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David Bojay Dec 2019
the time shall come
when the birds hover over the fields I'm buried in
and every metal I've known is rusted
who knows about the next generation
we're already saying it's too late
for whatever it can be, there's only a now to correct
my will to prosper in the dark ages brings me to the absolute
eternally in a moment processed to live

my morning has been warm
we've seen the sun arise in the earliest of the morning every time you've spent the night
it's only been two nights, but I'm well into patterns

a moment so precise, a love that breaks the ice
I turned over and watched you sleep for inspiration
Sensations passing and arising
Find myself dying when I give surrender to my passion
For my sense of self, there’s no place in heaven or hell
everything is happening so fast these days
Losing feelings to create new ones
When do the cycles end?
I problem to face, a dent in time filled my plate
A new approach to things that are usually too late to appreciate
Everything that’s right infront of me
Try Dec 2018
you brought a light into my life,
yet had the knife ready to take yours,
many times i disarmed your thoughts away from self harm,
you always did say i had a sorta charm,
always there for you when i heard the alarm,
but when mine went off you ran away into some one else's arms,
told you from the start this ain't no one-way street,
we each got our own heartbeat,
so for this to be concrete you gotta be able to stand on your own two feet,
yet when the other one falls,
remember to help them back up,
not just walk away like a thot,
cause that ain't how a team works.

© Try
went through some serious en-devours with some one i met along my journey, gave them all the support in the world something they never had before, yet when i fell on a hard time they got up and walked away.

— The End —