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My body,
Is here.
Yet my mind,
Is lost.
My soul,
Covered in frost.
And though joy exists,
I simply do not.
My brain
In a mist,
As my heart does rot.
The problem with a world reserve
     Currency is that one country benefits
          More because they are in β€œcontrol” of
               The supply and interest rate of money.
                    This gives that country an exorbitant
                         Privilege and ability to abuse the power
                         What we need is a neutral base layer of
                     Money that can serve as a reserve
               Asset for the world, not controllable
          By any group or country, open to all.
     Bitcoin is this completely neutral
Base layer available to the world
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GaryFairy Jul 2022
I have to do some research about home wiring, but I believe the ground wire and the lightning rod would let you pull electricity out of the air, just as Mr Franklin discovered. If this is true, then you are being "charged"(pun intended) for what is free, and when the electric company cuts off your service, you can just disconnect their cables and have what was once called "*******" pun intended. If I die any time soon, check with the electric company haha. We are stuck on stupid.
Katie Mar 2022
I could write of cheer, happiness and joy,
About a victorious game, or a brand new toy,
But to do so would be to lie.

I could write of the depths of misery,
Once again venture to that deep, grey sea,
But to do so would be to lie.

Was just a day
And for once, that's not so bad.
Brumous Oct 2021
We never stopped dealing with this procrastination,
but what is this fleeting elation?

The clock is moving in such motion,
one would think that it's your imagination;
Was it all an exaggeration?
I guess that I'm back.
π–‡π–šπ–“π–™π–”π–“π–Œ π–π–Žπ–“π–Žπ–“π–Œπ–† = π”ž 𝔑𝔒𝔒𝔭 π”žπ”²π”‘π”¦π”Ÿπ”©π”’ π”Ÿπ”―π”’π”žπ”±π”₯

Man Jun 2021
who the **** knows how an alien would view us

terrified, at the awe inducing power
we've wrestled from the world
and the lack of respect we have for it

mortified, at the sheer opulence
we've dug out from the earth
and that the many shall never see

inside, we all know
that anything makes more sense
than a perspective that rung
even neutral
"why can't I be a man that likes pink,

why can't I be a woman that likes to surf the wind,

why can't I be a man that cries tears of joy,

why can't I be a woman that's not a mommy

why can't I be a man, without toughening up,

why can't I just be

be a human"

Wutherings Bronte
jΗ«rΓ° Nov 2020
Red Chrysanthemums
Zealous on the mantlepiece
Say it with flowers
The History: Flowers from the right hand mean yes, and a yes is all I wanted, all I needed but....
Maria Mitea Feb 2021
it's sad. but happy.
lonely. but not the only one,
a spark of calmness. but a blister of days.
light waiting for the ****** night.
the joy of. what also grows life. to be meaningless.
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