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Thomas King May 2020
Swirling torment
Spinning in reverse
Riding waves of agony
Sick and perverse

Twisting and turning
Losing my sight
Grasping and holding
With all my might

Slowly losing grip
On love, life and sanity
Gasping for air
Drowning in my abnormality

Have I the strength
To stand and fight
Free myself from misery
And find again the light?

Or do I lay peaceful
And take my last breath
Hope that I find solace
In a quick and painless death

Answers to these questions
I know I shall never find
In this madding violent tempest
I shall forever be confined.
Thomas King Oct 2019
Why are so many people
So ******* rude!
They all feel so entitled
With their “IT’S All About Me” attitude!

Disrespect has replaced
Common courtesy and good will
They would rather give you the finger
Or worse attack you or even ****!

How have so many hearts
Turned so evil and black,
Is it a growing sickness?
Or a sense of humanity they all lack?

I’ve now become a cynic
A distruster of mankind
Am I the only one who see’s  and feels this?
Is everyone really that ******* blind!

No more love or compassion
For our so called fellow man
It’s replaced with greed for money and power
And **** everyone who’s not part of their plan.

So I now live in my own little world
Where I am away from their greed and inhumanity
Where I am loved and respected
And away from all their ******* insanity!
Just a little rant on my perception of how rude and insensitive our society has become
Thomas King Aug 2019
I smell the pleasant aroma
Of our fatal last shot
Your beautiful **** barrel
Smoking and red hot

Oh how you fill me
With such pleasure and power
How the very sight of your loveliness
Mad our victims run and cower

Makes me laugh aloud
How the haters give you the blame
When it’s really me, not my beloved AK
Who feels the need to ****** and maim

So let them try and take you
But they better get ready to run
Because I’m another entitled American
Who can legally “HUNT” with my gun
Thomas King May 2019
My soul is ill  
But I'll not find a cure
It is infected and rotting  
Of this I am sure.

It bleeds and aches
From this sickness you have brought
Corrupting my spirit
Twisting my every thought

Distorting my inner visions
And contaminating my sense of sanity
Totally destroying my faith
In love, life and humanity

You are the bringer of pain
The lord of heartache and dismay
And I’ve become your disciple
To your malevolence I now pray

Set my soul free
From your dark incantation
So I may find my way back
To the light and salvation

I have given you my all
And can’t bear another day
Of this beautiful chaos
And your sinful ways

Release me now
Take my last breath
So I can at last be free
Even if it’s through death

Maybe I will be reborn
Again to the light
And then I can rejoice
That I’ve finally won the fight!
Thomas King Apr 2019
As I walk down this road
Towards a destination unknown
I pray sometime soon
That place will be shown

I’ve walked many miles
In these shoes that are not mine
So I could understand why
You chose to leave me behind

These shoes are now tattered
And my feet very sore
And I understand your reason
Even less than before

So the old saying is wrong
At least for us two
Because I’ve walked more than a mile
Down this road in your shoes
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