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To Be Lost
Sweetness of love takes over heartbeats
And I feel myself in a real paradise
Let us take you in arms to be lost in streets
Let in this art be more clear and wise

What a state of trance what a celebration
To be totally enthralled in ecstasy of love
Help me to reinvigorate my spirit and passion
What a heavenly gift from the sky above

Let us dance till we lose sight of everything
Let be out of ourselves to be a part to depart
Let us take rhythm from universe to but sing
Let be ready to be burnt to be just too hot

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
To Dazzle
Love inspires me to amp up my style
So I want to dazzle my beloved to please
In that state of ecstasy I forget for a while
How to open up love crease by crease

It is not good to be so provocative at all
A resonance is needed to create balance
Heartbeats will take care of every love call
This is the best possible way to valance

Every moment of love to but understand
What is intensity of love to just celebrate
Oh love has its own frequency and band
The real beauty is to tolerate the love state

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Powerful Affinity
Passion comes in many forms in love
An opportunity to meld with someone
It creates a powerful affinity from above
You are going closer for the job undone

A bond of love makes wonderful chain
To cherish, love as a unique way to grow
With love innocent souls dance in rain
And have an experience to glow in flow

My love I can't disclose what all I carry
For you to be my only choice in the world
What a moment of pleasure to marry
And to face a dangerous and loud herald

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2019 Love is Love
State of Trance
Open your arms and be willing to embrace
The love that comes to you in a state of trance
Love pendulum is moving consistently in grace
To take in love just every real great chance

When it comes to matters of the heart,at peak
The place where your focus goes, love will grow.
So we must be careful with this cosmic streak
Not to overlook the reality of love to glow in show

My love desire is crossing all the limits to enthrall
Like a wonderful whisky I want to drink sip by sip
This beautiful relation is in no need of roof or of wall
From lips to lips from hip to hip and from tip to tip

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2019 Love is Love
Love Tune
My love you have the power to vamp up love
So graciously embrace me to have same tune
You are a sweet fairy from fairyland above
My heart carries a vast sky and you are moon

I praise and praise and then raise to love gaze
Where I find all but in a wonderful sweet glance
Suddenly I see wonderful miracle just to blaze
Being in burning fire how one can take a chance

So love remains and I am no more to praise beauty
Then I don't see any you and any me to but excel
Our souls can be seen in trance dangling and dancing
Only heaven remains in sight to together to dwell
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Love in Action
So sweet and so neat,heart aspires to meet
In a heavenly place amidst whispering streams
One on one in a beautiful love sweet seat
Passing through heart like a lightening beam

Let me touch and feel the taste of your love
Let me open my arms to embrace you with zeal
You are a wonderful gift of beauty from above
I am totally enthralled by your sensual appeal

Let me be yours and give yourself to but me
Let me be in your lap like a real innocent child
I am just a drop and you are vast green sea
Your beauty makes me beguiled and just wild
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Temple of Love
Bells are ringing in the temple of love
Your presence is felt like heart beat
A graceful gift of heaven from above
In whispering sounds let us but meet

To encounter all ventures of my soul
Let me take you with just sheer sincerity
Let me kiss on your cheek on mole
Allow me to be straightforward frank and fee

To embrace the whole truth in this pursuit
Let my beloved sing together love song
With dangling dancing hearts on this route
From beginning till end on way all along

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
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