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May 20 · 40
David Bojay May 20
there's nothing to worry about

no images on the screen to mind

realizations before mindless


collapsing of all that's around me, including my "self"

no moments to be thought of

no future to await

practicing letting go

noticing a thought

peeling the layers

experiencing the core of it all


May 20 · 69
David Bojay May 20
the clouds have moved

the sun is strong

my love for you continues on

changes made

let it marinate

contemplating less as of late

waking up next to you is great

and my words are limited

like life in creek for a little fishy
Apr 19 · 61
a point in time
David Bojay Apr 19
little to know
So much to assume
(You know what happens when that goes down)
Reflecting out the hues of blue
Embodied by the mental constructs coming out my ******* tube of lubed up thoughts I chose to pursue
with nothing to lose
So much to do
With no point
But a check mark in my list of “to do’s”
thoughts of you
I wish you weren’t so cute
Drowning in brews
Walking with no clue
When I finally know
I’ll remain aware of the cues
Facing a doom
A “SELF” to understand and diminish in the fleeing moments only awareness captures
The knowing essence

nothing to lose

With a mind glued to views untrue to me and you

when every moment is ANEW
Apr 19 · 58
David Bojay Apr 19
indulging in something yet to come
wasting “time”
even if it doesn’t exist
it’s so persistent
barriers “I” can’t scale
like water through the cracks
Like the atoms intertwined in everything
the storm has settled
there’s stories to tell
Fragments to share
Bring it into existence without any hope
Art isn’t meant for you to cope
Apr 3 · 66
like a tool
David Bojay Apr 3
maybe used and abused//
in tune with my groove//
you came about and got me *******//
I realize the feeling so blue//
to partake in it I don’t have a clue//
something senseless, without pleasant hues//
tell my why did you come through//
and slow me down like chopped and *******//
what’s there to do//
continue the love we pretend we don’t want to pursue//
I’m just a fool, a tool//
One that you can just use//
if I hurt you, you hurt me too//
tear me from the roots//
at least know I’ll know there’s nothing to do// but overload on brews and dismiss what there is to assume//
I’m just a lonely dude//
Paying dues//
with something in mind but nothing to really do//
Mar 30 · 39
David Bojay Mar 30
if you asked me how I was
too much to discuss
**** I can't trust
myself until I rust
no need to rush
it comes
layers of colors you can't see
but "feel"
only to know, there's something else
beyond a thought
something to experience
underneath the tension, the ease
underneath my mentions, girls I can't please
beyond my comprehension, a girl that broke me into ******* pieces
Mar 30 · 141
David Bojay Mar 30
my youth
            ending very soon
sinking in my head

  seeing through a tube

(let go)

with nothing to lose
your soul
beaten and bruised
you wander with no clue

I examine all your shades of hue
see me as a fool
but darling of HIS, I'm just way too cool
Mar 29 · 171
David Bojay Mar 29
long day
lost in your haze
without the blaze

falling, I should've tied my laces
balling, I should've watched the days go by
stuck between the essays and my different ways
nothing to praise but a mind that's a maze

serve your two cents on my dinner plate
David Bojay Mar 21
in the stillness
the madness and happiness
recollecting what I didn't expect
people to reflect and thoughts to brush away

here and now

fuckkgrwkhnsjnjlSDGS dgF
so much of so much
they come and they go
I just

do my best
Mar 4 · 69
sum morning
David Bojay Mar 4
my attempt to sleep
wandering in the deep
blue see where I weep
speculation from beneath

instances to approach
heat of the moment
like fingers on a stove
until the end like I’m holding a roach
burning until it’s something I loathe

nobody completes you but it sure did “feel” that way
Ways around the mind to see through the lenses

waking up from dreams I thought I’d never wake up from
new beginnings to become
someone who overcomes the struggles instead of feeling glum
Dude... rather skim through what’s really worth with the bottom of my thumb

Mar 4 · 46
don’t u see
David Bojay Mar 4
where do i go/
what do I know/
tension sizzles, even in the snow/
bottom of the pit/
I express it with the synths/
or in writtens that I think/
(I'll leave when I finish my ******* drink)/
I cant talk to you so I write it down in ink/
(is this really all in sync, my perception of reality down the sink)/
some conceptions I can't link/
(out and about, my gar do carry stink)/
the music keeps playing/
In a loop where the soul seems to be decaying/
my way out is said without saying/
bathing in the what if’s I forgot to regret/
in the end, no time to sever/
all in one, an experience at my favor/
live and learn, apply my mind after the awareness lessens the subtle trouble deep within what makes my soul quaver/
my dear, all that may be clear, may appear to be something sincere/
(no fear, the impact is severe, it’s ok to be a little queer)
Feb 27 · 61
hey again
David Bojay Feb 27
(she was an artist)

      painted my happiness with her lips

how did you survive the hell I gave you?

       why did I in the first place?

:/ :/ :/ sjkaosjalakaj


Sorry.... u know

I am so proud of you

And man.... looking through boxes filled with the things you gave me

Brought me to tears.... I smiled and only knew that I only want you to be happy

(looking back I laugh at my acts that lacked a love I knew in fact)

wasn’t aware of the unconscious activity being portrayed

until the end it hits

hit me like a blitz

it’s you
the only person I’ll ever miss

but I know.... the acceptance takes time to settle

on to a generated change

one I can’t complain about

something to learn from

something to hold on to

but letting go of the idea of being together

you are not an idea

lovely manifestation

You came at me from everywhere

but I ended up taking us nowhere you wanted

The results are being lived

But I’m focused



I love you
Feb 17 · 321
David Bojay Feb 17
Sabrina and ****
On my mind
Reading through old convos
Sweet girl
Your insight inspired me
These tears
Of joy
I only want you to be happy
I’m happy knowing you did what you had to do
For you
Not for me
For you
I love you so much
Will always love you
Simple times
It’s passing like the dart on a summer day it was our time and you weren’t meant to stay

I guess though bro and ****...
But u know
I be here
Just here
Ready to take on anything

Want to hear your voice, but I’m patient
Even if I never get to hear it again
I’m patient

dear human
It was more than a relationship

But I mean
It’s always too late

And to easy to regret

In hopes of nothing but a greater now

So much... inside to express
In different ways
If was a connection
Feb 16 · 237
mornin' hues
David Bojay Feb 16
How did I get this far?
Distorted vision
Collision for some sense
Love that I didn’t remember when I slept
Could’ve forgotten the tears that been wept
Regret to be swept
Socially inept when I ponder about my end

man in the mirror
who else can I depend on?

wipe the thoughts from my mind to "be" a little clearer

once upon
a time
no lexicon

to describe

my love beyond the stars up above

                         para ti

out and about with no doubt in my steps
out to test the handles to manifest

excuse the ego, it's probably best

(sometimes I feel like I'm living like I'm holding on to the weakest set of limbs)

when the chances are thin, nothing to limn

reach within your inner vim

sitting here before work

10:31 am

I go in at 11

haven't gotten dressed yet

drinking coffee

listening to music

about to get my **** in

tonight I might get some ***** in

but recently the tears make me feel like I'm


but that's just.... overthinking

what am I thinking?

I need to get ready for dat werk werk

racetrac clerk clerk

putting in that fookin werk werk

crazy **** ****

dunk my nuts on your face like I'm dirk dirk

okay I'm going to get ready



Feb 15 · 35
before i get into it
David Bojay Feb 15
flying by busy school weeks
periods of stress
overthinking my time to make things
just sit and do
nothing else
my phone rings for plans but I'm here
typing **** up
learning chords
a vision that never gets bored
Feb 14 · 180
David Bojay Feb 14
Try to stay away
Silence I can’t remain
Forget the language we created
The moments ever lasted
When you cross my mind, why don’t you say hi?
Carry on
Even in the cold
Head held bold
Even buried under a million stones
I shall shine through the cracks
Daily tunes
Tormenting blues
(Lots to feel) Covered in different shades of hue
But only feel blue
Feb 6 · 140
David Bojay Feb 6
a sirenic void
entrance to detachment

what is there to replace?
when all there is has always been

out the bin with regrettable sin
the walls of boundaries are thin

when all comes to an end
where the **** do I begin?

sashayed into a doom
the corner of my room

a lesson learned with grace
a healthy bitter taste

******* ****

my time I cannot waste
I put the flower on a pedestal and not a vase

sometimes wasted times wasted feeling numb below my waist

copy paste erase **** I rather not face

what's the point?
Feb 4 · 138
David Bojay Feb 4
end of story before the peak is boring

hanging like a broken door hinge

(when it flows, the show goes)

tell the thoughts to go
Initiate the change beneath the snow

carry my lust in a garbage bag
keep my composure when my feet bleed

back straight, to open up my lungs
hands up, twisted tendencies

in a space where thoughts go down the drain
those that make me go

some **** I can’t contain that’s why I jot it like I’m writing out my pains

the limitations of my brain

the knowing that **** just isn’t the ******* same

the change being experienced to let the **** I can’t retain simply be

I should sleep soon
I have class at 8am

Listening to New Beginnings by Part Time
Probably my favorite band haha

See you later
Jan 30 · 106
8:47 tuffie
David Bojay Jan 30
lonelier than ever
get by being clever
patient with the wait....the wounds to sever

Look the other way

listening to your cover of city of stars

the vibrations of your voice
something I always paid attention to

the show goes on but this is a reflection I can’t deny

A truth in thought

In mind

To know it’s not really there

To be self aware

To know that the realization is a step

To know that this moment
Is all that’s ever promised
Jan 29 · 868
before dinner (patience)
David Bojay Jan 29
Talking to my GoPro as if it were you
Current truths
Diminish the whirling blues
inside my head where you don’t have a clue

out the zoo with my emotions
In the beginning eased it with some sleep
Because I couldn’t see the reasons for my grief
Out the shadows and the light is brief
What to think?
What to know?

The tension is rigorous
Kept inside a pin
Let it sit and sizzle until it’s smoke

Open the vents, and let it go

To seize a chance for peace
Dismantle the layers of myself
Find you in a strip
A memory I’ll always love
My love just don’t lose grip

But to love is to see you free
A peak I couldn’t see
Relief indeed
Let it bleed
Let it bleed

Let it bleed

Consume the dooms
Swallow the distrust
The other side of the moon

The ending will come soon

Sitting in my room

About to make some chicken....
Jan 21 · 103
David Bojay Jan 21
when it all makes sense
the hunch that leads you to a conclusion
that I had a right to think the way I did
Because the end is clear
and whatever I worried about when I broke, became the truth
and now I’m no longer in the picture
your picture
your experience

but why does it matter right now?
stuck in thought, writing them down and deconstructing the meaning of all it ever was or will be

you are doing you

and so am I

whatever makes you happy

in the end

All is clear

Bad or good

The end is clear

plenty endings sum up a conclusion with an ending as well

and when we die

It’ll be clear
We are always in the middle of something
Jan 21 · 99
Jan 20....11:11pm
David Bojay Jan 21
walking down the bars
the lights seem brighter
my laugh echoes in my head
the voices of arrogance seem to vanish
the dust tickles the insides of my nose
my ears are warm
***** is having a lovely time
He’s loose
arms are flowing
Legs are everywhere

And then we go to jail for 12 hours

I’m glad I’m here in my bed right now

Whatever goes on, goes like a wheel going 120 miles per hour
I’m just a dip in the road
It keeps going even if I’m the factor

The only one...

Also just watched Black Mirror for a bit....the memories aren’t worth a reaction in the present moment

But it makes sense....

It’s been a long day

**** jail

But everything is worth experiencing
Jan 18 · 172
1 diez y siete
David Bojay Jan 18
somewhere in between a second ago and my next step
something that doesn't need to let go because there's nothing to let go of
only to understand

layers we can't fully experience, but know

simply having trust in the dissolution of thought

(but sometimes I see your face in my head for 3 seconds and it brings me to a state of distraught)

no palladium for me
a free being, same as the energy that flows with the leaves
no conversations regarding what a nuisance I was with no decency

that was then

and change is now, every millisecond

how could we possibly
p     re


??? (!!)
Jan 17 · 168
no sense
David Bojay Jan 17
days passing into brand new lights
seeking the days that can’t replaced
Taking out the damage that was laced
Swimming but in a stagnant position

walking out of class to meditate
Thoughts to sedate
Set a date
My death
Serve it on your dinner plate

What’s your reason?
Said that ***** was mine that day you left
I just laugh at how it all came together to destruct
How do we attain certainty in what we say?

Clouds will move away but still the sky remains
Jan 10 · 436
coffee at 2pm
David Bojay Jan 10
trying harder than ever

keep it moving

let it flow through your will

from "when should I stop?"

to "why should I stop?"

the changing seasons go well with the way things are inside of us as well....


it's cold out...

warming up with radiating love that's covered by my subconscious

let them be.... so that they can disassemble when you pay attention to the thoughts that make you overthink everything

conclusions in my head that didn't make sense, far from me


so it seems to be...

when will we all just laugh?

pretend we never lacked all we ever did

reflect to accept all that's been affected

in debt with the **** that makes me go in depth with a doubt that don't exist

call it quits

to be free from all that "exist"
Jan 10 · 267
David Bojay Jan 10
long days are becoming more comfortable

things to do

away.... selfish me
let her be
no one to please
enlightenment to seek
dissolution of thought

seeing through the fissures

visiting the empty creeks

totsiens boo
Jan 10 · 120
David Bojay Jan 10
staggering memory

catch a thought to avoid the misery

asmr videos to sleep in tranquility

losing my sense of self

(not all that bad)

inflicted abilities

to see beyond the people that leave

accepting for the ease

aware of the problems and successes that I must seize
Jan 10 · 136
yellow days to come
David Bojay Jan 10
what's to replicate?
a feeling I can't forget?

along with trembling thoughts passing through
moments in my blues

with nothing to lose
there's everything to risk

no one beside me on this cruise
no one to take inside of my Louvre

meaning in some coordinates

a place I can't climb out of

adaption to create something in the current situation I'm in

elevating in time

touch the ground in the moment

here like I was before

Like I always will be
Jan 8 · 142
3:11 8thday
David Bojay Jan 8
Now I know//
to move on from what it all used to mean//
the change of mind was a sudden switch of scenes//
never told me what I was, a narcissist that couldn’t see//
ever told you how I felt? there was nothing in between//

no matter what you do//
no matter what I do//
can’t forget about us two//
will stand up and yell the truth//
the only one in view//
but one I cannot reach//
I just sit and think in blue//
thoughts I can’t pursue//
they only make me feel bad for all the **** I *******//

the end of our romance//
periods of time to enhance//
I gave “me” a second chance//
Jan 5 · 67
fucking a m8
David Bojay Jan 5
Can’t rely on what I was

To you
To them

When you become aware of tendencies you have
The research can make you doubtful of who you really are
But these are just obstacles
I know now

I want to thank Sabrina for making me realize it
Endless proof that I was a narcissist, atleast for that period in my life

It’s over
It all has to end
I can only say sorry
Jan 5 · 61
David Bojay Jan 5
Own up to what’s been

Forgive the sins that made the day a dim place in the distance

Princess to a reference, I just play with what could be

Persevere through the steers

Find beauty in the tears

Time passes and all that matters is here

Eyes pealed
Lips sealed
Disregarding my feels
What’s really real?
In the moment I heal


But whatever.... endeavors flowing out the river

Understood the way I was


Reading on how to be “that” guy

To realize something that was detrimental to my relationships

My ******* tendencies

To realize you’ve only seen glimpses of me.... pardon my “self”
Jan 3 · 151
David Bojay Jan 3
The pain won’t stay
So long
See you in May
Just not today, myself to betray
Lose myself indulging in what’s not spoken
Losing grip of the entirety of this moment
The only regrets I have are the ones that make her upset
is this a phase
false love to praise?
am i insane?
insecurities i can't restrain
is this a test?
one I can't retake?
is this a game?
one I cannot play?
when will it pay?
in debt til I decay
what should I say?
it's wrong to hate
the obvious is said
complications in my head
resulting in my death
it's life or lead
but what's to complain at the end when I wake up in a bed
Jan 3 · 59
post gym
David Bojay Jan 3
There is no hope in the “fixations”
This moment is eternal
The “problems” vanish when there is no future or past
The filter limits my mind
How many ways are there to get to the other side of the madness derived from perceptions

When I don’t care
Would it be fair?

My eyes can’t be everywhere
Neither can my mind

Here and aware
Not there
No control
Beyond the lenses that filter

The nonexistent past and future bother my mind sometimes
Jan 3 · 276
David Bojay Jan 3
(hard to love myself when I found myself in you)

Wondering if I’ll go to hell
In my thoughts will I dwell

A beginning

been trying to sleep since 8:50
a productive day

morning jams
afternoon workout

40 minutes of jumping rope
Thank you Rupert Spira

But I’m here again, crying and the reason is a thought that I let consume my days


I miss her

Moments of awesomeness

Moments of overwhelming sadness

The days will go by

I’ll talk to you whenever

Could be tomorrow

Keeping busy

This change is one of a kind

One that makes me want to erase my mind

Start anew

But we can only go forward from here
Jan 1 · 146
David Bojay Jan 1
Lullaby playing
I can only think things I shouldn't be saying
Like the loss of you that is driving me insane
Alone in the room that was meant for me and you
Never been so distanced from the truth
It was you, the one that made it seem like this experience was eternal youth

(troubled, will you be back soon?)'s this moment that I wish I was immune from this doom that said I couldn't make it past the afternoon

I'm here now

1:30 pm.... a little bit passed afternoon
Dec 2018 · 83
good note
David Bojay Dec 2018
yes, it ends
and i won't pretend that this seems like my end as well
love letters to send
in each other we can't depend
the time was well spent

and our lives we still have to attend no matter what trends suspend what we truly are
this love can't be torn apart

positive start

end the night with a ****
David Bojay Dec 2018
love I can't deny

letting go of what was "mine"

hopeless cries to a spirit in a sky that doesn't reply

let "it" go by

**** this time in my life

but I must live and experience before I  die
Dec 2018 · 113
David Bojay Dec 2018 one more time
And maybe once again
And after that once more
Maybe then you’ll say
And I’ll finally behave
Man I never knew
that one day I’ll be begging you to stay
Wish you believed me when I said
That I’ll never be the same
I guess I have to accept this change
And go a little bit insane
It’s okay my dear
You did what you had to do
Either way I’ll wait for you
Even though it was me
That caused this entire mess
I will never forget
Who you were and what we did
Because all that’s said and done
Taught me to simply be
Even though it’s hard
to live through this pain
Must remain aware
of the **** that makes me dare
to end it like I never cared
Dec 2018 · 125
goodbye my love
David Bojay Dec 2018
I’m hoping this ends well
and starts anew
it is you
the one I see in all my views

so much has been learned

experience was earned

now is all we know

I understand when you say you don’t see anything in the future

we can’t dwell in the unknown

and we shouldn’t decide based on experiences from the past even if it makes sense

Easy for me to say I guess

“this pain will last”, I say

the thought lingers inside my brain

but I know I’m openness

the dissolution of a mask

I love you so much
David Bojay Dec 2018
i question why
the lonesome cries rely on lies embedded in the "SELF" to survive
moments where I'm barely getting by
gazing at a sky
waiting for a reply to give my life some stimuli
it all seems fine

reflecting on memories when I rewind

nevermind, I'll never mind either times I felt like dying

in my mind so I unbind all connections that don't meet eye to eye

where do I find a place that doesn't remind me of **** that I denied
i was blind

concluded that I was combined

the body/mind

I cannot deny the experiences that were opposite of divine


tell me why I'm FREE

yet so confined

do I awake the second I die?

or must I prepare a permanent goodbye?
Dec 2018 · 49
David Bojay Dec 2018
your move
flee or stay
deep in the feelings that thought faded yesterday
too much senseless tea
had to stray
away from the past that's been decayed
thoughts turn to knots
my throat stuck in plot
this feeling I wish i had not caught
in an empty lot
with nothing to spot
happiness i should've bought
too much is too much
seeing dots in the ceiling where there is no
sense in having my feels to jot
Nov 2018 · 131
1:04 pm before dat workwerk
David Bojay Nov 2018
flowers left unseen
even if my prescense is unseen
i wonder for the reasons to bleed
to think of all there is to see
to know the unlimitedness of it all

back here again
before work
to write in skeptical delight
to know and hold my ground tight
the grip doesn't soften

awaiting for my shift to start
gather myself in my car
reflecting on today and the hw left undone
i dont' get this **** for ****

one day, it'll come together
without the people of today

and the thoughts that followed

out of my way
you ponder in my doubts to portray
a side of me that never wins a game
Nov 2018 · 107
yesterday in my journal
David Bojay Nov 2018
around the space there’s fragility
If I break will I

come to my senses?

to seek for love is to seek for denial in the obvious of wrong times

used to share our lives and now it’s just too unsettling
Should of thought of me when I was trembling
To foresee what we didn’t know
Like we should to begin with
In the terrors of my mind I hear shrieks to add some tension
Nov 2018 · 106
David Bojay Nov 2018
the mess has been swept
the tears have been wept
i no longer long for greater length of our days together
to sleep, to be alive
to breathe, to attend today
moving my body
in and out the store
in and out the gym
in and out my room
in and out your life
only to have memory of all places and minds i've been
the doors are shutting, and I'm waiting for somebody to come out the "other" side
but they are clueless
the imagination is broken
and the train tracks have rusted
the destination is blocked
thank all of your thoughts
Nov 2018 · 164
12:52 11/25
David Bojay Nov 2018
to oversee

to "feel" neglect on some kind of truth

the one that makes you go crazy

whatever it is

it's beautiful with you

but i shook hands with an end i couldn't accept

on to the next i guess

i can't bare with the unknown regarding you

another sip
to numb my lips

imagining the possiblity of us

desiring trust from myself

can't dwell in the hell i've created for my health

living to overcome the previous days

a transit to a better tomorrow

a mentality to try and follow

for no reason but satisfation with ones self

why would i ever want to satisfy my "SELF"?

"i" shouldn't need you, this longing is at war with my being
Nov 2018 · 107
in between customers
David Bojay Nov 2018
various traits to become alligned with

to make up who we are and what we want to be

in time

ways of patience


in the stream of dedication
initiation is tricky
a little iffy
David Bojay Nov 2018
everything we used to be has ended

left my side 2b free

my mind aches so ******* much
i know it's easier to simply "be"
the story started to end when I thought this love wouldn't fade

no hope from the start

for the next person, there's no love to spare

time away

it'll just fly

like the 3 years i'll deny ever happened

pour myself away

to observe all that I "am"

the memories of you aren't "now"

it's a hard thing to accept
Nov 2018 · 140
David Bojay Nov 2018
gone with the love we both portrayed

until it fades and decays

in time we'll heal and say
          we've learned from the tragedies

      fall for oppositions

that's the first sign...

we were blind.... in denial
or is that just how I see right now?

achieve the moment of being alone

only to know, that's what I always was

to think you were the only one

the fights just leave us in distress

to know I'm no longer harming you

vice versa

the happier I seem to be

undenianiably memorable segment of our lives

to look back and still feel and know love... or what it could


the unlimitedness of it

to know I do, doesn't matter if you do
is enough for

David Bojay Nov 2018
when the autumn ends

will be we passed ammends?

doge the


to get
           hit from another direction

i'll just fall.....

and get up again

don't you worry

           about David
Nov 2018 · 133
it's clear
David Bojay Nov 2018
when it all goes to ****
and the chemicals don’t hit
you’ve always been the one to control your will to quit
And you’re still here
even when your life is smeared
and there’s nowhere else to steer
there’s still a move to be played
early or late
those who face themselves
aren’t ones to be betrayed

it makes sense
A tad tense from a day that don’t require two cents
Seeing from a different lense
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