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In this world of capitalism,
we're driven by consumerism.
We act out of a sense of entitlement.
At times, we order others like a servant.

We think we deserve our rights,
and just for that we'll fight.
Just so that we can win,
We'll raise our voice and create a scene.

In our competitive society,
There is so much emphasis on productivity.
We end up becoming exploitative.
Can the outcome really be positive?

We need to think carefully,
if we can live with ourselves comfortably,
when most of our gain,
is built on another's pain.

Perhaps we should really see,
that we're not much different.
You and Me.
There's so much more that we could be.

Be the change that you want to see.  
To others, they might be somebody:
A daughter, a sister, a lover, a wife.
Please give some honour to their life.
In a society where we have migrant workers and domestic maids in our homes, waiters and waitresses serving us at tables, factory workers who are exploited to produce the very clothes we wear. It is a productive society, where people are valued for what they produce, not who they are. Let us start by being the difference, to give each and every person respect, despite their position, to restore more humanity to our society.
Nothing Jun 2020
When not even
salt rain can escape the claws
of it's cousin

When fighting seems

That's the cue
to fight harder
Kanishk Kandoi Jun 2020
All the constant protests
And with world also burning
All i could see how the tables were turning

The police continued brutality
They started using sticks
Also started throwing bricks

The state was in a state of chaos
People had to step up the game
All got included with the ones with fame

Amazing results were shown
The state was progressing at all time
With the decrease in number of crime
A poem about the current state of nations and protests in various parts of the world regarding rights and decrease in crime
afteryourimbaud May 2020
George pleaded for his life
begged to breathe, requested
the continuity of his own existence
before the lynch with a knee
on the commemoration day
of many lives that have burned in vain
violent resistance on detention
a fabrication out of desperation
when all they had was the sick joy
of seeing an innocence in pain
fell silent and motionless
once and for all,
and he too, has burned in vain.

do not let that be a fact.

Eric waits, and now
George too.
In the memory of George Floyd, Eric Garner, Ahmaud Arbery and many.
Veda Laurenski Jan 2020
Let’s make a world,
Where at the end of a long day of work
I could hold your hand to your car outside
And give you a chaste kiss
Just a simple thing,
That a new couple does  
Because they will miss each other
Because you are working late
And flying home the next day.

Let’s make a world
Where one day, if we were married  
We could be out at work,
And I could give you a chaste kiss when your start your day and I go to my ward
And you to yours.
And when we fly to your home country
We could look after your parents together.
And when they die I could hold your hand at their funeral
And swing my arm around you.
And take you home.
Just a simple thing a couple does
Because they love each other.
Let’s make that world.
I wish, I could have just kissed you goodbye today.
Mark Toney Dec 2019
Hong Kong China crunch
clash of ideologies—
iron mixed with clay
12/4/2019 - Poetry form: Senryu - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Anjali Nov 2019
if freedom of speech
is the most prominent here
why am i mute

why is it that i
feel the pressure not to speak
when i can do so

i feel that all i
can do is stay quiet in
this loud enough room

i just am quiet
in this room of loud beings
letting voices speak

not much speak but scream
scream so i cant hear myself
so i'll be quiet

i try to go leave
but shockingly they notice
and the screams come close

i hide away from
the voices that can haunt me
because of volume

my ears are bleeding
somebody help me, i cant
leave the loud voices

is it my right
to be able to scream back?
i dont really know

i dont know if i
am allowed to scream back to
these scary voices

what if the voices
dont try to listen, what if
they silence my point

they probably will
i cant help but think they will
silence what i say

i wish i could speak
saying what i have to think
but i feel i can
freedom of speech
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