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Skye 3d
Snow White did not eat the poisoned apple, never ruled a kingdom.
She instead got judged everyday for living in a house with seven men,
not marrying any of them nor having any children of her own.
"What good is this woman for", they say.

Aurora did not ***** her finger on a needle, never met Prince Charming.
She instead spent her days alone, for everyone grew too envious of her beauty,
and had become believers that no one person can be as kind while being so beautiful, they did not want to befriend her.
"She's too good to be true, drop the nice girl attitude", they say.

Alice did not make it to Wonderland, never met Mad Hatter nor The White Rabbit nor The Red Queen
She instead got locked up for having too much creativity and imagination
"She's making so much discovery, girls are for household chores", they say.

Mulan never made it to the war, never won a battle for China.
She instead was forced to live a life she did not want to, marry someone she does not want to, often told that tradition always comes first.
"She's supposed to follow and respect tradition, to do otherwise will be disrespecting her family", they say.

Belle did not turn the beast back into a prince, never married him.
She instead had too many people stopped her from being with who she wanted to be with and who she wanted to be, for they also took all her books away.
"She's too smart for a girl and the beast is too **** to deserve her beauty", they say.

Ariel did not get her legs back, never really found a home.
She instead spent her entire life being ridiculed for looking different than the rest of them; often laughed at for having distinguishing features.
"She's too odd, she's too weird to hang out with, what would people think", they say.

Rapunzel never made it out of the tower, never had a chance to chase her dreams.
She instead was forced to stay up for people have always told her she won't make it anyway.
"She's too naive for this world, her ideals are just impossible", they say.

And on and on it goes, until they break their every bones.
Until they have rewritten each and every fairy tale.
With so much animosity,  how to find a happily ever after?
When you fall out of love for me
I hope to remain
A lingering presence
In the pages of your life
I hope to be reserved
As a chapter in your memories
Even if it is one
You'll always skim by
Or one you may never read again
I hope you'll reminisce
Your time with me
Even when you forget who I am
Because I'll never forget
How you held my hand each night
And took me wherever you went
When you fall out of love for me
And maybe find someone new
In the end, my heart is content
And I'll always be here for you
Friendship is a two way street
Where we meet in the middle
If you make me your whole world
We're no longer on the same level
Friendship isn't ownership
Especially when I didn't ask of you
You say you know what's best for me
I know what's best for me too
I asked for a friend not a follower
I am not your ***, saint or idol
I asked for a friend not an owner
You are important to me but not my all
Friends forever doesn't mean
We're always together
Best friends doesn't mean
We are at our best
Only when we're together
I asked for equality
Not to be put onto a pedestal
I am not higher or below you
I just want to be your equal
The walls are built too high
Expecting me not to climb
But wherever the water flows
By instinct I go
To be with my own kind
Why is it I favour fish than people
And the sea more than the shore
Am I the only one who feels this way
For a moment, I want something more
The breeze in my hair is cold
Compared to the warmth from the sea
The waves feel more welcoming
Than the people who surround me
I take pieces of the sea home
And collect my hidden treasures
For if I could, I would
Live my life in my guilty pleasure
Because how can a home of many
Not be a home for me
Why live in fear and caution
Dear mother, when I could be happy?
I never knew what true beauty was
Until I got to know her
Somehow she shines
Brighter than all my luxuries
While her voice
Sounds better than all the songs
I have heard before
They cannot compare to her beauty
Her purity and innocence
Her grace and intelligence
Her heart, full of kindness
How gently she caresses each page
Of a book she holds so dearly
How attentive she is
To all animals and objects
To dream that she would one day
Come to love me
My name is Hiro and yet I couldn't save you
If I hadn't picked up your hat
Maybe I would've caught up to you
I remember those flames
As if I've found **** on earth
Your disappearing silhouette continues to replay in my mind
As though foreshadowing you leaving from this lifetime
Just once I hated your caring nature
If you hadn't cared so much
You would still be here
I am blinded by regret
Over something I couldn't control
I was close to the flames but I felt so cold
As time went still
I froze where I was
My tears aching to be free
My cries wanting to mimic the explosion
Like those flames that took you away from me
Why am I called a funny girl?
When my humour is as dry
As the pages of a book
Or Gaston's flirtatious lies
Is it because people laugh
Before words even escape my mouth
That reading is ridiculous
How could such a woman be allowed?
To the characters in the stories
They do not laugh or judge me
They share my thirst for adventure
How I wish my life would be more lively
Every morning is a routine
That requires no risk to take
If I settle and rot in this tiny town
It would be my biggest mistake
My books are like tiny windows
In lives I wish to live
I just wanted something new for a change
Something more than this town can give
Why was I born an obstacle?
Why is being a woman, considered as one?
For I can learn and I am capable
Yet none of it matters, for I am not a son
If you truly need more soldiers
Please just take me instead
My father knows no limits, but I do
Just treat me as one of your men
I will fulfill my role as a soldier
I am a female and a fighter
I am a woman and a warrior
I may not be perfect
But I will fight for her
The girl in the looking glass
Who has failed as a daughter
She will fulfill her role as a soldier
She is a woman, she is a warrior
She is the girl worth fighting for
A good man with good looks
Looks too good to be true
With an ambition as big as his muscles
Assuming he would have a big ego too
I have loved and I have learned
No man is worth the pain
Because I chose to take his place
He left me with nothing to gain
Love drew me in so tragically
Blinded me with infatuation
Then stabbed me where I'm vulnerable
All because of some fatal attraction
So how do you expect me to admit
What led me to despair?
I will not fall in love again, I quit!
When has love ever been fair?
I never really had a dream
I always had a goal
Until I met her, it seems
I had one hidden in my soul
I wanted a lavish life
To make up for what I lack
To live out as someone else
Indulge and never look back
Then I met her
Who dreams more than she knows
She is lively, innocent and bright
Inspiring wherever she goes
Her dream is so pure
Nothing to really be gained
She only wanted to see and know
Why those floating stars came
I realized dreams could change
I have found a new dream
To be with her amongst the lanterns
Every year so it seems
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