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The Best
Blessed is the one who carries clean heart
Who cherishes his truthfulness in his speech
Conduct of human is needed in full not in part
What remains in heart is toteach and  preach
Clean heart is the real abode of Great Lord
His presence in heart makes one enlightened
The blessed one remain His wonderful ward
This is how by Merciful Lord he is brightened
Love begets love, as source of deep affection
Higher love takes a person to eternal heights
Lord's love take a clean heart to perfection
What wonderful flights what wonderful delights
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2021 Love Remains
Invincible Flame
You are so charming full of sensuality
Attraction of your eyes keep in *******
Your wonderful ****** eyes keep reliability
My love direly aspires to make bridge
Between my passion and your salty beauty
Both of us are in a boat to travel and flow
Let us share our sentiments like a bird free
Let me kiss your cheeks to make you glow
Me and you are but totally one and the same
We will fly and sail together in real love trance
We both carry that invincible real love flame
Whether we may be in Italy or may be in France
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow
English Ghazal
My love I do have valour and spark
To be on point to hit out of the park
To be in burning light of ltrue ove
To be instantly out of the sheer dark
My love needs still lot of passion
Your beauty remains on the hallmark
The world is all full of hypocrites
Who plays with whom is a questionmark
Let us be ready to do what we do
Let be determined to set to embark
Let Mehr be ready to but run
Let my friend be on the mark
Let be determined to set to embark
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2021 Love Remains
In Love
My love your are my glowing lamp
I am a moth to my flame my love
Your beauty glistens in my love camp
My heart solace you remain above
All stars and galaxies shimmer ,glow
My life I intend sacrify my life on you
I am in a stream of light to grow, flow
Love remains dominant thru and thru
My flame of love ,my heart solace
My life is for you ,I will die for you
In every precious moment my grace
I love you I love you my love I do
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright April 2021 Love Remains
Ptnk Moon Blossoms
My love is like a pink moon blooms in spring
It gives rebirth to all hidden glowing sentiments
Let me narrate the colours of flowers in a string
Love has veru many shades so no comments
My sleep is away leaving me in sweet deep ideas
My love I see you blooming in April pink moon
You are  all beautiful I am full of but different flaws
Hold me my love to make me heaven commune
I see you blooming in pjnk moon and flowers
You glorify me and my soul just in one go
Love is pouring itself from towers in showers
Let in this fragrant atmosphere to grow and flow
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright March 2021 ove Remains
Violent Love Exchanges
Let me be ready to embrace radical changes
It is as ocean goes through the whirlwinds
On full moonlit night to violent love exchanges
Beauty also plays its vital role ,finds and binds
Dead hearts to be in lfe with full heartbeats
Then the entire universe starts dancing
This is how circle of life proceeds and completes
And suddenly souls strart romancing
It electrifys love situation in most fabulous way
Love blooms every where but in full swing
Let my love with open and clean heart to play
To be celebrating love line in a love string
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright March 2021 Love Remains
Love Light
Beauty and love go side by side
On an intoxicated charming ride
The tide spreads far and wide
Then how the fragrance one can hide
Beauty pierces like a ray, like a laser
Love touches beauty and becomes chaser
By being on the edge of a razor
Beauty always aspires for an appraiser
You and me are like fire and water
Beauty is pawned on love’s barter
Sensuality in beauty is thy charter
On which love becomes always a martyr
Let us forget the row in spring
Let the petals wear love’s ring
Dew drops will definitely bring
Queen’s gift of heart for the king
Let us be like a colorful kite
Let us overlook the world in sight
For love is an emotion golden bright
Which will bring all darkness to light
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016  Golden Glow
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