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Dreamypretty Jun 6
Started a new job in a new company
this week was all about pleasantry.
"Hello, welcome", they said
I am so and so and you?
Ah and are you married?
When I say 'No' the introduction just seems to end
Like marriage and kids is the only identity.
A woman does not exist without it?
I am a person, I have more to me.
Ask me about my education, my passions
or just my city.
A plain "Tell me about yourself" will also do.
So I can chose what I share with you.
Just don't start with your old age reflections of my tribe.
There is an abominable traditional vibe 
And it needs to change.
This happened to me.
DL Poet Feb 20
It's been a while.
Guess my inner child would smile-
but he was here just a few years ago,
breathing in a then new work's glow
confident, never cocky
competent or trying to be.
Honestly, looking back
on this boulevard of memory lane
I glad I came, at the very least
to set some sort of record straight.
Philomena Jul 2020
Each day is the same.
Wake up, set the binary coordinates, wait.
Pour over the data but nothing breaks through.
Something about this storms ionic charge dilates signal strength.
I've recounted the rations.
There's time for one more shot.
I see her face.
Sometimes it's as clear as day.
Others, it's lost in the void.
I will find my way back to you.
That was my promise.
Colm Aug 2019
Care, without a world in the air

And one leg propped up upon the other

      As if the universe didn't exist

      As if the words and thoughts were as one, unminced

And so I am introduced to you once again

My future friend

Tuesday 12 - Was in a meeting
afteryourimbaud Sep 2018
setiap kota
takkan kekal abadi
dan yang ada
di dalamnya
hanyalah penghuni
yang kekal
selamanya ditemani
yang tak berisi
tiada puisi,
tiada seni
tanpa arah
tanpa erti
yang ada hanyalah
dan keuntungan
yang berpuing
di udara kota
yang berlegar
di pengairan kota
terasa muram
apa bezanya
hidup di dalam
lohong hitam?
afteryourimbaud Sep 2018
Pengenalan itu satu
pemastautin dalam satu
tanpa pengenalan
segalanya tak berpermulaan.
Samantha Dec 2017
Hi, I'm Samantha.
I like to write poetry.
Maybe you do too?

It started quite some
Time ago when I thought to
Put words on paper.

Now I'm here, writing
Some simple little haikus
For everybody.

I hope you enjoy
My collection of poems.
Please have a nice day.
I'm so happy to finally be a part of the Hello Poetry community!
Uh-Lay-Knee Nov 2017
Sly & Cunning
     Swift & Nimble
A Demon at home,
has life so simple.

Whiskeys' soul
     on the rocks;
Reading alone, past
     four o'clock
Colm Jun 2017
Izaak is an introvert
Izaak likes his room and board exactly as it is, so that he isn’t bored
Quiet in his apartment, just as he was in his dorm
But soon his people started telling him, more and more
That he needs to get out more
That he needed to go out an explore
Just in case he ever should look back and wonder
What exactly it was, like if he wanted more?
And so he tried and so he went, out into the world
He spoke and socialized
He brought, and bought and spent until he himself felt very spent and worn
Because Izaak is an introvert, and for the outside he wasn’t meant to be
Let alone to be reborn, and so
After all the stretching, the social pains, the growing norms, which were not wrong
Just different, he was both different, and the same
And in his room, he was welcomed him back
Once again, to the walls of printed ink and paint which he himself did create
Because Izaak, did indeed need to see the differences within his own eyes
But only in time to better understand and represent
The quiet life which he was meant to lead, inside
Because Izaak is an introvert
And no introverted thing is ever truly a waste of time
There is both the stretcher and the stretched. But in the quest, there is nothing wrong, just different. There is just preference. There are just different kinds of songs. All to be sung at the appropriate time. Beneath the sun, and the moon, and the monsoons heavy throng.
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