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Art doesn’t have to be beautiful,
It can be *****,
But it is still beautiful
Playing a game
Like it's a war,
Only to thrive down
To the ones
That got it all.

Spitting out fire
From beautiful lips
Of fools,
Deceiving with malicious
Deeds like blades.

Only to gloat
From the thorns
Within their eyes,
And once the clock
Will it strike.

The time would
Be right, and let it all
Play by itself
When the culprits
Are playing fools.
Yet, it's sad to see people playing malicious games towards someone else to destroy someone else's happiness, worth, and life.
nja Jan 8
Lavished lady how brilliantly obnoxious you are. I admire how you tower over even the most merciless of men. Look how she floats, you’d mistake her for a benevolent. She can and does do everything. I can only stand here and hope you suffocate on your own ego.
Seeing green - my reflections of jelousy and female competition.
Another year has come to a violent end
yet again the people do not disappoint
death destruction chaos misery abound
nothing different to those times before
as always nature the master of mankind
with other malicious forces is entwined!

Another unknown year is about to start
here we go again into the twilight zone
full of uncertainty where nothing is clear
so may I just add Happy New Year!

In a society of perpetual war! Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
Branden Youngs Dec 2018
Shadows won’t silence

breathing malicious compliance

Waiting for the green light

uniting blood and night.

Time to collect

this eternal debt.
Sadman Apr 2018
A heat seized his heart in a painful ache.
His rebellion was for no one’s sake.

He bunched in his mind their crime.
Too bad they were innocent.
He flipped sides faster than a dime.
The framing was so brilliant.

His harm was the bomb;
His words were the light.
Put together, it boomed—no qualm;
Put together, they start a fight.

So he left uncaring to the mess
And we’re all left this undue duress.

Why fight then? There’s no right.
Stop while we’re ahead or we’ll be dead!
J Christmas Sep 2016

Your soft and crooked hands performed your tragic miracles
Raced  away.    left the scene
Gave the magic of machines to  
the fools.
And looked the other way

God bless the rest of us with your ultra - violent rays
Take another rib from her and build a better slave

We could never see the path before us
but then for every step we took
We took one back the other way
Punished every son
'cause mom lead dad astray
Ignorance maybe bliss but a little knowledge is pain

My bitter noxious wanderings left you wanting/ needing control
Plowing up this wasteland
Waiting for the poison to dissolve
I laugh at your commands and let consequences be ******
I chose the lake of fire because your love i repremand

God bless the rest of us with your ultra-violent rays
Take the extra rib from her and build a better slave
Besides the only time we mind you is when we're laying in our grave
I tried to drink your water but copper is all i taste.

The leech prays to me I named and feed him this disease
You smoke my prayers and condemn my dreams
What's all this talk about being free?
Cut out my tongue for blasphemy

God bless the rest of us with your ultra-violent rays
Take a the extra rib from her and build a better slave
If heaven is full of zombies
Just leave me in my grave

God bless the rest of us with your ultra-violent rays
Take the ******* rib from her and build a better slave
We were cursed from the beggining and now all our ends are frayed
  God bless the rest of us with your ultra-violent ways
*Copyright 2016 John D. Christmas
Viseract Aug 2016
Cold steel chains
Constricting pain
Burning sensations
Sanity slain

Heavy weight
Against my skin
Relentless head-spin

Dry bloodstains
A malicious mark
Guilty as charged
*Repeat, restart
A Harris Oct 2015
Of all people, I'd never thought it would be you.
In the back drop, you always seemed to be there, but always at a
It wasn't really the case because, you had an affinity for everyone
else but I, and love chaos.
These instances of all that was misconstrued, left me to push you away.
Blood, is not always thicker than water as they say.
You could not stand that I was happy, you just had to impede,
but do not worry as I will never let you succeed;
A sister with a hidden agenda.

©A. Harris 2015
BlueAliceOasis Jul 2015
Chocolate Ice cream is of the devil. Literally. It's like satanic defecation. The Devil is always trying to make us humans believe what's wrong is what is right and chocolate ice cream is just another one of his deadly instruments.

Chocolate ice cream tastes as how I described it above. **** straight from the ****** of female Satan, because only a female would make something so wrong and twisted out of chocolate and ice cream. I could just see its unholy conception now.

"Satana" is saying to herself, "I wonder how I could manipulate those foolish, fleshy humans today". Then a fallen angel is all like, "You're Satana, you could make 'miracles' out of anything!"

Satana: So?

Fallen Angel: whispers real close in Satana's ear Make 'em eat your ****.

Then they both just die from laughter, Satana thinks it would be ******' hilarious to deceive humans with literal FECES and decides to do the job herself.

So kudos to everyone who likes chocolate ice cream.  I'm comforted knowing that you think that **** that came right from the **** of Satan is delicious.

A rant on what I think about chocolate ice cream.
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