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Jan 2021 · 463
There were days
afteryourimbaud Jan 2021
There were days
when I just know,
that it is not any better
than the last summer
or even the first
day of this year.

if I stay within this
circle of fear,
and waiting for the
blizzard to be out of here.

I will forever remain
a raindrop, instead of thunder.
Jan 2021 · 418
Months Passed Us By
afteryourimbaud Jan 2021
and tell me
how it feels like
returning to the suburbia
walking past couples
eating chilly popsicles
from each others’ hands
while kids fall on the pavements
not a worry, not a melee
as the first full moon
overlooking us
beyond the double pulses
built at the epicentre
witnessing all of the
wild, harsh river flows
that taught us life
I am not the melodramatic aristocrat
you are the forgetful, envious plutocrat
will you make it through January
when I still linger with December?

you would know that only answer.
May 2020 · 263
In Vain
afteryourimbaud May 2020
George pleaded for his life
begged to breathe, requested
the continuity of his own existence
before the lynch with a knee
on the commemoration day
of many lives that have burned in vain
violent resistance on detention
a fabrication out of desperation
when all they had was the sick joy
of seeing an innocence in pain
fell silent and motionless
once and for all,
and he too, has burned in vain.

do not let that be a fact.

Eric waits, and now
George too.
In the memory of George Floyd, Eric Garner, Ahmaud Arbery and many.
Apr 2020 · 129
Fixation Junction
afteryourimbaud Apr 2020
I am fixing the racetrack
where all the thoughts there
have turned black,

reclaiming my isolated dignity
retraining every part of thoughts
connecting every incomplete dots

which will lead me to the adjacent poles
that are satisfied with their own nature
science taught me nothing but
selective decision and sense of entrapment
whisper to your pillow before
every intentional breath

“am I just a vehicle to every unidentifiable selfishness or am I just living up to my own means?”
afteryourimbaud Apr 2020
the love

is for us to hold in high affinity,
and to be protected like our sanity.
May 2019 · 736
A Trip With You
afteryourimbaud May 2019
when you asked me
for the only direction
to the campsite of holy Aurora
I fed you with the temptation
and when you laid the blanket
I made you the bed instead.

I was already underneath the lake,
and I extended my hand to you,
waiting for you to realise
that there is nothing at stake,
and there is no wrong in being true.

when you talked to me
about the fiery, empty sunset
there were devils that linger and smile
I painted clouds and rainbows
for you to be sheltered from
partook in a deep sigh and grows.

you are awakened
by the smell of the brewed coffee
filled with our joy and contentment
you are no longer in a daze
forever buried in the strong aftertaste.

stay within my sight,
and touch me with all your might.
Mar 2019 · 964
They Live
afteryourimbaud Mar 2019
There are lives
that have died and gone to waste,
but there are also lives
that are well-lived yet already gone to waste.
Mar 2019 · 384
Let me in
afteryourimbaud Mar 2019
You burn the box
and set the ring of fire
you tame the fox
and set up the wings of desire.

How can I walk away?

Let me in.
Feb 2019 · 958
the city of faith
afteryourimbaud Feb 2019
this is the city of faith
the city of doubt
discipline overrated
tough will is decisive
the decider, the dictator
in the grey hazy morning
try your best to make it
celebrate all the symbols
concedes mimicking rats
satisfy the prowling big cats
pick whatever that is left
in your accustomed route
and push through it
till the death of the sun
in each of your weary run.

all hail the lost souls,
see you in the city hall
at the end of the day.
Feb 2019 · 286
the wilderness
afteryourimbaud Feb 2019
the wilderness
in a soul that is scattered
all over this vast, empty universe
always challenged,
left without any apparent
guidance, nor any cult,
firm formulae
we are that only soul,
slow, without direction, colliding
all over this hazardous place
relying on our instinct
and complicated mind
the component of each particle
are intense non-binary
and it helps us to disrupt
the pattern of our non-existence,
and therefore, yes,
here we are.
Feb 2019 · 773
the crickets confess
afteryourimbaud Feb 2019
the sound of
the crickets
making out
with the cold night
the temper
of the day,
all together with
the confession
and pray.
Feb 2019 · 334
a child lost in the wild
afteryourimbaud Feb 2019
there is no limit
we live in the world of infinite
impossible is not a word
for any man
invisible at the heart
of a perfect plan
rock the chair of a child
and let them go wild
this world is meant
to be in chaos
and truth be told,
we are already in lost.

helplessly drowning in a rapid tide
let's indulge in this eternal wild ride.
Jan 2019 · 287
an episode of monologues
afteryourimbaud Jan 2019
I do not want to live
in fear anymore
I do not want to live
without desire anymore
I want to move to
a city where I know nobody
where I will have
a movie marathon alone
where I will have
a dinner at my own convenient
where I will have
the entire space to my own
where I will talk
to myself in front of the mirror
where I will suffer
alone from my crooked back
I am pretty sure it is
more meaningful than
to be greeted by
thoughtful strangers
to be harrassed by
vengeful neighbours.

sometimes, knowing that
you are loved from afar
will make you want to fish
for the sun from the star.
Jan 2019 · 4.5k
when the future embrace
afteryourimbaud Jan 2019
intelligence is
the new authority
resistance is
the new sanctity
velvety memoir
of the patchy ride
in a rainbow rollercoaster,
left everything prime
on the outside
sink into the wagon with
wild, visceral inside
embark on an odyssey
observing the past,
questioning the future.

future is a distant memory
of all the anachronistic glory.
Jan 2019 · 331
afteryourimbaud Jan 2019
tempestuous moments
a prognosis of the
stupendous temperament
a desire to believe
a desire to achieve
and I have never
looked away,
from the shallowest river
that I have sunk my foot into.
Jan 2019 · 516
O, you are a success.
afteryourimbaud Jan 2019
O, you are a success.
You are a living success.
You are a success,
that have unearthed
the chaos and unrest
in the minds of a generation
from baby boomers to millenials
from the east to the west.

O, you are a success.
You are a living success.
you left a lasting memory
and unshaken legacy
filled with utter hypocrisy
and bureaucracy
shrouded with the cry
of everlasting demand
and accomplishment.

O, you are a success.
why should you be worried.
You are a living success.
Jan 2019 · 334
afteryourimbaud Jan 2019
it is
to end

you always
know when

Jan 2019 · 2.2k
/an inch: of happiness/
afteryourimbaud Jan 2019
I wonder
how can you
be content
with a 10-inch horizontal screen or
42-inch rectangular box
that will only make you
fall deeper in the escapism
and forget about the whole sense of realism.

Jan 2019 · 1.4k
neutralising life
afteryourimbaud Jan 2019
it depends.

it depends
on how you look at it.

the anger that
branches in you are meaningless.

the frustration that
rests deep in you is meaningless.

the desperation that
is trapped in you is meaningless.

all of it might poison
you, but you, you are still you.

you are still here,
out there, existing and surviving.

it does not matter
why or how you are breathing.

because you are
just a future ground zero.

and you are still around
pondering over the possibilities.

and performing
at this grandest stage ever
is the proudest achievement
of your life.
afteryourimbaud Dec 2018
we are always
aspired to
be god,

look at how
we systematically
programmed the school,
the difference with a factory?

we are always
aspired to
be god,

check on how
we systematically
organized the prison,
harmless for the society?

we are always
aspired to
be god,

look at how
we unashamedly
arranged the tv and radio
pursuing the utopian future?

we are always
aspired to
be god,

check on how
we unashamedly
clear the forest and rebuild,
as if we care for the community?

we have never stop at
avoiding the eventual fate
trying to take everything
under control
and forgetting our actual role.

the luckless ones
gaze into the empty sky.
Dec 2018 · 444
existential pt.6
afteryourimbaud Dec 2018
a glass
of water
on the floor,
quit staring
and leave it
as it is.

Dec 2018 · 425
other half
afteryourimbaud Dec 2018
What kind of world it is,
if half of it is satisfied in isolating the rest of it,
happy at letting it to be in
the dark over the whole idea, situation, and vision.

Even looking at the rest of it
invokes the other half of distrust and disgust.

Corrupting the idea
of a united world is the biggest treason committed towards the creation of mankind.
Dec 2018 · 1.0k
afteryourimbaud Dec 2018
If life
is a collection
of chain reactions
I wonder
who started
the chaos
who are at
the bottom of
the receiving end
because if it
falls short at
being fair
then nothing here
is valid.
Dec 2018 · 476
buku itu
afteryourimbaud Dec 2018
antologi itu
air deras
dari puncak
buih lunak
di kaki
Dec 2018 · 1.5k
feeling you
afteryourimbaud Dec 2018
Time is slipping away
and we can't keep everything at bay.

But I can always feel you,
like how the leaf kisses the morning dew.
afteryourimbaud Dec 2018
What most
of the people
fear of
is their disappointment
in mortality,
the unconvincing possibility
of invincibility  
and everything that is
waiting for the eventuality
all they have
to do is just
to embrace it
like letting the wind
wrapping up
their body on a cold, rainy night.
Dec 2018 · 849
life and being alive
afteryourimbaud Dec 2018
I am indebted
to this life,
for giving me
the meaning
to the
whole context
the meaninglessness
of it.

For its inexistence,
I am just
going to be
another stardust
in a vast, darkly sky
above the raging sea
in every cold, empty night.
Dec 2018 · 2.8k
it lights, before the dim
afteryourimbaud Dec 2018
lights turn on,
and it wakes me.

I want you to know how it feels like to be in my shoes, just like how you wish that everyone can feel the same as you and despite all of the feelings in this world that are generated by the same kind of source; love and hate, kindness and cruelty, sadness and happiness, we still fail at agreeing on the only great fate for us as we are reluctant to determine what is really right for us and therefore, in return, we can never leave our mark in any era, any generation that we are in, for the failure to avoid our will to consume from the deep within will ensure that we will endure another war, another famine, another epidemic that can only be undone by us, by having the empathy and love towards one another.

lights dim,
and it shatters me.
Dec 2018 · 276
existential pt.5
Dec 2018 · 2.0k
r[ain (for e.e.)
afteryourimbaud Dec 2018
in our












Dec 2018 · 1.1k
afteryourimbaud Dec 2018
after seeing
after seeing
how many
out there
that think
after seeing
an abstract
of wild patterns
of unidentifiable
Nov 2018 · 1.5k
True, man
afteryourimbaud Nov 2018
What if
the black hole,
is something similar
to the door that
Truman Burbank exited;

an alternate world to his, where over there only truth exists?
Nov 2018 · 270
ink and screen
afteryourimbaud Nov 2018
The                         failings

mainstream media

is a bless
                to the society.
Nov 2018 · 472
Idea & Existence
afteryourimbaud Nov 2018
The polemic exists
when the full circle persist;

The space in between?

A mess that you don't have to clean?

A question of what could have been?

The questions are valid
for the idea is not obsolete.
Nov 2018 · 280
afteryourimbaud Nov 2018
I heard that
you're coming back,
but don't ever be like lush,

when things turned black,
head went off in a rush.
afteryourimbaud Oct 2018
We are
nothing but

but we are
good at making ourselves look atrocious.
Sep 2018 · 10.4k
afteryourimbaud Sep 2018
no one is subscribing
to the universal affection
draining subconscious ailment
that needs no treatment
quaking with fear
shaking with revulsion
looking to prolong
an hour, a minute
stretching one second
into ten seconds
where are we going,
past the streetlights
the crossroads
the commotion
inside the canal boat
that surrounds and accompanies
this road -
will it ends one day,
sometimes, somewhere
and brings an end
to the entire's generation
guilt and disease?
Sep 2018 · 1.4k
Konfrontasi dalam Meditasi
afteryourimbaud Sep 2018
kisah silam
kisah hadapan
menjadi resam
dengan harapan
pencarian berterusan
mencari perlindungan

apakah erti
apakah erti

satu batang tubuh
katanya penentu
jaya atau buntu
kekal tunduk patuh
menjarah sesuatu
diam membatu.
Sep 2018 · 1.1k
Bintang Gering di Lautan
afteryourimbaud Sep 2018
semua binasa
tinggal sisa-sisa
hayat angkasa
dan masa
semakin jauh
dengan angka
dengan strata
hikayat termaktub
Sep 2018 · 1.3k
existential pt.4
afteryourimbaud Sep 2018
your hair
after shower
before you head

Sep 2018 · 6.8k
afteryourimbaud Sep 2018
there were
that fought
for the right to
descended off
the stairwell
fell into
the frostlake

and it continues.

they struggled
in the dark

everything's gone.
Sep 2018 · 956
Filsafat Sang Pencari
afteryourimbaud Sep 2018
Kenapa harus kita
berlari dari
Kenyataan itu
Kenyataan itu
Kenyataan itu

Ayuh ke sini
Sep 2018 · 4.2k
Balada Indah Terpencil
afteryourimbaud Sep 2018
setiap kota
takkan kekal abadi
dan yang ada
di dalamnya
hanyalah penghuni
yang kekal
selamanya ditemani
yang tak berisi
tiada puisi,
tiada seni
tanpa arah
tanpa erti
yang ada hanyalah
dan keuntungan
yang berpuing
di udara kota
yang berlegar
di pengairan kota
terasa muram
apa bezanya
hidup di dalam
lohong hitam?
Sep 2018 · 929
afteryourimbaud Sep 2018
Pengenalan itu satu
pemastautin dalam satu
tanpa pengenalan
segalanya tak berpermulaan.
Aug 2018 · 285
existential pt.3
Aug 2018 · 4.2k
existential pt.2
Aug 2018 · 848
afteryourimbaud Jul 2018

I will fade away,
or maybe

I have died
just to be awaken
in another bad nightmare,

I will never know.
Jul 2018 · 1.3k
Jul 2018 · 3.9k
The doubt is with the night
afteryourimbaud Jul 2018
The doubt is with the night
forever hanging in the head
it sips all the fire
the flickering stars, the
bickering meteors
the maelstrom spews hate
over the pinned madness
the magnetic field emits hate
over the pinned sadness
if it sincerely wants
to be accepted
look no further than
how life has been enacted.
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