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MM Oct 2022
Lately you've been afloat
Grasping on air and stumbling each time

Always lost,
always searching
For something to ground you,
something to call yours

Lately you've been dreaming
Of what-ifs and could-have-beens

Never knowing,
never wanting to
As you'll only be left wondering
But still alone

Blasted by the wind,
Consumed in blazing fire,
Sulked in the rain
and now here you are,
on your feet, resilient
with a smirk that says 'I finally see it now'

Settled dust on your palms twinkled
No one else would again take away your light
No more free floating,
You need only acceptance from yourself

Brushing off the smudge on your face
'Welcome back',
you thought as your bare feet landed on solid ground
#selflove #earth #elements
MM Jun 2022
May oras na kailangang maninidigan

Kailangang basagin ang katahimikan

Dahil minsan, ang pananahimik ay walang buhay na naliligtas

Parte ka ng pumaslang sa inosente

Parte ka ng yumurak sa pagkatao n’ya

Pero ang sabi mo,

“wala ka naming ginawa”

Pero nanahimik ka lang

At binaling ang tingin sa kabila

Tama ka

Namatay sila,

At marami pang ibang susunod pa pero



MM Feb 2022
Are you still singing to the moon?
Asking it not to fall down?
I wish it hadn't fallen down.
Are you still singing to the moon?
Begging it to stay?
I wish it had stayed.

Are you still singing to the moon?
Are you still singing to the moon?
And when you sing to the moon, do you ever think about us?
Found some of my notes from last year.

There is a longer version of this, if you want to check it out:
MM Feb 2022
You kept sending me mixed signals
A week ago, you were telling me you miss me
Now you're saying you wanna call it quits
Remember when you joked about being obsessed with me lately?
I so badly wanted to know what changed
between you being sober and after a bottle of gin
Found some of my notes from last year.
MM Nov 2021
Funny how the most guarded people are often the most sentimental too.

I still carry a part of all the people I’ve loved before.

I’m sure you’ll still find in me traces and bits that say ‘you were here.’

And I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing; it just means that I love few and rarely, but I love deep.

And that the love felt— no matter how short or long it lasted— was real.
MM Nov 2021
No more rule breaking
Finally realized that I used to break my own rules
for people who eventually hurt then left me in the end
MM Nov 2021
You were good for me
With your wide-eyed gaze and cheery laugh,
your dreamy eyes and strong beliefs
I liked you
But not enough to break my bad habits
I actually started writing a song called "Bad habits" so this is basically like a summary of that song, I think? :D
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