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Mark Parker Mar 2016
Unsanctified benevolence
comes down like a benediction,
but swarms as killer bees
on an unwilling target.

A Tyger on the lose
is most likely to attack
you in the bathroom.
I'm not sure if it's poetry, but I definitely learned from writing it.
Randy Johnson Feb 2016
How do you spell benevolent master, it's spelled G-O-D.
I hope that The Lord means as much to you as he does to me.
While Jehovah God is mostly benevolent, he's also vengeful.
In the end, he will do away with the people who are cruel.
Evil people will pay on Judgment Day, it will be arranged.
But these evil people can have eternal life if they change.
I joined this site last year in March
and have found many voices since
that kindly welcomed what I wrote
with ‘likes’ and comments
even messages

thank you, my friends

I was a short-time member of some other sites
and from my past experience I have to say
that hp is the liveliest of all I’ve visited

even if there at times are posts that sound mean-spirited
and the occasional invasions of silly trolls
    make you aware that on the internet nothing is safe
    from the shenanigans of some frustrated idiots

in sum
    and in comparison with other sites
given its size and its diversity
hp is doing fairly well

to keep exchange of voices and ideas
    benevolent advice    constructive criticism
    helpful encouragement of younger members
    and sometimes simply kind remarks
alive    and spread the urge of writing poetry
    that helps us to articulate our loves and fears

to keep alive this spirit of creative art
is  our formidable work in progress
in which we all should lovingly play our part
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