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Poetry 2d
Tell me why
The children of Africa are brung up
Only when I try to scream for help

Tell me why
An echoe implodes inside my mind
Nothing is wrong, its all a show

Like white draped over corpses
Your comparisons muffle my cries

A broken leg is still a broken leg
After a thousand broken necks


Depression is still depression
After a couple of sadistic ******
You're amazing,
You're appreciated,
You're loved,
And you're valid.
A "poem" every day.
Hadiy Syakir Dec 2018
If life
is a collection
of chain reactions
I wonder
who started
the chaos
who are at
the bottom of
the receiving end
because if it
falls short at
being fair
then nothing here
is valid.
rebecca Oct 2018
I'm not drowning
                                                                ­                                        I am flying
I'm not crazy
                                                           ­                                               I am valid
I'm not dying
                                                           ­                                              I am living
I'm not unwanted
                                                        ­                                                 I am loved
Let me know what you think!!!
Poetry Jul 2018
Come in all

Come and

They are tempory

Your pain
Is tempory too
We all have that voice that says we aren't sick, that we are acting. Mental illnesses are valid and they ******* us more than a broken leg ever could. With a broken leg we can't walk, but with a broken mind, crutches are harder to come by.
Jelly Walker Apr 2018
I hope you know I will not tear my insides up for you and succumb to a void of nothingness just to gain a sense of recognition from the limited care you implemented upon me.

I will no longer stay up and spend endless hours deciding if I want to text you apologies or call you at midnight and tell you I miss you because I know you will pick up and your mind will already encompass a sense of pride and confidence that you’ve won the battle over me.

I will show you that I can be okay without your poisonous tongue that rejuvenated the scarce nothingness of the meanings you dreaded to say as in such a way that your fake promises could actually heal the pain that already dwells within my heart.

I will spend an infinite amount of days fighting the images of us actually being something and I will learn to forgive you for your double edged sword that you pierced within both of us to make sure that your mark shall be made to all who dares to even try to love me but only to be disappointed by the hallow form that you’ve created.

I don’t care if it takes years for me to actually love myself again after the damage you’ve done but it will all be worth it because I’ve realized that there is someone out there who just might be gentle enough to help me heal my own wounds and to be the support I needed when I couldn’t breathe on perilous nights that seemed endless.

You may have sparked a fire, and it may have burnt more than actually lit the darkness but now it is igniting like the sun and this passion will continue until I am ready to accept that you were just another stage in my life that was meant to be torn away carefully and placed somewhere that I will soon forget it even existed.

I will love myself again and I hope you learn the weight of your actions and your words that have swallowed up innocent souls that just wanted to be set free.
You told me that no one will ever love me because I was too much for them.
Well, I will prove you wrong.
aisha Oct 2017
you tore me
to pieces
like I was
an expired coupon
though I am
still valid
brittany Oct 2016
We are all the same.
A human,
with a body, a soul, a brain.
So excuse my manners,
because this isn't very well mannered,
sit down and shut up,
because my pain
is as valid as your pain.
for the people that believe you must be going through a really rough situation for your pain to be valid. if youre hurting, over anything, it's valid, and you're allowed to hurt.
Devin Lawrence Sep 2016
Validity is all I seek,
Or perhaps
I have invested all my life into a
Devilish lie.
Ky Blackstar Dec 2014
My heart is never valid in the presence of panic
yet I will still take a pen and drag it along paper
as if it were a stamp of my own approval
I will stay up late trying to make my screams sound like poetry
tuning every octave of my pain into a rhyme
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