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We were kids, wanting to become adults
but when we became adults
we wanted to be kids again....
I want you to understand how I feel
I want you to understand why I am the way I am
I want you to realize what you've done to me,
that when I see your face and hear your name, I lose myself completely...
Little black fruit swaying in the hot summer sun
such succulent skin shriving, baking beneath the crisp, green leaves
what strange fruit hangs from the cottonwood tree?

What sour fruit falls to the earth and makes a thud?
whose blood soaked flesh leaks into the underbelly of the earth
whose body lays motionless....
whose once sweet flesh now sways in the autumn breeze

what strange fruit hangs from the cottonwood tree?....
"I undressed you with my lips
my tongue was a blanket that covered your insecurities, your flaws and your fears, your naked body look beautiful behind a camera and the whole world laughed, I convinced you that you were everything to me, only to watch you crash and burn...."
Her eyes swallowed my heart like
a black hole swallows a galaxy
She jammed her tongue down my throat
and the taste took me back to simpler times
truth be told, I loved it, her kiss reminds me of my favorite ice cream
but it leaves a bad aftertaste, it's a killer addiction, like poison
she slowly eats me alive, I'm addicted to the heartbreak....
Your lips taste black cherry
and your tongue melts in my mouth....
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