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yashasweedas Sep 2
The night grew darker and the babel hushed,
To their beds, the orphans rushed.
One by one sound asleep,
While through the curtain slit, Peter Pan peeped.

He crawled into the hut, silent as a grave
Played a melody, with an unusual octave.
That night had been quiet ghostly, odd and peculiar
Yet strangely enough, the orphans sensed no fear.

The melody chimed like a beautiful lullaby,
Frosty December cold seemed to have vanished, and it felt like warm July.
The misery and sorrow appeared to be ending,
As though time had stopped and reality was bending.

Soon it was morning with the crack of dawn,
But the hut lay silent, as if the children were gone.

With no guardians to search for the stray,
Lifeless bodies left on the floor, stiff and grey.
The little ones fell into a deep slumber, one with no breath,
A slumber that was led by the angel of death.

However, beneath the bed was a note that read,
“Off to Neverland, we now head”

                                                               ­                                                     -Yashaswee Das
I've always been amazed by the original Peter Pan book by J. M. Barrie and how its actually a lot darker than one might think. With that concept in mind I came up with this poem. Hope you like it :)
Poetic T May 3
hunger wasnt a joke
laughing eagerly fresh meat

cub roars fathers voice
Reappak Apr 15
An evil mother, with grey hair
Flaunts her red gown
Desiring, her selfish,
wild daughters
to get royally crowned

After a painful death
Her real hidden face
Once cunningly cloaked
Is finally invoked!
She was a sugar coated pill!

Soon the dishes and the laundry
The sweeping of floors
Are forever those
stepdaughter's daily chores

The clever lady, never gaiety
gets the royal call
She plans devilish things
Locking Cindrella down
Wildly tearing and ruining
Her charming ball gown

In the end, she's left cursing
the perfectly fitting shoe
She deserved that
Old cruel shrew!

But why is it always
The step ones forever cruel?
Why O why? Is such a mother shown?
What would a child feel
Who has a mother, step
Even, if she isn't mean or vain
The child will think, she's Lady Tremaine!
We should bring a change!
Sunstrike Apr 6
There's 104 days of self isolation,
and the cure comes along just to end it,
the annual problem of our generation,
is finding a way just to spend it, like maybe

making dalgona or making a donuts,
and avoiding friends for a month,
discovering vaccine that's not yet exist,
or maybe taking a showerrrrrrr.

ten ten ten

switching 3 different apps,
waiting for you to text,
ended up sleeping all daysssssss.

As you can see there's a whole lot of stuff to do,
before this virus can kills us alllllll,
so stick around with us cause Phineas and  Ferb Corona do it allllll.

Ace Mar 27
How cold was the night when Belle learned to love a horrid beast?
How bright was the evening when Wendy chose to never leave?
How silent was the dark when Aurora was sound asleep?
How selfish was the midnight when Cinderella’s shoe fell off her feet?

Now, those are magics and princesses made up of fiction and fantasies;
We are blood and flesh made up of atoms and reality
Who are forced to believe someday we'll be as lucky
To have our own kind of sweet tell-a-tale stories.

But how cold was the night when you waited for someone to come back?
How bright was the evening when you wished upon a shooting star on the sky?
How silent was the dark with your sobs and tears that were left to cry?
How selfish was midnight when you realize no one's returning as you look at the clock?

It all happens after AM
when the night was cold
while the evening was bright
the dark was silent
and the midnight was selfish.

— 𝙘𝙗.𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙙
Blxvkroseee Feb 23
Fairytales are a little like real life, yes we all want prince charming to come rescue us and love us and take us away.....
Thing is we don't get our prince Eric, who will row a bout in a lake full of swans ,and swim oceans for you.
we don't get an Aladdin who goes from nothing to riches to make you fall in love with him.
we don't get a prince Philip who fights a dragon and kisses you back to life.
Nor do we get a guy like Flynn whos a bad boy turned good because he fell in love with the way you look at lights.

Instead we get every villian in all the stories,
who leave us distressed and in tears with sorrow in our hearts.
we are left waiting for someone to save us from ourselves .
we are the ones fighting the dragons ourselves
we are the ones taking bites of all the wrong apples who poison  our innocence
we are the ones kissing frog after frog hoping that within each kiss maybe just maybe ….  we will find the "one "
we don't get to have a happily ever after  because unlike  fairytales there's no last page that saves us...
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
The shoe never fit,
But the clock was to blame
For her act of arson,
An unlucky stroke
Of midnight became
This story's carcinogen.
In high dudgeon,
She set fire to the dance,
Killed her fairy godmother,
And skipping to the merry end,
Ignited her way to a life
Of happenstance.
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
Mirror, mirror
On the wall,
Why am I
Still concerned
With being
The fairest of them all?
Sydney Lambeth Nov 2019
The injured king comes to his feet, bewildered that he's been healed. His baby sister, one who is destined not to fight, saved his life. But not by herself, no. Behind her, with proud eyes, are not only his other siblings, but the mighty High King of all of Narnia. The lion who told the siblings they were special.

The lion, a great and honorable beast, came at the most opportune time. When the army needed his help the most, when there was almost no hope left, he came.

Around the children and the great lion, the army of Narnia breaks into cheers, happy to know that the long winter is over. The witch, who was as pale as snow itself, was no more. Her presence all but banished to a dark and forbidden place.

As soon as the battle was won, the army was made clean from their battle scars, the children were rewarded with a gift. As long as they lived; they would be the kings and queens of this wild, yet beautiful land.
Narnia is a special place, especially for a mega nerd like me. I've never wanted to go to Hogwarts, I've always wanted to go to Narnia. The medieval/ middle ages have always fascinated me. (It also doesn't help that I had... okay, have, a major crush on Peter!)
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