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UA Feb 26
Why? Darling, did you not know,

If ghosts could truly sing
Let them sing for you
Cause you've woken me from the dead

And if the sun could turn into a diamond piece
It'll go to you, let it be said

You're the light of my life, and you brighten this Earth,
You're a star, you're my sun, and I orbit you because it's what you're worth.

From afar, I can see, and up close I believe that your warmth is my serenity.

I love you, and no holiday is needed for you to feel it.
A gift can start there, but nothing can take my love for you away, other than Death himself.

So, my sweet and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious darling, my prince, my princess, my everlasting potato, my warming sun, my cooling moon, and my so much better than better half.

My love for you is my only excuse for falling so deeply in awe when I stare at you.
To: Food
From: Me
Hadiy Syakir Oct 2018
We are
nothing but

but we are
good at making ourselves look atrocious.

— The End —