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Hussein Dekmak Jun 2020
A black man struggling to breathe,
A Yemeni child searching for a safe place,
A Palestinian man struggling to be free,
An African villager dreaming of clean drinking water!

A lonely man longing for company,
A homeless person dreaming of shelter,
A hungry child craving a home cooked meal,
An orphan yearning for a mother’s touch!

A disabled person dreaming about walking,
An elderly man wishing to visit his loved ones,
A sick patient praying to be free from the pain,
A COVID 19 patient wanting to get off the ventilator!

Sending love and a prayer to those who have such beautiful dreams.

Hussein Dekmak
Edited 2
I'm not black, but I see you
I'm not black, but I hear you
I'm not black, but I’m near you
I'm not black, but I stand with you

you are all a blessing
so let’s stop messing

let’s cut the silence
and cut the violence

our organs are the same
the blood types won’t change
but still, this is no fair game

I see too many privilege
depending on your village

we make huge difference
let’s prove your innocence,
cut the ignorance

we are all the same,
only different names

guided by authorities,
but let’s set priorities

of humanity?
I see 0 percent
we need to stand up,
be a movement

we are hating and killing
this is not okay,
this is not fulfilling

your worth is defined by a colour,
it’s worth only some dollars?

what the **** are they thinking?
these racists are winning

where are human rights?
they only count, if you’re white?

this only causes damage
in different ages,
on different pages

people get hurt
we should be concerned

the future is equal? ha! *******

how should today’s children,
be tomorrow’s change,
if we teach them rage

how to hate one another,
not to value your brother,
how to be violent,
how to be silent,
how to watch,
follow the system,
how to be a victim

but now for real,

it affects anybody
in America,
the cops have their hands ******

A.C.A.B. but not all are *******
there are some,
with really good standards

we should all be
on the same team,
make love our religion
that would be supreme

why fight each other
when we share a mother?

mother earth wouldn’t like all this hatred,
that we created

I don’t understand,
how can you be so mean?
how can we heal?
is there a vaccine?

I know life can be joyless,
so let’s raise our voices

let’s stay strong,
and be clever

let’s learn how to care,
how to love,
how to share

let’s be a game changer,
cut out the danger

make it safe for everyone
no need to use a gun

less violence, decrease
let’s be good, find peace

we come in different shapes, colours, sizes
now this problem finally arises

we need to find a cure
it’s urgent, I’m sure

bring some clarity,
embrace the difference,
cherish similarity

we are all human
let’s find a solution
create a revolution

more or less melanin?
doesn’t matter,
'cause we all need
the same medicine.

- gio 31.05.2020
with everything that's going on in America right now, I couldn't stay quiet. Let's not repeat our mistakes over and over again. We are all the same.

I understand, that I will never understand, however, I stand.

If you have a voice, then raise it.

Godfrey Ndlovu Jun 2020
From off the pores of pitch-black skin,
Floyd's soul saps aways,
Little by Little,
One last time
One last effort
One last fruitless plea
In tinny scraps of air
Pushed up from greying lumens
Sourly yields a quashed neck coldening ,
The sore man sighs the last of life,
The man with the loathed shade met his end
Racism, tribalism, sexism are the same thing.. different coats of the same bean.
The Calm Jun 2020
Please write back to me and tell me how to protest,
Because I'm terrified of running into a bad cop, or privileged white people thinking they can make a citizens arrests

Please give me something else to do since you don't want me to take a knee,
To silently protest while you sing an anthem that represents you but doesn't represent me

Please teach me how protest ,
So you don't have to reproach me for my lack of decorum,
Give me something that will change the outcome
Cause people are dying and it seems you don't care , how come ?

We defend the indefensible crimes of those paid to protect us, and expect us to sit idly by as they **** us,
Turn on the news and watch
Watch them defend the good ole' boys in blue as they go through our history and berate us

Dear white people,
Why can I not yell and scream ?
To make up for the air taken from George Floyd's lungs as he whimpered I can't breathe

Breathe, an unequivocal human right
A knee to the neck, crushing the passage way,
from his eyes was gone the light
The sight, myself a black man that will raise black sons how can I not stare in fright?

Fright , fear in my heart from the sight
The new Jim Crow or the old one?
No ropes but we are still lynched
No dogs chasing us but still the same plight

Dear white white church,
You're probably the biggest problem of all.
All the political capital and still you don't answer our call.
So focused on abortion rights but don't seem to care about black babies when they get a little tall

Jesus was a man of color unjustfully killed
Jesus was a man of color unjustfully killed

Every black man and woman killed an image of Christ but it seems you've willed
Yourself into believing that God doesn't see
Your silence, you've been billed!
And no penance can pay the cost you owe
In the pockets of politicians
You've gone so low
Picking a party over people
You thought we wouldn't know ?
Its no surprise that Donald Trump would go to a church posing with a Bible
Appeasing you so
You fill his pockets with dollars so that the calamity never ends

Dear white allies
We appreciate you answering the call
The problem doesn't directly affect you but still you stand and stand tall
You are our professors, elders, neighbors , church members you give your energy , your passion, your privilege and you use it all

Dear white allies,
We're happy to call you friends
The work is far from done
Its never fun but friendships like this never end.
thoughts from a rough couple of weeks
POETIST Jun 2020
We see the bright,
and the night.
We all have the same right,
as we fight in might.

We all aren't bad but as in all stories a dark side,
but we shall work alongside.
For the non sake of discrimination,
as fight doesn't happen in all nation.

Let us live in peace,
or we will fight and cease.
Let us be one,
but not leaving anyone.

No problem if you are fat,slim,black,white,maroon,
lets stop this boon.
Lets live in this world,
as no one is undeserved.
Fireflies Jun 2020
Get your hands *****
Dirtier, the need for change is a hurry
Take on this fight
Fight for justice, fight for what is right
Must not let this momentum die
Dying is for cowards, dying is for those who are not an ally
If the country is set in flames
Flames shall it be in, for the ones who died. Say their ******* names
Dont't you dare put that fist down
Down shall those murders go, we must do this to protect our children in the playground.
Change is close and we must fight till we get it
Matthew Jun 2020
One month later, will we still be here?
Will my white friends be posting about racial inequality?
Will they 'educate' themselves on the systems that strip us of our identity?
Will they fight the good fight, despite the temptation of a return to normality?
I do not blame you for I would probably do the same.
All I ask is that one month later
Remember I did not choose to engage in this fight.
I was born into it.
I think it is an amazing thing that today people wish to educate themselves more about the struggle that we go through everyday. I do not wish to discourage this in anyway. I just hope people will continue doing the same as this fight for equality does not end in a month's time.
Grey Jun 2020
Donate. Vote. Raise awareness. Sign petitions. Protest. Educate yourself and others. Email authorities and those who can make concrete change. Use your voice. Advocate for equal rights. Share ways others can help. Let’s end this madness Now.
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