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I know Every Story can’t have a happy ever after but I want this to be
I want to hold You closer than I ever Knew
Ironically, With you I feel at home Even If we’re so far apart.
I know sometimes I can Be Ignorant  
I guess Sometimes I’m Just Stuck On What I See on TV
To be honest I grew Up on cartoons
So I just Want this to be like Disney
So, even if it isn’t In the cards for me
Wouldn’t mind If you stick Around For real
I never thought I’d Ever meet Someone so beautiful who could haunt my dreams.
colorfulSmoke Sep 11
Remember Red,                                            
originality is not Remembered or Respected in Regards to art.

i’ll Reward you,
when you stick yourself in the photocopier.
kerri Aug 11
Oh Peter;
I swore I would never grow up - fly to Neverland with you;
Now I'm 17;
I wish I kept my promise;

Oh Peter;
Children don't hate themselves as much as I;
Children don't get excited to drift off to sleep;
Children don't wonder whether tomorrow is their last;

Oh Peter;
Can you tell me when it all went wrong - when I stopped believing;
Perhaps Captain Hook was behind it;
I miss you, Peter;
Written around 2014.
Guy Furniture Jun 27
I think about you every single day.
From the moment we first met,
To this moment today.

You simply amaze,
My heart is ablaze;
I fell for you in all sorts of ways.

Now here I am, missing you today,
As I sit here in silence, my heart feels astray.

And as the day comes to an end,
The thought of you drifts into my mind.
I lay back to relax,
After all, dreaming of you helps me unwind.

As I close my eyes,
The thought of us drifts through my head.
We're going places,
Full speed ahead.

You take my hand,
We're running through a prairie.
And before I know it,
We're surrounded by fairies.

To our left, there's a pirate,
Who's missing a hand?
"Look, flying above us!
It's Peter Pan!"

So Neverland is where you've decided to take me.
Where we never grow old, stay young, and fly freely.

Well, now it's my turn,
Take my hand and count down from three.
I'll give you a hint,
We'll be deep beneath the sea.

As you open your eyes you gasp!
We're right beside a whale.
I point down,
"Look, you've got a tail!

Come, follow me,
Through the deep blue sea.
I'll introduce you to my friends,
And of course, Chef Louis."

We swim down through a city,
To a palace, we are let in,
Where we meet Ariel, Flounder,
Sebastian, and of course,
King Triton.

A throwback to our childhood,
At least for me,
"I know you love water,
So let loose
Swim free"

After a while,
You give me a kiss,
"What was that for?" I ask
"It's for all of this"

You smile and say
"Even though this is great,
It's my turn now,
And I cannot wait."

You take my hand,
As we swim towards the sky.
"This time will be different,
It'll be just you and I."

"Where are we going?"
I begin to ask.
"You'll see soon enough,
Now put on this mask..."

"I feel so distant,
It's silent, are we far?"
You slide off my mask,
"Look at all those beautiful stars."

I stand there in awe,
Then look back to your face.
"Dear, wh-where are we?"
"You dingus, we're in space."

All around there are stars passing by.
To our right,
To our left,
Low and high.

"Dear, this is wonderful,
I love space!"
"I know," you say.
"It's an amazing place."

I hold your hands,
This dream has been so fine.
I lean towards you,
And feel your lips press up against mine.

As I open my eyes,
I'm back in my bed.

And missing you,
That's back in my head.
Madison Apr 3
Save your happy endings for Disney
Arden Apr 1
I just realized that peter pan is actually an angel
And neverland is heaven
Those kids didn’t age because they were dead
I wish I didn’t age

I try to put my mental health before education
But then it affects my education which effects  
My mental health which effects my
Educ- you get it

Do you realize we are the kids our parents
Warned us about

I am an overly emotional
Distant private person
Who has the tendency to overshare at any moment
And I don’t know what the **** that means
But I'm going with it

This poem doesn’t really have a meaning
But I think that might be the meaning
Tee Morris Mar 18
You stole my heart
My adolescence too
Me, you, and lost boys march
We aren't scared of a crew

You sprinkled me with Pixi-Dust
And you saved me from growing older
You took me to Neverland
You flew me as I held onto your shoulders

Tinkerbelle and her Pixi-Dust
The captain and his hook
He kidnapped us and Tinkerbelle
But you saved us and we shall forever sail

The lost boy's imagination
Smiling is our declaration
For we are warriors
And you're my Peter Pan
~ Peter Pan is my saviour ~
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