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Elana Galen Aug 15
Your eyes are too bright to be
crying every night

Your smile is too sweet to be
turned upside down after a fight

Your mind is too smart to be
putting up with his lies

Your laugh is too charming to be
rained down by dark skies

Your worth is not defined by every
mistake you make

Your feelings will always be valid
whatever anyone may say

You are far stronger than what your
mind claims you to be

You are a secret garden with an
undeniable beauty
Don't stay in a situation where you aren't being treated according to your worth, learn to let go and let yourself bloom :)
sarah crouse Jul 6
I look to you once again
to see if you notice my pain.
You look at me completely baffled
unaware of what I've battled.

Is it too much to ask for validation
for you to share in my frustration
I'm not asking you to understand
acknowledgement is all I demand

I want you to see that it happened
not live in ignorance and think I imagined.
They say 'It is what it is,' and that is true
I just want you to say that you knew.

I want to know that I'm valid
no need to sing me a ballad
Just tell me what I already know
no need to wrap it in a bow
Just be very avid
about the fact that I am valid.
Zuri E Jul 1
words can stand empty like shrines of gods forgotten
and cave rooms inhabited by nothing
but stones and decay
people die
and fade as flowers do in anticipation
and then winter comes
things fall to the same dust
from which we were made and shall return
so to you who go before us; unafraid
I wish love was enough
to bring back the soul and make it marry body again
so that two can become one
and breathe life into you again
to make the world and this vacuum created
whole again
I love you even beyond death
and life itself
sway and sail away into the light
where you shall be clothed with warmth the world knows nothing about
- nothing left to say
Zuri E Jun 23
This ring,
He gave it to me, you know.
It came as a surprise,
On a day so right,
On a morning so white,
With Clouds so blue,
Just at the right time.
I, a flower, opening up its petals,
To the golden morning sun.
There it was,
There, in its greatness,
A delicately cut metal,
With a beautifully designed pink symmetrical stone,
A literal piece of art, oozing radiation.
It’s luminosity never seizes,
To synthesize my flowery heart.
Let me hold on to you,
Dear Source of light,
For you are,
A constant reminder of the moment, I said
As the Heavens and Nature rallied around You and Me.
Around Us, to witness, our two-become-one.
Zuri E Jun 15
I needed a minute;
to stand in the rain,
to feel it’s droplets toss and slide down my face,
to allow me to be washed clean of sin,
to be one with nature,
earth and the heavens,
to be kissed by the rain in all the right places.
I felt it’s every kiss on my skin
Cold, no doubt its kisses were but nevertheless magical.
As I stood there with feet planted into the ground and soaked to the core,
I thought; I am a tree planted on fertile soil with roots extending deep into mother earth.
Why should I not thrive?
this right here is FREEDOM,
I live!
Zuri E Jun 14
lonely is YOU
when you are not comfortable with yourself
the things about you that make people ask questions
that make you question
the very essence
that is YOU.
lonely can also
be you accepting YOU because you finally realize
it is ok to be you in your own skin
you are enough
Zuri E Jun 14
a mat on a floor at night
from them, I came
hips cracked open
like earth gives way for tinny little
green crops to emerge
dreams are feathers
ideas too
they come from nothing
and then they grow
while we walk over troubled waters
I grew in stride inside a god
she was woman
and the earth
her *****
let me be magic
an army of a thousand marching
in full-force through winds and earth plains
shattering glass ceilings
like my ancestors did before me
let me walk in their ashes
let my feet be sanctified
I will cross every bridge they built
I will walk in purpose
I walk in thousands
it is what you believe
that you see
because they were
Zuri E Jun 9
My black has roamed the earth since the beginning of time. And even before the biblical earth was created.
Before civilization became mainstream and hungry European limbs raced for a stake in Africa.
My black existed even before the term "*****" was coined in the 1800s to name me into a corner with property, beasts, and things that crawl the earth.
Before the exploration of Sub-Saharan Africa in the 15th century, during the Age of Discovery, my black thrived and survived.
Even then, we were more than just bodies existing. It meant something. We meant something to our families and friends and communities. We were nations of tribes and cities on rich and fertile soil, with traditions and cultures where women ran and led families and armies. Where babies became land-owners at birth. And trees sang their names to the skies in celebration.
You see, my black is progressive.
My black was never stronger than it is now.
I won’t break, no matter how hard they try to subjugate me.
They will not succeed, they shall not.
My black shall conquer any injustices committed against me.
My black is God-given and me, thus my black is unapologetic.
My black is strong.
My black is multi-dimensional, complicated, and many different things beyond the color of my skin or the nature of my ***** hair.
my black and I are more than just my ethnicity or race.
My black is stronger than every standard of beauty I am forced to live up to.
My black is human and compassionate.
My black gives me the power I need, to step into my own peculiar trajectory and destiny.
I do not blame them, for not being able to understand my black, because it took me a long time, to fully comprehend, accept, and step into the power of my blackness.
Now that I do, I am unashamed and proud of who and what I am in my blackness.
They may try to enslave and keep me in darkness and ******* but like a phoenix from the ashes, my black shall rise and prevail.
My voice will be heard.
They may shoot me, spite me and even dismiss me all they want but still, they will never **** my black.
Even in despair, my blackness comforts me.
My black is too strong to be broken.
And I am Valid.
Nabil Falchou Apr 14
My tears are valid,
It’s my coping mechanism.
I’d rather cry a million tears than make the wrong decision.
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