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Here come dat boi hey wassup?
Here come dat boi hey wassup?
Here come dat boi hey wassup?
Here come dat boi hey wassup?
Watch him rollin watch him go
Watch him rollin watch him go
He be rolling down the street he be rolling to dat beat
He be rolling down the street he be rolling to dat beat
Watch him roll
Hey wassup
Watch him roll
Here come dat boi
David Bojay Jan 18
somewhere in between a second ago and my next step
something that doesn't need to let go because there's nothing to let go of
only to understand

layers we can't fully experience, but know

simply having trust in the dissolution of thought

(but sometimes I see your face in my head for 3 seconds and it brings me to a state of distraught)

no palladium for me
a free being, same as the energy that flows with the leaves
no conversations regarding what a nuisance I was with no decency

that was then

and change is now, every millisecond

how could we possibly
p     re


??? (!!)
Mr Quiet Dec 2018
quite ironic that my heart tells me to let go yet it still beats for you
careful now its sad boi hours
Bryce Nov 2018
Amongst the leaves I am a conductor
I have guided their hue and told them their future
they have agreed

I am a wanderer, I am Bede and lost amidst the cockles
I have bled and tasted the Salton Seas

I will give my entire wealth of the universe which is replenished
I will show the world the gift of my unknown

It is soft chocolate that has melted in the heat
It is a love that is unrequited and dies inevitably

I am a philosopher and upon my hill I view some lady in the garden
She is beautiful but of the state and in that way I cannot be
I am a trader of knowledge and wealth is the secret I guard enviously
She will never have this treatise

I will grow old and wither on the steps of the acropolis
I will become food for the olivine complexion of her skin
I will be the very foundations of her visions
I will touch the corneal fragments of her children

I am a faker and a figment of imagination
Abbey Oct 2018
I have never been to Texas.
I have never been to the star-spangled states.
I would like to. One day.
I want to drive along the mobius ***** highway,
On the right-side-wrong-side-not-the-left-side of the road in a right side driver seat car.
I’d watch the kilometers miles tick by.
To look to the horizon and see the lone, level lands stretch away into nothingness.
I think that would be pretty great.
I would drive and drive and drive and drive.
I would drive right into the absolute oblivion of a West Texas highway at night.
The stars would be brighter there.
I really like the mountain goats also I cannot figure out how to publish this
SIKE you just use that drop down box huh
Shanna Mar 2018
Lick my Crocs
As I swing from tree to tree.
They taste like dreams.
See my toes as I swing by.
Don't look too hard though,
For I'm not too perfect.
There is perfection in imperfection.

My sillage lingers on behind for you.
Smelling of wild gardinias.
Your thoughts still see me in
Memories like cinamatic films
That will inevitably fade.

I swing by
And our eyes meet in a temporary gaze.
Let's break it and keep swinging.
My touch is gentle to the branch on which I swing.
It supports me well;
I trust it with my life.
Day after day, it looks to me.
I water it and keep swinging.
I can be no other's branch,
For I am busy!
Cabbage Mar 2017
I stare up and see the clouds move aside,
And a soft shimmer rests upon my face,
The cool wind passes i open my eyes,
And begin to stare at the shining grace.

It’s beautiful, and my soul starts to spark,
I view upon the grace as my mind is undone,
But then my eyes begin to hurt, and my vision goes dark.
That usually happens when you look at the sun.
Crimsyy Sep 2016
You're all caught up

New for old replacement

Appear away, the end of today.
Foo Faa Mar 2016
I am so angry
But I still can't smell you
You touch my skin
But I still can't smell you
I **** on your feet
But I still can't smell you
You lay a kiss on me
But I still can't smell you
I hope you enjoy my poem and understand its true meaning, love your sisters aunt.

— The End —