Lord has bestowed life on me with love
For very many years he kept me in His love knot
So every now and then I felt blessed above
My heart remained dancing with kind thought
He blessed me with all His gifts to make me happy
He blessed my head with light to shower
In the darkness of a dark and totally blind valley
How to search for a down trodden man to tower
I remained grateful and still graced by Lord,s love
His Greatness never lets me down I know
In sheer love, respect and affiliation I strongly bow
It is His eternal love which makes me glow
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright March 2022 Love Remains
Mole on Chin
Your beautiful face with a mole on chin
Attracts me towards you like a magnet
What a sweet smile what an innocent sin
Allow me to take you under the blanket
To whisper all love norms to but play
Let us be life associates for all life
Let us make every day just love day
Allow me to taste beauty as a knife
My beloved you have taken but me
As an appraiser to count every moment
Allow a drop of water to be part of sea
I am a love poet and you are love sonnet
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Mar 2022 Love Remains

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan Sunday, February 27, 2022
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