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Mountain Deer
I am like a deer of high mountains
Who dances in true love being in trance?
In pure love of beauty with all the sins
I am ever ready to take in love a chance

When full moon peeps through the peaks
I become a frantic lunatic in my love
My heart becomes enlightened and seeks
To kiss beauty of my beloved from above

What happens to me I don’t know but jump?
To be with my beloved in her warm arms
I come down from clump to clump to bleed
I do understand love has its real sweet norms

But my bruised body makes me to realize
That I have donated my beloved my soul
Love in absurdity makes greater soul in size
On the peril of life I get my mission my goal

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2019 Love is love
Let Me Surmount
In your sweet pursuit I can surmount
Whatever hurdle comes in my way
See my ****** passion and don’t count
Light of sweet love just ray by ray

In my darkness being dawn of the day
Let me praise you from part to part
But my sweet love don’t be in dismay
To leave me or in disgust to depart

Your flow in me like living blood
Your ****** in my heart and my soul
Let be taken over by this flood
Be my sweet mission and be my goal

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2019 Love is Love
Fragrance and Essence
I am on the high cliff mountains covered with snow
The weather is too cold to allow me to but survive
It reminds me my Marvi down from the desert to glow
The warmth of my sweet beloved keep me alive

I have to go through all this real climatic disaster
My heartbeat makes me to be a man of consequence
My soul enthralls to dance and dangle just faster
To be full with real love fragrance and essence

Be my partner in my dreams to kiss and to embrace
Let me hold you near to my heart not to fade
Let me hold you face to face with dignity and grace
Please do not leave me to be cut by fate's blade

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2019 Love is Love
Don’t Challenge
Do not dare to challenge me I am a soldier
And if you commit a mistake you will taste
An attitude which will be perfect and mature
To understand reality and to openly paste

A real soldier is never ever afraid of death
He fights for his motherland to but prove
And this struggle remains till his last breath
At the peril of life he is bound to pursue

His mission remains glorious till the end
He has to achieve his mission in to succeed
He remains like a sword never ever to bend
His faith and his soldiering of unique creed
Smile to Pass
A smile is enough to entice the heart
It gives but immense pleasure to get
How can I afford to see but the depart
You are in every pore how to forget

My sweetheart, my beloved, my love
Please be mine never ever but to leave
Love touches chords just from above
I spiritually take you ,physically perceive

Like the puff of fresh air she passes by
To touch and caress me for once and all
Let me catch fragrance let me be on sky
Allow me to be with you allow me to call

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2018 Golden Glow
Valentine"s Love
I do know love is in the air
Let me see you are where
Come to me like soothsayer
Let love and beauty make a pair

There are few moments in store
Let us avail from pore to pore
In love season never ever ignore
Life is ocean love is on shore

Let us open arms to celebrate
My love lets be on the love date
Life is still like a pure clean slate
Make fortune whatever is fate

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2019 Love is Love
Your Color
It is immense pleasure to have you back in my boat
My life is spicy because of your taste and fervor
You look so wonderful and beautiful in your red coat
You have made my life colorful with your color

I can't tolerate your absence even just for a while
You are so near and dear my sweetheart to me
Heart to heart we can travel but just mile after mile
Love is indefinite in its intensity in vast green sea

Please keep my heart in your palm like a butterfly
Take all my colors of love to entertain your beauty
Let together cross horizons to be high in the sky
Let be frank to be good associates to be more free

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2019 Love is Love
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