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leeaaun Dec 2022
disney was a store
who packed me gifts
labelled with
a happy ever after
but they forget
such spells doesn't work
in reality anymore
it becomes a curse
who forces me
to give up
my rights
to be a
than their traditional ones
Shanghai Jun 2022
You were not my typical knight in shining armor
And I was not your typical Disney princess
You were the guy that was full of mystery
And I was the girl who was full of curiosity
grace Jun 2021
I’m the most stereotypical teenager you’ve ever met.
I spend all my time with my friends.
I like frappuccinos and I’m obsessed
With my social media pages.

I fell in love with a boy;
And, when he broke my heart,
I sobbed on the floor for weeks
And then dyed my hair blonde and moved on.

I wore a pretty blue dress and sparkly heels to prom.
I graduated at the top of my class,
President of the honor society,
Friends with everyone.

I’m your stereotypical teenage girl.
I’m the main character in a Disney channel original movie.
I have everything, I think.
Why can’t I sleep at night?

What they don’t tell you in the movies
Is that when I’m not with my friends, I feel lost and alone.
When I was heartbroken, I fell apart.
I’m successful, but at what cost?

The stereotypical teenage girl gets 3 hours of sleep a night.
I spend most of the night doing work,
But I also spend time texting my friends and flirting with boys.
When I’m alone with only myself, do I still fit the stereotype?
Brandi Clark Apr 2021
You say its all
"Mind over matter"
But I've misplaced my brain,
Its no matter anyway,
For ive got flowers in my veins!

Most are in bloom and gorgeous,
But those roses are such liars,
Im scratched up on the inside,
Pullin thorns out with pliers.

And although it looks quite messy,
I cant feel a thing,
For how can I percieve this pain,
When I still cant find my brain?!

Did I stick it in the toaster?
Did I drop it on the floor?
Maybe The cheshire cat stole it.
Just messin with my head,
Im sure.

But no, I do not mind,
Cause nothing really matters.
Im lost but im not late,
Drinkin tea with the mad hatter.
Claire V May 2021
Mirror, mirror on the wall
When will my reflection show
An ounce of pride before I fall
Into the depths I dare not go

Who's the barest of them all
Stripped to layers down below
Who am I inside the wall
Of secrets I have yet to know
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, God brings into your life the people that you need-- then takes them away when no longer needed but rather wanted--so aching to realize a life savior after years:]

Dana Dana

she child she friend

tanned with a brown horizon skirting

down her face down her drowns curling

from the first rays from the kid days

brought to her no she brought to me

above from the heavenly skies below from the wild seas

off the chain not ought for a long stance for a remain

yet that year that she guided her love to me

things I never thought a life saving would be

a miraculous human when no one cared in miserable matters

a lucky charm when the whole bracelet was scattered

now not in the place to stay she been destined to leave

yet I wish I told her how much she meant how much I feel

hearts ache when the Disney twinkling stars she visits

in the nights so pure so nice memories trail they miss it

Steven Forrester Apr 2021
Eyes like black holes
They draw me in
Green as the spring bloom
Soft and inviting
A voice like a melody
A laugh like a song
A caress so tenderly
What's taken so long?
Mere folly
Or fortune
I'm not quite sure
Malicious and meticulous
Milling out malignant
Thoughts of malcontent
My melancholy
A cure
To sit
And laugh
Without pressure
Or care
Means more to me
Than water
Or air
You sit across and giggle
And I just stare
Ask what you will of me
My story is bare
My background
My triumphs
My sadness
It's there
Ask any question
It's nice to finally share.
Feel free to reciprocate
You will always have my ear
There's not a story you have
That I don't want to hear
Things are beginning
As before I stated
I find that in this spring
I'm #twitterpated
Ken Pepiton Mar 2021
Three Grandsons, 5, 8, 11 - and me
Thus this day began.  
-- they're online, in school, ever learning early

This is how I enjoy being.
being, being is
complicated, being is made
of many-
maybe, infinite plane plains piled high and multiplied
and probably twisting,
to gather points of light you followed
to the thee-at-ah
of three eyes
kiva, kindalikka
convenient cave in words
we carry with us, dark places,
often damp and stinky places,
depressions on the surface of reality,
to here, the point of being being
in the silence and the noise.

--------- Glimpsing

Points of lights, thoughts as
words ablaze with fiery wills to empower
gentle spirits hounded
by proud lies,
urging proof,
daring the hero to go
native, become ugly
destroyer of good for goodness sake, go
mad, breathe
rage and jealous zeal,
hold that inspiration, then

blow it out…

into shameless billows of
peace through safety and warmth,
naturally, as real -ifity is, made
to meet the need.
- an inspiration, a visitation
- a mere whatifery thing

_ movie theaters used to be dark as a kiva, yes
yes, that's true. Mythraic caves, those, too.
--- any mental conditioning, the
Alpha version is only perfect if you
sculpture with wind,
and clouds are
all you have to show for it, then…
or cracking ice, yes, cracking ice
on a great lake or a puddle,
branching waywayway many ways,
fragile and gone, after while.
Fragile and temporary,
's mortality… gone.

Gone to where all beauty goes to conspire.
Inspirations for aspiring users of science,
conscience cleared, uses
made up, asifities
seep into mental sap,
syrup of what maybe when we agree.
Peace is a purpose, ours. We,
the people who hold these truths on earth.
Thus it has ever been,
but now we know, science-wise
Man, the species, doth not live by words alone.

Joy is its strength, light its medium.
Owning is not a concept,
except we agree,
mine is mine by reason, aha, I have it!
I have this.
This is mine, at the moment.
Eureka, we take joy as we take fire.
I first read old Thom Jefferson said,
“He who receives an idea from me,
receives instruction himself without lessening mine;
as he who lites his taper at mine,
receives light without darkening me.”

It was he, who held sacred and undeniable,
the self-evident truths Ben Franklin wished to see
manifested, by way
of the actual vision he had in mind,
self evidently,
a thought experiment.

-- like Wanda Vision, right… that's on TV.


Meaning is what we agree we mean,
there is a rule for readers of possible
bullshat wisdom that says:

Enjoyment has its own sake, mentally,
suspended unbelief
-- to the degree of Disney + free trial,
watched with grandsons choosing
what I'll like,
for sure --

Suspended disbelief, I think,
as a mob state, is patho-logical, sick,
it'll ****. No joy in mayhem.

But self-actuated,
willingly suspended,
disbelief, the weapon, hung up on a point
you recall
safe and sound… now,
we are in the realm of words that live
through historical use,
as real as any angel ever named,
or any spirit ever claimed as guide.
Liberty, e.g., the character,
the dime version, with wings on her
Phrygian cap,
to make a kid imagine that must mean

Seems Mercurial, don't it? Like,
Liberty is free is a message from goodness
in the future,
when all the symbols assemble at the throne
of mercy,
for daily renewal and furbishing,
and the ones worn thin by lying men,
are seen through and lightly
sifted into new clouds of might
being possible,
in all probabilities… even this one. Today,
with all its riches freely mine.

Speculate, see if
this were to happen as would be best
for all of us,
us-ness being the state we exist in as
givers and takers of sense
smiles, winks, waves

hey, I saw you see
the latest from Disney, without the crowd

did you notice evil always loses?
Yes, and
Hell is always prepared
for those who lack the knowledge
to escape
the franchise
mis interpretation of my realm,
where reason is as
reason, says, see
liberty, the character,
acts true
to the true hope, the trope of trust,
true rest, compressed to a moment
at the end of the adventure… DIY
save the world… from the unbelievable.

"Power isn't your problem, it's knowledge"
says the evil witch.
She must mean
secret, sacred knowledge-- that's the hint
in the Marvel universe,
such knowledge is believable…
attainable, learn, ever learn
practice makes perfect, patience.
There's a test.
Will to power
meets will to live free as any truth in ever,

it stands to reason
We'll say hello again…
for, we know,
it is a Marvel Universe, there's always
a sequel, inspired or invented
from something left behind.
Am I right, Stan Lee?

Eventually, we all die and leave hope behind,
or it is
all a lie… so let's make the story fun,
let's make it lift
the lonely, stay at home Disneyfied old man,
into deep conversations
about the poetic ****** of Wanda Vision…

how it ends in a dark theatre, lit from a single
as a kiva is when the sipapu is left open
and all the curio spirits run free,
each to be weighed,
judged good or evil, good for something
or good for nothing.

Then the good for nothing ideas are left in the clouds,
so we never unget that
we got the word,
before it was a word, and we wrote it here
in the cloud,
for you to use as entertainment contained
in mere words, unto the distant future,
or until the entire internet AI dissipates
into improbability.
Pfft. Just like that.
Peace is a purpose, ours. My day was filled to over flowing, part inspired by Vision's closing soliloquy - in the entertaining back ground, with grandkids in the foreground of my vision for the future... like magic... how things work...
Kayla Perkins Nov 2020
I'm all alone
Its like this world has a way of reminding me of that.
I can fill my life with people
But when I lay down to sleep
Even next to the one I love
I slip into my mind.
Disney never told me
That the knight in shining armor
Can't save me from my nightmares. Slaying dragons?
Can't you slay my demons?
I'm not locked inside a tower
But I'm locked inside my mind. Banging on the walls
Screaming to get out.
But you know what?
No one can hear me in there.
The screams drive me nuts
But no one else hears a thing.
You might think I'm crazy
But if you stayed for eternity
You'd go crazy too.
It's unfair of me to put that burden on someone else.
It's unfair to expect that anyone can save me from my thoughts.
It's unfair to expect anyone to understand.
I cling to people hoping that somehow if I hold tight enough
That I can bring them with me.
That the warmth of their touch
Will somehow ward off the cold, dark, endless horror.
That the screaming in my head will silence
Bc I have someone who's finally heard me.
Maybe the demons will stray if they realize I'm not alone.
They taunt me.
Like a school ground fight at the flagpole.
But maybe if someone could stand up for me.
Step into my circle and help me up. Maybe then they would stop.
Taunting and beating and laughing. They like to see me fail.
I can't help but think if only I wasn't a failure..
If somehow I'm the one who's supposed to save myself.
If i just stop failing for one second. Maybe I'm my knight in shining armor.
Why didn't Disney write about that?
I guess "Save yourself" wouldn't be a very good title.
But they would've in turn saved me.
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