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Hidden Colour Mar 23
You enter my threshold,
We conversate,
A moment of connection, a moment of the yesterday days,
The moment passes as you pull your gaze away from mine.

We ****,
Not make love, not having ***,
Simply **** !

All I wanted was intimacy,
To be held and loved,

All I got was detachment
Aloof and distance

Disappointment clinging to the straps of my bra as I pull them on
Shame stained on my knicker as they slide back up

Heavy is my heart
Desperate is my soul
Deflated is my spirit

You leave, and take a part of me with you
Hidden Colour Mar 11
I gave you everything !!
I gave you my heart, I gave you my mind
I bared my soul to you, and yet it wasn't enough

I gave you my virginity, I gave you my love
I gave you the best parts of me
I gave you the worst parts of me,

Heck I gave you the ugly, dark, deep part of me.
The part that I lock up and keep buried, the part that I did not share with family or friends, the part that I do not acknowledge as being me. That I gave to you

I gave you my body, I gave you my life.
I gave till the tank was dry and I was running on fumes, caffeine and delusions

I stood in front of you naked and bare,
stripped of my clothes, my pride, my humour, even the wall that I had built to protect me was shattered.

My insecurity laid bare, my fear on show for everyone to see,
I gave you everything

So young, so naive, so full of love and hope

I gave you everything
Yet it wasn't enough
  Mar 9 Hidden Colour
It hurts the most
When the person
That made you feel wanted yesterday
Made you feel so unwanted today.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
So what the f was you?

You was suppose to love me, yet you leave me
You was suppose to heal me, yet you defeat me
Stress upon stress, mess upon mess !!

How did we get to this point of abyss, this hidden place of darkness.
This point of despair, why did we not prepare

No longer lovers, no longer friends,
Two complete strangers, surrounded by a world of danger.
Eyes shut tight, ready to fight
Eyes shut tight, when will dawn turn to light?
I’ve been trying, trying, trying trying,
I’ve been crying, crying, crying, crying,
Nothing more to say, nothing left to give

As you stare out into the Midnight sky,
What do you see?
I’ve been flying, flying, flying, flying
Flying high on life, high on energy, high enough to say bye

I’ve been falling!
Homage to Drake. Lemon Pepper
Days, Nights, Weeks, Months
Knowing what could have been, what should be mine.
Yet feeling what has been lost, all those wasted time.
Is this true existence, That I question
Is this true existence, missing your affection

Days, Night, Weeks, Months
Into the abyss, these feeling I must dismiss

Days, Nights, Weeks, Months
Into the abyss, for my own bliss

— The End —